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Shanghai Volkswagen electronic accelerator | Shanghai Volkswagen Touran Touran modified solar term door controller

Function 1, improve the car electronic throttle hysteresis, improve the sensitivity of the throttle, enjoy driving fun. 2, improve the speed of response to enhance vehicle instantaneous solar term door, explosive force, solve the overtaking difficult, enhanced push back. 3, increase the sensitivity of throttle response, so it can significantly reduce the engine carbon deposition, the engine is always a new.4, solved the problem of the delay of the electronic throttle response. 5, reduce fuel consumption (can save oil 3-8%), reduce pollution, improve engine response speed

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Shanghai Volkswagen electronic accelerator | Shanghai Volkswagen Touran Touran modified solar term door controller

        Heavy news!!
Star front line automobile electron accelerator accelerator, car controller is a solar term by the Pacific Insurance Company, the amount of 5 million yuan, the policy no.:ASHZ55207115Q000011CTo ensure the quality of products, the effect is obvious,Because of our quality problems caused by the installation you can find the insurance company claims, auto nondestructive installation, does not cause any side effects, try to buy the rest assured!
Today, the purchase of electronic accelerator, the effect is not satisfied with a full refund,Merchants bear the return freight!!!RealThe risk of OShopping!
 This product is the direct manufacturers support15 days no reasonReturn goods3 yearsOne year warranty, replacement within any vehicle,
SupportCash on Delivery, credit card payment, payment cost.

Support a variety of global electronic accelerator models, will take corresponding vehicle accelerator.With customer service with surprise!

Star front line GT series electronic accelerator | car door controller solar term |7-DRIVE accelerator

Automobile electronic accelerator / electronic solar term door controller function:

(1) to improve the automotive electronic throttle lag, improve throttle sensitivity, enjoy driving.
(2) to improve the speed of response to enhance vehicle instantaneous solar term door, explosive force, solve the overtaking difficult, enhanced push back.
(3) improve throttle response sensitivity, which can greatly reduce the engine carbon deposition engine fresh.
(4) to solve the problem of the electronic throttle response lag.
(5) (8% mpg can reduce fuel consumption) and reduce pollution, improve engine response speed.

Shenzhen users can shop to install, Quanguolianbao for three years, 15 days of free testing, no refund.

The highest version of star front line electronic accelerator accelerator is imported military chip. The accuracy has been improved greatly, the new upgrade seven operation mode, 9 type, 9 fine tune. The first, the 4 mode is easy to lower version with the original car computer data precision and low conflict and other issues have been resolved. Our warranty warranty period is 3 years, is the longest of similar products.

[product name] electronic accelerator / electronic solar term door controller
[brand] POTENTBOOSTER products
[model] GT

[for] models the global electronic throttle type cars and diesel vehicles
[Specification] display: 4.89cm*3.47cm*2.31cm+ length: 67.85cm

[packing] attachment

1, connect the host 1 throttle

2, display regulator 1

3, anti wear belt 3

4, manual and warranty card 1

[product] China Shenzhen

[product] service warranty 3 years +1 years in +15 days

Function description:
1, improve the response speed of the electronic solar term door
2, improve the sensitivity of electronic solar term door
3, the new car model, let you drive into the track to feel
4, intelligent LED optical design, automatic brightness adjustment
5, fashion gold version of the fuselage
6, P1, P2, comfortable mode motion mode P3 car mode, EC mode, the original car fuel-efficient NOR mode, MT manual state, AT state, 9 automatic tuning

1, plug and play, without initialization, no external power supply, self DIY, 5 minutes.
2, without changing the original car circuit, designed to prevent the accelerator inserted reverse protection circuit, and the circuit can effectively protect the automobile accelerator.
3, optional 5 modes: the comfort mode, movement mode, car model, the original car models, fuel-efficient models
4, the sixth generation of electronic solar term door controller using the latest U.S. auto digital signal control chip design, the shell is made of a fire-resistant material production, safe and reliable, the host clean packaging.
5, the third generation of electronic solar term door controller of this paragraph with a blue digital display controller, can direct manual selection mode.
6, easy to set a success.

1、P1 comfort mode: accelerate the reaction speed solar term door, start fast, smooth acceleration.
2、P2 motion modeImprove the instantaneous acceleration, improve cornering performance, get the best effect of speed.
3、P3 car modelAvailable: acceleration performance strong, make the car into the track of feeling.
4、The original car model NORRestore the original car control.
5、EC economy modeThe car can be obtained: the best fuel economy.


To enhance the vehicle acceleration
POTENTBOOSTER improve the automobile electronic throttle lag, improve throttle sensitivity, enjoy driving.

Acceleration switch function
The POTENTBOOSTER can be set to "enable" or "off" acceleration. For example, better road conditions, can open the acceleration mode of passion driving; poor road conditions, rainy weather, winter ice road, available to the original car acceleration mode, safe driving.

POTENTBOOSTER can switch the "manual mode" and "automatic mode"
"Vehicle manual mode" for manual transmission, the automatic vehicle model for automatic transmission. POTENTBOOSTER training according to different transmissions, can make the shift more smooth, effectively reduce the impact caused by frequent shift. An automatic car will avoid frequent downshift and increase fuel consumption.

Avoid engine carbon deposition
The long-term use of POTENTBOOSTER, improve the gas sensitive reaction, which can greatly reduce the engine carbon deposition, often lasting new engine.

Avoid the vehicle burst before fleeing
POTENTBOOSTER solves the problem of response lag of electronic throttle. This will avoid when the vehicle starts, before the onset of sudden channeling.

Increase the throttle sensitivity, refueling easier
POTENTBOOSTER increase throttle sensitivity, driving easier. Especially in the intense driving, due to frequent change line overtake, need frequent switching between throttle and brake, after installing POTENTBOOSTER, the accelerator will become sensitive, very relaxed, driving will be more freely.

[product principle]
Electronic throttle and pull throttle
With the rapid development of the automobile industry, automobile manufacturers such as the United States, Germany and Japan have adopted electronic throttle control system as early as 90s. The electronic throttle control system is mainly composed of the accelerator pedal, pedal displacement sensor, ECU (electronic control unit), data bus, servo motor and actuator solar term door. Now the newer models commonly used electronic throttle, the so-called electronic throttle is to pull the throttle before the throttle pull with the traditional fine wire rope directly to the accelerator pedal is connected with the solar term, on the depth of the accelerator pedal and the size of the opening and closing of direct solar term corresponding to the electronic throttle, no cable, through a potentiometer. On the pedal in the (variable resistor) on the accelerator, the depth is transformed into resistance, automobile electronic systems by sampling the resistance value to indirectly determine the accelerator pedal opening depth, finally, driven by ECU stepper motor control solar term door, the principle is not difficult to find, the characteristics of cable throttle is the control system is simple and direct, the accelerator pedal and the opening of their solar term is 1:1; and the characteristics of the electronic throttle pedal is characterized only the driver's operation and the final intention. The throttle control was handed over to the ECU.

Characteristics of electronic throttle control system and driving computer (ECU)
In the electronic throttle control system models, ECU control electronic door will be solar term and the condition of depth on the accelerator integrated analysis, finally calculate the appropriate current solar term door opening. When the driver suddenly started to accelerate (the pedal), ECU according to the analysis of the current speed, the size of the door from solar term, fuel economy and emission angle of reasonable open rate will be appropriate to limit the solar term door, at the same time controlled fuel injection system for fuel injection nozzle to limit the maximum. This makes the driver feel the gas pedal down, there is obviously a delay of the car began to force, this is the so-called throttle hysteresis. So, the throttle is actually slow down the motor vehicle (ECU) by limiting the output of the engine instantaneous performance, which will make the car more environmentally friendly, energy saving.

(1) accelerating throttle opening to enhance static response
POTENTBOOSTER accelerated mainly by increasing the sensitivity of the solar term door, when the car driving computer found the driver accelerated intention, will open the door through the circuit signal to drive the solar term fast, which makes the throttle response sensitivity has been improved.
(2) speed up the throttle signal and improve the dynamic response
When will accelerate the accelerator pedal is pushed down, POTENTBOOSTER will according to the change on the range and time calculation of accelerator signal rate changes faster, stronger requirements that accelerated, POTENTBOOSTER will increase the rate of this change, and ultimately maximize the vehicle acceleration dynamic response.
(3) provide false driving style for ECU to adjust engine parameters
The modern engine ECU has the adaptive ability of driving style, if the driver often fast throttle (commonly known as ECU, will gradually pull speed) that the driver's style tends to be "severe", so that the engine will slowly adjust the solar term door, fuel injection system, in order to obtain the best parameter adjustment of the style of the engine. The long-term use of POTENTBOOSTER, even if in accordance with the previous "moderate" driving style of driving, the engine will still be in "intense" driving, which is equivalent to the adjustment of the ECU parameter in the course of time, the engine will automatically modify its parameters to adapt to the style.

POTENT BOOSTER The basic problems of electronic accelerator are as follows:

1Q: boss, can my car install a POTENTBOOSTER accelerator?

Answer: treatment: ask first year + client + displacement models, (case 1) according to the models, the corresponding lookup table (CTRL+F) can find the car will support the installation, model table can not find the car of the year, 09 years after the models are to be installed. (2) ask client is electronic throttle, or pull the accelerator, customers can accurately say electronic throttle car, it can be a hundred percent installation.

2Q: boss, is the POTENTBOOSTER accelerator effective?

Answer: the accelerator effect directly, installed immediately can experience, improve the original car 45% speed, start push back, eliminating the throttle lag, overtaking smooth. According to our statistics, 95% of the users have been satisfied with the POTENTBOOSTER accelerator accelerator with half acceleration

3Q: will the installation of the POTENTBOOSTER accelerator have bad consequences for the car?

Answer: POTENTBOOSTER did not change the oil circuit and circuit of the vehicle, so it will not affect the vehicle. On the contrary, due to the increased sensitivity of the throttle, it will also effectively avoid the engine carbon deposition, stable speed, so that the engine response is sensitive, long-term and new.

4Q: boss, is the accelerator easy to install?

Answer: the installation is very simple, the accelerator installed on the accelerator pedal sensor, and the original car plug on the plug on the line. The individual can also be installed, just a few minutes. You can provide installation diagrams and telephone instructions by the master.

5Q: boss, does the POTENTBOOSTER accelerator have an impact on the original car?

Answer: 100% no, this modification belongs to lossless modification, did not change any circuit, oil circuit. This is just to install the product, do not change the line, not wiring, not broken the original car parts, does not affect the engine and computer data.

6Q: boss, is the POTENTBOOSTER accelerator accelerator high fuel consumption?

Answer: Accelerator fuel consumption will not be obvious, we measured the full acceleration mode more than the original car 3-5%, semi acceleration mode is basically the same as the original car, in addition, we also increased the fuel-efficient mode, fuel saving 3-8%.

7Q: boss, what kind of POTENTBOOSTER accelerator is used in my car? What's the difference?

Answer: no display generation version upgrade original car 28-35% performance, the two generation version of the original car display red enhance 28-35% performance, improve the original car display blue three generation 40-45% performance; five generation touch version is a premium version of the original car, enhance the performance of 45-60%, the latest six generation AK photographic screen gold edition 45-60% nouveau riche, in addition. Increase of F3 car model.

8Q: why do you distinguish between manual and automatic modes?

Answer: automatic gear mode is to avoid frequent automatic downshift of automatic gear type, so that drivers can be installed in accordance with the POTENTBOOSTER electronic accelerator accelerator control laws before the downshift control; and manual models in manual mode can get the maximum speed effect.

9Q: what's the difference between semi acceleration and full acceleration?

Answer: the accelerated speed rapidly, will bring a strong push back, suitable for racing; semi accelerated speed effect is half full throttle, the throttle control is sensitive, suitable for everyday driving

10Q: how long is the POTENTBOOSTER accelerator life?

Answer: POTENTBOOSTER accelerator accelerator design life of more than 20 years, far exceeding the service life of the vehicle.

11Q: can automatic models be set in automatic mode only?

Answer: no.. An automatic car set to manual mode, speed effect is stronger, but the shift also stronger sense of frustration. Therefore, automatic vehicle is set to automatic mode, can modify the shifting sense of frustration, and more comfortable and efficient.

12Q: boss, how about product after sale?

Answer: product warranty for three years, one year replacement, fifteen days free test back and exchange, in which the courier company bear the problem of product delivery.