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1KVA on line UPS uninterruptible power supply G1KL800W long delay host 36V DC LCD

Liquid crystal display for three years, the national door-to-door service

discount 70% in 2018-10-20 to 2018-10-22
price: USD$ 686.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Product selection navigation table
Navigation table for power supply and time configuration of UPS,blueText Click to connect to the corresponding commodity, the corresponding power equipment needs to delay the configuration of the time
The calculation method of UPS (the number of standby time: X12V battery voltage single battery capacity X battery / power equipment) X0.7 = loss can prolong the time (hours): G1KL configuration 3 100AH battery for the use of 600W equipment for (100AHX3X12V) /600WX0.7=4.2H (hours)
brandpowerModelUnit PriceVoltage regulator (input range)Applicable equipmentLCD screenAutomatic switch machineSpare time (minutes)
Reddy company360W D600 188 yuanRegulated 145-290V1 computersnothingAuto Power On1 PC = 20
Reddy company500W D1000M 278 yuanRegulated 145-290V2 computersnothingAuto Power On1 PC = 30,2 PC = 10
Reddy company600W D1000 350 yuanRegulated 145-290V3 computersnothingAuto Power On1 PC = 45,2 = 25,3 = 12 Taiwan Taiwan
Reddy company1800W D3000 1180 yuanRegulated 145-290V12 computersYesAutomatic switch machine1 PC = 120,2 = 60,3 = 40 Taiwan Taiwan
Reddy company360W H600 218 yuanRegulated 145-290V1 computersYesAuto Power On1 PC = 20
Reddy company500W H1000M 298 yuanRegulated 165-276V2 computersYesAuto Power On1 PC = 30,2 PC = 10
Reddy company600W H1000 398 yuanRegulated 165-276V3 computersYesAutomatic switch machine1 PC = 45,2 = 25,3 = 12 Taiwan Taiwan
Reddy company900W H1500 590 yuanRegulated 165-276V4 computersYesAutomatic switch machine1 PC = 60,2 = 30,3 = 15 Taiwan Taiwan
Reddy company1200W H2000 780 yuanRegulated 165-276V6 computersYesAutomatic switch machine1 PC = 60,3 = 15,6 = 5 Taiwan Taiwan
Host power outage time10 minutes30 Minutes1 hours2 hours4 hours8 hours
1KVA/600WUPS host H1000L 398 yuan 990 yuan 1090 yuan 1260 yuan 2550 yuan 3800 yuan
2KVA/1200WUPS host H2000L 780 yuan 1550 yuan 2080 yuan 3400 yuan 4600 yuan 8300 yuan
Online 1KVA/800WUPS host G1KL 1160 yuan 1800 yuan 2150 yuan 2480 yuan 2930 yuan 4800 yuan
Online 2KVA/1600WUPS host G2KL 2100 yuan 3390 yuan 3900 yuan 4900 yuan 5600 yuan 9250 yuan
Online 3KVA/2400WUPS host G3KL 2300 yuan 4110 yuan 5200 yuan 6200 yuan 7180 yuan 12000 yuan
Online 6KVA/4800WUPS host G6KL 5200 yuan 7800 yuan 9500 yuan 12000 yuan 14200 yuan 25200 yuan
Online 10KVA/8000W host G10KL 8200 yuan 11800 yuan 14800 yuan 16800 yuan 27600 yuan 49500 yuan
It 10KVA/8KWG31-10KL9500 yuan13200 yuan16200 yuan18200 yuan29000 yuan50900 yuan
It 15KVA/12KWG31-15KL16800 yuan19600 yuan21500 yuan35600 yuan51300 yuan79200 yuan
It 20KVA/16KWG31-20KL 19890 yuan23500 yuan28200 yuan40800 yuan59400 yuan103000 yuan
It 30KVA/24KWG31-30KLThree three 10KVA/8KW host G33-10KL Three three 20KVA/16KW host G33-20KL
Three three 30KVA/24KWG33-30KLThree three 40KVA/32KW host G33-40KLThree three 60KVA/48KW host G33-60KL
Rack type tower dual exchange GR1KL1KVA/800W host 1500 yuan (standard machine with battery pack) Rack type tower dual exchange GR6KL6KVA/4800W host 6680 yuan (standard machine with battery pack)
Rack type tower dual exchange GR2KL2KVA/1600W host 2980 yuan (standard machine with battery pack) Rack type tower dual exchange GR10KL10KVA/8000W host 8800 yuan (standard machine with battery pack)
Rack type tower dual exchange GR3KL3KVA/2400W host 3600 yuan (standard machine with battery pack)