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How to set green monengjiao wood plate, aluminum plate special glue glue 1.8L decorative sheet

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  • Brand: standing virtue
  • Model: 1.7L
Good oil resistance and resistancesolventProperties of chemical reagents. Because of ChloroprenerubberThe adhesive is an adhesive adhesive ability, wide application, such as rubber, leather, fabric, paper, plywood, wood, plastics, ceramics, concrete, metal or self-adhesive sticking to each other, so called monengjiao. In fact, there is no real monengjiao, but it is widely applied to its reputation.

Usage method

1. Construction conditions
Suitable for the adhesive bonding temperature of 25 + 5 degrees Celsius, humidity is 55 - 75%, fully stirring before using. Adhesive containing volatile solvent, construction should maintain the smooth flow of air, not near fire or high temperature. Generally speaking, monengjiao in winter is lower than 5 DEG C, there may beGel: Set & MatchIn this case, the hot water can be used for 30 minutes by soaking the rubber tank for 20 minutes, and the properties can be kept unchanged and can be continued to use for 50 minutes.
2、 surfaceRequirement
Monengjiao before use will be handled properly by sticking surface is necessary, including degreasing, rust, in addition toWater contentPolish, keep the surface clean, dry, solid; oil removal, decontamination can be 120# gasoline, toluene or ethyl acetate and other quick dry solvent scrub clean, and dry, grinding generally use 0# or 1# sandpaper gently grinding. When adhering to three plywood, flooring, bamboo or other wood products, the moisture content of the glued fabric must be below 8% before gluing, and if it is higher than 8%, it should be dried or dried before gluing.
3, glue
The general material can be painted glue once. For porous materials, the need to glue 2 - 3 times, and must be in the last glue solvent completely evaporated, in order to carry out the next glue, not to rush.
In order to prevent the residual air in the adhesive layer, brushing should move in the same direction, which is conducive to the discharge of the air, but pay attention to the speed of coating should not be too fast. The thinner the general adhesive layer, the less the defect, and the smaller the shrinkage, the higher the bonding strength. The layer should be thin Wuhou, adhesive layer is too thick, will have a dry through, glue rickety and blister defects. Therefore, on the premise of ensuring the lack of glue, the adhesive layer as thin as possible is better. The thickness of the adhesive layer should be controlled at 0.08 - 0.15mm, that is, the adhesive quantity is 250 - 350g/m2.
4. Airing
The purpose of airing is to clean the solvent, increase the viscosity, and promote the curing. After coating, the solvent must be evaporated and not immediately adhered, so as to prevent the adhesive layer from sticking or producingBubbleThis leads to the decrease of bonding quality. The drying time is generally 5 - 15 minutes /25 degrees centigrade. When the adhesive layer is dry film (touch with non stick finger), the adhesive should be aligned immediately, and the air setting time should not be too long, so as to avoid the adhesive layer losing stickiness and influence the bonding strength.
5. Adhesive pressing
All-purpose adhesive force, adhesion must be waiting for the right time, one-time alignment bonding, can not move back and forth. After bonding, the air is compacted by pressing, hammering or rolling, and the adhesive layer is compacted to improve the bonding quality.
6, maximum intensity
Despite the good adhesive adhesion formation in a short period of time, but to achieve maximum intensity of 3 - 5 days, so the joint bearing capacity, should be placed enough time to use.
7, storage
The adhesive should be stored in a cool, dry place and away from children. Do not let the sun direct irradiation, high temperature, poor sealing or long exposure time, volatile solvents will cause excessive viscosity, can not be constructed. Toluene, ethyl acetate, butanone or acetone, or dilute, can be used to continue mixing.
8, others
The surface of the furniture such as wood or cat paper, recommend the use of water-based latex adhesive, or strong solvent in the dissolution to the wood grain paper out. Monengjiao sticks can be toluene, ethyl acetate, acetone, butanone, dissolved plastics, such as polystyreneRigid foam plasticsIt is recommended to use chloroprene latex for bonding.