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Beautiful water purifier, MRO208121C207A-4MRC1586A-50G water purifier filter, the whole set of genuine

discount 70% in 2018-10-18 to 2018-10-20
price: USD$ 271.60
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Technical support:Wireless drainage treasure











The end of group buying: 105 days 16:24second
Super manager [regiment]








Set the filter respectively: PP cotton 1, pre carbon 1, RO membrane (75G reverse osmosis membrane of a three page), a post carbon;

Our products guarantee absolutely beautiful original quality, support counter test

Goods, independent sealing belt code, bar code and fluorescent anti-counterfeiting code. Free Admission

Guide installation, you can contact online customer service, to replace video or electricity

One person to one person instruction installation. Quality assurance, hurry up!



2016, the latest production of new original filter must have the following points:

  1. The filter core has independent barcode, the official website of the United States and the official public number of the United States can be inquiries (such as the need to query methods, after receipt of the goods, please consult customer service)
  2. The inner part of the filter element has a secret code corresponding to the bar code attached to the outside. 

Filter element authenticity inquiry method

1, authenticity inquiry method (computer page version):

Barcode query URL (recommended by SMS check code login)

2, authenticity inquiry methodThe official public number filter housekeeper inquiries):

Search for the beauty of the official public number:"Midea water appliances"Attention to entry =" menu"Get service“=》”Filter house manager“=》”Filter cartridge anti counterfeiting“=》”Blank input filter, white barcode inquiries“。

(Note: when entering the bar code query, the latter letter should be capitalized and lowercase is invalid





PP cotton filter

  Pre activated carbon


RO reverse osmosis membrane


Post activated carbon

Filter element replacement procedure



[details of new packaging] (new and old packing, random delivery)









Buyers must read

1The sale of baby in this shop is the original product, which is sold at the cost price, only for rejection! Welcome to buy and wholesale. Our aim is to provide consumers with the most cost-effective products, to ensure that the baby is the premise of the best offer the best price.

2Some pictures from the network, some dispensers self timer, only for reference.

3The default express to Yun express and EMS economic express, shipped according to the region. If you need express delivery, please contact the customer service to make up the difference. Under normal circumstances24Within the hour, except for holidays and rain and snow. Online price without invoice or installation fee.

4If you find any problems when you check the goods, please contact us in time, we can help you deal with, if you have signed, that is, products and accessoriesIntact. If the baby is found damaged and damaged after receipt. Forgive us for being powerless. If you are signed by others, please be sure to check out the box.

5In case of problems, please kindly consult and store wholeheartedly for you. Please don't give comments or comments!

6Express, after all, not for our control, the quality of courier personnel throughout the uneven, such as delayed two or three days, please understand. Especially during the activity period. If you have special requirements for the express, please take a good shot, so as not to produce misunderstanding!

7The buyer's friend has any questions, please consult the owner before taking the photo. You can also go to the store to buy after my shop. If not due to the reasons for my Department of returned goods, the postage back and forth by the buyers, the products must not affect the two sale!

8Due to the manufacturer without any prior notice of the change of product packaging, or some accessories, etc., the store can not guarantee the picture and physical consistency. We can promise that the baby bought is absolutely original, and will not give you a renovation or high imitation products

9Once the baby is photographed, it is deemed that the buyer agrees to all the terms mentioned above

10Please consult with us on matters not completed!

About receiving goods
1) remember not to rush to sign when you receive the goods! Must be in the delivery personnel after unpacking inspection and then sign! If there is any breakage, please refuse to accept it and notify us at that time! If the courier does not make inspection, must first sign, buyers in receipt of shipment, please not to express single sign will face, first opened the package check inside items, there is no bad, if there is damage, and courier express negotiation will be returned, and on the surface of single sign indicating shipment has been damaged, returned the signature obliterated. If you have signed or someone else sign, it means that the goods have received no objection, the store will no longer bear any responsibility. Please know!
2) in the courier left, found that the shipment be opened, or has been damaged, express will not recognize, so the sign, must be carefully examined in strict accordance with the instructions of the previous two X tips: to your interests, be sure to receive the parcel after unpacking after signing!
3) if the buyer sign the goods without contacting us, that is the default and accept the surface consistent rules in the Taobao rules.

4) goods may become with price, buyers to purchase goods to pay the price at that time, after the buyer not to purchase goods and goods price on the grounds, unreasonable demands to the store.