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Titanium stainless steel metal paint paint paint word word word word word lattice spherical iron rust word special offer

Our factory specializes in the production of various kinds of metal and metal plate, such as titanium, stainless steel, antique, rust, paint, exposed punching luminous characters, acrylic luminous characters, three-dimensional logo, to understand the details of the can into the store search or consulting service, Tel: 15250197893

discount 70% in 2018-10-15 to 2018-10-17
price: USD$ 7.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:2
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 The factory has advanced machinery and experienced technicians. Business card: all kinds of metal and Tongzi, bronze, stainless steel, stainless steel plate, stainless steel fine word word, antique words, gold paste gold, titanium, titanium gold, luminous characters, acrylic plastic luminous characters, acrylic light boxes, LED luminous characters, high-grade stainless steel word (matte, mirror), metal paint, pile of words the gold medal, medals, unit machine nameplate, titanium plate, stainless steel plate corrosion and various three-dimensional vehicle logo etc..Notestobuy: 

1And relatives can be free to determine the font, size, color and other materials.

2The above quotation is only for reference, the shop price is only for the purpose of publication (the unit is the yuan/M or yuan/Not for CM) customers need to offer, actually offer customers need to provide the materials used, the size and number of the specific price, the specific price can contact our online customer service,QQOr call the enquiry. The amount of preferential treatment.

Is calculated as follows: the long side of the word*The number of words*Unit Price

For example:50cm*40cmThe word is05rice*The number of words*Unit Price

If the length and width of words are more than one meter long word is:*Word wide*The number of words*Unit Price

For example:12rice*13The word is the price of rice:12*13*The number of words*Unit Price

3And if the parents were determined to make, please send us the vector design good (format:cdrcadaiepsperhapspdfEtc.), the best in figure marked size, material, color and other characteristics, to facilitate the production of mistakes; if the parents have no vector, some simple words, we can help the pro free font design. If the graph is more complex, we do not design. Parents can find advertising company design vector provided to us.

4If necessary, on-site installation, specific costs please contact customer service online, or call us (Jiangsu only our installation team can come to install other remote areas, we do not install, because of the distance, but also the cost of postage, parents are not cost-effective.) Such as the need for installation drawings, can contact online customer service, we will provide free1than1The installation drawings.Installation tool is hot melt adhesive and glass glue. You can buy in the hardware store. Usage: the first word is fixed by hot melt, and then in the words around a plastic glass on it.

5Time, our production is a week or so, if the buyer urgently, we can make a few days ahead of schedule to work overtime. If a single time is afternoon, time is from the buyer orders and payment second days after date.

6Parents must sign after acceptance. If the buyer received the goods found in the product packaging is damaged, damaged please refuse to return directly. After receipt of buyer, seller for the loss of logistics, including but not limited to loss, fracture, lack of parts, the seller will not take responsibility for any responsibility and obligation.

7About the problem of return: all goods in this store are according to the requirements of buyers are customized, highly targeted, but the cause of quality problems can not be used normally, no refunds. If you need to return, freight borne by the buyer.

8If the parents received the goods are not satisfied, please contact our customer service, we cannot guarantee100%No problem, but we will use100%Enthusiasm to solve the problem, we always believe that mutual understanding, mutual respect, sincere communication will bring you the absolute free online shopping.


   ledAll the lights are shining words12vTheLEDWaterproof lamp module, the transformer is connected to the home220vThe total power supply, otherwise will directly be burnt out. If the buyer does not read this statement caused light damage are borne by the buyer responsibility. The following specific connection transformer:LNThe power connected home 220V, G connected with a light blue line, the red V+ lamp. The other is not a tube. Shop all the wooden packing are free.


        1About freight bear: this shop all shipping costs are borne by the buyer. The shop above shows free shipping is just a mean, because this shop all plates are customized, with the weight of the pro choice of materials, quantity, and transportation box weight and address. It is not good to set freightThe freight is unpredictable. So we choose to pay unified.

   2On the choice of courier: heavy things we issued a unified logistics, safe and cheap. The lighter things we send SF express. Is the specific logistics or courier, or according to the pro choice. If parents choose other logistics or courier, online contact customer service, explain, and indicate in the note in your choice of courier company, in case of error. Other courier companies to pay the freight is doubled, so we can help parents pay the fare, but the pro to freight to call us, we can give the pro delivery.

Contact information:

Factory address: Jiangsu province Suzhou city Wujiang Beishe Industrial Park

Contact information:15250197893

Payment: Alipay, Taobao or online banking transfer process.