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600mm sealing plug for municipal sewage rainwater pipe

Diameter 600mm rubber water plugging gasbag

discount 70% in 2018-09-22 to 2018-09-24
price: USD$ 392.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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In recent years, the state has made great efforts in water conservancy. So that the sales of water plugging airbag is hot. The quality of airbags on Taobao is uneven. Chaotic market price. For long-term and stable development, and meet the needs of all types of people. Our factory is launching two kinds of air bags with two kinds of quality and price. (price a, class B), the two prices are large quantities of stock. Need a level of Pro can contact customer service.

grabTight buying time!

Grade A is a national patented product with good elasticity and bright surface. Air pocket engraved with the national patent number, please buyers see

B class is a common product on the market, mainly in black and green color, using domestic rubber. No patent number slightly rough

 50mm 75mm 0.09
 75mm 112mm 0.08
 100mm 150mm 0.07
 125mm 187mm 0.06
 150mm 225mm 0.06
 200mm 300mm 0.05
 250mm 360mm 0.04
 300mm 420mm 0.03
 400mm 460mm 0.03
 500mm 620mm 0.03
 600mm 710mm 0.03
800mm reinforced type 1200mm 0.02
1000mm reinforced type 1500mm 0.02
1100mm reinforced type 1650mm 0.015
1200mm reinforced type 1800mm 0.015
1500mm reinforced type 2250mm 0.01

Baby description:

Pipeline plugging airbags (translated into English Watershut-offairbag), also known as water plugging air bag, air bag, air bag, closed water sealing pneumatic pipe plug, rubber and fiber fabrics such as synthetic polymer materials by high temperature vulcanization process made of a multi standard, multi shape for pipelines, culverts, sewage, silt in maintenance for rubber products, mainly used for drainage, sewage pipe repair, closed water test leak detection, it can quickly block the flow of water in different diameters, different levels and different positions, is an ideal tool for underground pipeline drainage and sewage treatment.

Compared with the first generation pipeline airbag, this tool has the advantages of good air tightness, flexibility, high wear resistance, high acid resistance, anti-aging, cheaper price, better quality, better function, more intuitive detection, etc., which can be used in the pipeline diameter50、75、110,125、160,200、250、300、400、500、600、800,900,1000、1200、1500,1800,2000mmWith more than ten kinds of cast iron, fiberglass or plastic pipes (especially for threaded pipes), large diameter airbags need to be scheduled. The production pipeline gasbag is easy to operate and the inspection is intuitive. It can timely check and eliminate the quality hidden trouble in the construction process.

Usage methodOpen the pipe inspection port, the closed water blocking (pipeline airbag) from the check port slowly placed the required location, and then to the closed water plugging (pipeline airbag) inflatable, inflated to the appropriate pressure is good. Attention should be paid to avoid the pipe fittings: (1) there is a joint in the wall, which affects the tightness of the water shutoff. (2) so as not to expand to the side, the air pressure can not hit, if continue to inflate, will be broken. For cast iron drainage pipe, clean sand is required, the inner wall is smooth, burr is not allowed, otherwise it will affect the sealing of water plugging, and even pierce the capsule. All kinds of closed water blocking (pipeline air bag) must be used in the corresponding pipe, not with small generation. After checking, release the gas from the air bag and stop the water from the pipe