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Industrial aluminum profile fittings 4545 nylon hinge 50*70 plastic hinge hole distance 45*30

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Also known as the official name for the hinge hinge.Hinge. Often composed of eighty percent off, is to connect the two parts of the object and can move parts.


    Installation points

   There are 6 important points to pay attention to when installing hinges

(1) before installation, check whether the hinge and the door and window frame and fan match.
(2) check whether the hinge slot and the hinge are high, wide and thick.
(3) check whether the hinge and its connection screws and fasteners are matched.
(4) the connection mode of the hinge should be matched with the material of the frame and the fan, such as the hinge used for the steel frame door and the side connected with the steel frame for welding, and the side connected with the wood door fan is fixed by the wood screw.
(5) in the case of asymmetry of the two sheets of the hinge, it should be identified which plate should be connected with the fan, which should be connected with the door and window frame, and the side connected with the three axis should be fixed with the frame, and the side connected with the two axis should be fixed with the frame.
(6) installation, should guarantee the same fan on the hinge axis in the same vertical line, so as to avoid the door / window bounce.



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