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* * * * many manufacturers selling package quality. The corrosion process printing paint stamping high light drawing electroplating. Aluminum copper stainless steel material * * * * Size size according to customer requirements of various thicknesses for pro choice. Direct manufacturers, fast shipping.

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[process overview]: metal signs are metal plate as material through corrosion, die-casting or printing and other means of processing of signs. Most of the metal signs used at this stage are through

Made by etching technology. Before making the product, we need to make a set of hardware mold, and then use metal as raw materialUsually in 0.3MM-2.5MM, of course, it can be made into other thicknesses! The surface is raised, painted and dried, and the surface is brushed to form a specular effect.

[product features]: beautiful pattern, clear lines, suitable depth, flat bottom, full color, uniform drawing, surface color consistency and so on..
[materials classification]: metal materials are copper, aluminum, iron, stainless steel, tin plate (Ma Koutie), galvanized sheet (white sheet), zinc alloy, etc..
[range] use: suitable for electronic appliances, hardware tool \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ mechanical toy auto parts motorcycle electric steel tag \ \ \ \ \ \ etc..

[1.]: quality assurance according to customer requirements and technology combined with the characteristics of products, reasonable arrangement of materials and the procedure of the order of production, saving material, reducing cost, quality assurance.

2. each procedure strict sampling system, and the production process in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the strict detection, the unqualified products shall be eliminated, to achieve excellence.
3., we believe that the quality of products is far better than any advertising, cost-effective, competitive, factory strength, well-equipped.
4. we continue to assess the raw material supply chain quality and efficiency, improve the production process and production equipment, professional quality and super flat price is the core competitiveness of our factory.
Signs are roughly divided into three categories: form and material, performance and purpose.
1. Morphological classification:
Morphological classification is the first choice of classified signs, because the difference is the most obvious. Morphological classification can also be divided into the following five categories.
1) the sign: the whole scale horizontal length is relatively long, generally the whole surface to be used as advertising signs, usually in small shops and large buildings can be seen on the wall.
2) vertical signs: the whole proportion of vertical length is relatively long, the general surface is used as advertising signs.
3) convex sign: prominent in the wall of the building, in addition to the entire surface of the back outside or on both sides of the wall under the condition of both sides to be used as carrier of advertisement signs.
4) cylindrical signs: horizontal, vertical, and three-dimensional signs marked on some fixed structures on the ground.
5) roof signs: refers to some fixed structures in some settings on the roof of the building and hanging above or close to the plate shape or cube shaped or slide plate.

Functions and functions of signs:
The first sign: with the tag (SIGN) function, the sign is mainly expressed its role through the vision, for example, message, mark is symbolic, direction and suggestion
And so on. Text style can show character and background. Form and sign together represent symbolic and constructive meanings.
Second: the label is a kind of information transmission media, it has the function of advertising (ADVERTISEMENT).
Third: signs with function of the industry, in the modern high-tech automation in today's society, with the social needs of the construction, signage manufacturing industry will have its own position.More large-scale signage basically meets all the needs of today's high-tech, modern, and automated society. So we can't label the manufacturing industry as a simple labor.