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200*150*100mm plastic waterproof box, hinge, withholding type electric sealing box, rainproof socket box, power distribution box

New ABS material production, quality assurance!

discount 70% in 2018-10-18 to 2018-10-20
price: USD$ 36.40
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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I. parameters of waterproof box:

Products are widely used in street lamps, stadiums, power distribution facilities circuit protection, widely used in various types of control boxes, cabinets, distribution instrument box;


1.ABS material

The 2. housing includes cover, base, sealing strip and screw;

3. suitable temperature -20 degrees C to 85 degrees C

4. protection level IP66

5. most of the products can be modified, such as drilling, adding and changing PCB struts

6. size: 200*150*100mm;  

Holes can be opened according to customers' requirements and waterproof fittings shall be provided. For connectors, please take the following link


Two:Physical drawings of waterproof junction boxes



Three: waterproof junction box other specifications size table

Other specifications to choose from
 HB-MGAGE-1217085  125*175*85
 HB-MGAGE-142010  140*200*100
 HB-MGAGE-211609  210*160*90
 HB-MGAGE-102813  190*280*130
 HB-MGAGE-152013  150*200*130
 HB-MGAGE-172510  170*250*100
 HB-MGAGE-1016085  100*160*85
 HB-MGAGE-112009  110*200*90
 HB-MGAGE151509  150*150*90
 HB-MGAGE-152010  150*200*100
 HB-MGAGE-203015  200*300*150
 HB-MGAGE-141608  140*160*80
 HB-MGAGE-303014  300*300*140
 HB-MGAGE-426222  420*620*220
 HB-MGAGE-425220  420*520*200
 HB-MGAGE-354618  350*460*180
 HB-MGAGE-304017  300*400*170
 HB-MGAGE-253615  250*360*150

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