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The British ET ouba inch tube teeth spiral screw PTPS/1/81/43/81/2 oblique tooth pipe tapper

The British ET ouba tube tooth spiral screw tooth when PTPS/1/81/43/81/2 inch pipe tapper, quality assurance, price concessions

discount 70% in 2018-09-23 to 2018-09-25
price: USD$ 200.20
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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5 inch piece of sandpaper flocking white sand brushed sand disk 125MM disk sandpaper polished piece 4 inch pneumatic Taurus
With a spiral screw tap U.S. UNC2-566-32 metric M2M3.5M4M5M6 Japan Fuji HTD machine
Japan YAMAWA imported screw thread tapping machine M6M7*1M8M9X1.25M20 fine tooth tap 0.50.75
Taiwan Dabao extrusion wire tapping titanium TOSG American cone UNC10-245-4012-2412-28
Japan OSG titanium wire extrusion tapping cone M1M2M2.5M2.6M3*0.5M4M5M6M7M8M9M10M12
Japan YAMAWA wire tapping machine taps M1M2M3M4M5M6X1M7M8M9M10M12
Tap M8X1.25M10 ET ouba apex wire tapping M2M3M4M6M5X0.8 spiral stainless steel machine
YAMAWA oxidation tip wire tapping M6X1M4 black straight fluted tap for steel M5M2M3M7M8M9M10
Taiwan GL adjustable circular plate 10-243236 super hard wrench HSSE2-56643/8-161/2
Japanese OSG M3X0.5 stainless steel titanium apex wire tapping machine taps with imported M124567891012
YAMAWA adjustable circular plate tooth 4-40-485-40-441/4-20-28-32-365/16-18-24
Taiwan TOSG anti tooth left teeth l Ti extrusion Taps, the crowded teeth of M4X0.7M3X0.5M6X1

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2, this shop all baby purchase freight according to the system defaultonlydoginsengTestAt present, the default logistics is as follows: please contact customer service to modify the freight when necessary:
(1) the first choice in Guangdong Province: Xinfeng express, 10 heads of heavy (1 kg) continued to pay heavy courier company charges
Guangdong Province: (2) preferred SF express, 22 heads (1 kg) weight added weight to the courier company charges, such as the need to choose through 10-15 (1 kg) of weight added weight to the courier company charges; in addition to Tibet, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao [] a few remote areas etc.. Please contact the shopkeeper or customer service to modify the freight negotiation.
(3) Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan: SF 30 heads of state (1 kg) because of customs, there is a deviation, the fee is based on the order of time.
(4) Note: if more than 1 kilograms of goods, if the freight calculation is wrong, please contact us.
3, if it is to order the shop did not upload baby, please contact the shopkeeper or customer service, not the other shop free specifications specifications for payment, your cooperation will greatly protect your rights, also facilitate the timely and accurate delivery warehouse.
4, after consulting the treasurer or customer service, the implementation of the baby in the library and the price, if the intention of ordering, agreed period of persistence of goods (not more than 24 hours), no contract, does not give the reservation; after the agreement period, the implementation of other related information to customer Service
5, in order to ensure the safety of the goods on time arrival, take first sent to the designated independent logistics around the goods, and require customers to the recipient in the express delivery and logistics staff presence, unpacking inspection, according to the delivery note check baby quantity, specifications. If the confirmation is correct, the receipt of the goods is deemed to be completed after the confirmation of the receipt. If there is any mistake, please notify us first and consult with us whether to sign or not. The customer must first know that the loss, damage and delay caused by the company have nothing to do with us when the customer requests the non designated logistics company to take the goods! Please confirm payment within 48 hours after receipt, thank you for your cooperation.
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