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Carbide tipped lengthened straight shank reamer 11*20012*15012*20012*25012*300

Complete specifications and reliable quality to the decimal point contact customer service and what specifications have to undertake all types of non-standard Zhuzhou diamond cutter head

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Welding blade material: Zhuzhou diamond W2The hard alloy material

High hardness (91.5 ~ 93HRA, the equivalent of 71 ~ 85HRC);
Good hot hardness (up to 900 to 1000 DEG C, 64HRC);

Good wear resistance.
Hard alloy die 4 ~ than high speed steel cutting speed 7 times, long service life of the die 5 ~ 80 times. Manufacturing tooling, gauges, high alloy tool steel life than 20 ~ 150 times. Cutting50HRCHard material around.
But the hard alloy brittleness, cutting can not, to make the whole mold the shape of complex, often made of different shapes of blade, mounted on the body or use a knife die body by welding, bonding and mechanical clamping method.


A: blade welding cutter (precision milling cutter/Rough milling cutter/Is the rough milling cutter/The center of the knife/Before the wave edge milling cutter

Two: welding blade side milling cutter (straight edge side milling cutter/The side cutter blade/Angle cutter/Angle cutter/withinRSide milling cutter/The outer edge side cutter)

Third: welding bladeTType slot cutter (straight edgeTKnife/Chidori bladeTKnife/

Four: welding blade cylinder hole milling cutter milling (cylinder type milling cutter/The rough milling of cylindrical milling cutter/Is the rough milling of cylindrical milling cutter/The dovetail groove cylindrical cutter)

Five: welding blade plane (rectangular plane cutter knife/The plane milling cutter)

Six: welding blade dovetail cutters (cylinder type dovetail milling cutter/Handle type dovetail cutters)

Seven: welding blade type chamfering cutter (chamfering cutter/Knife angle/Eccentric chamfering cutter head/Tungsten steel head chamfering cutter)

Eight: (reamer blade welding type and full steel) (straight oblique shank reamer/Inverted spiral shank reamer/Tungsten spiral reamer head down)

Nine: the drill bit positioning center drill (drill positioning/The tungsten positioning drill)

Ten: disposable knife rod and blade cutter (discard type plane/Abandon the drum type milling cutter, various specifications/The knife rod type and knife grain)


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