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9805 practical new third generation reed alarm anti-theft alarm for doors and windows doors and windows | household door

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Reminder:This product is brand new, hereby notify buyer!!!

Big promotion, soft RL-9805 type, the latest third generation glass vacuum dry reed door and window alarm, a large number of arrival.[battery].

Every door and window alarm needs3 section AG13Button battery, because the local is not easy to buy this kind of battery, even if the shopping mall battery occasionally sold, the price is not expensive, also in 0.5-08 yuan one. Our cost price is only 0.20 yuan. Therefore, the dispensers recommended batteries are also 1 to 3[1 alarms need to press 3 button batteries]The quantity is taken together to achieve the effect of the normal use of the goods.

Battery0.2 yuan onePlease takeAG13 button cell

Product 18 headed weight 1 kg, beyond the need to add heavy charges, details contact the treasurer.

The doors and windows alarm, also called Menci, window magnetic. Commonly known as the magnetometer. The product has been developed for the first time in 1988, and has been more than 20 years old. It is called the most classic miniature alarm. Products with small, economic, quality stability, popularity, wide use and other absolute advantages, the annual sales are more than 20 million, and a large number of exports to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries. Highly praised by the public!

This is the latest third generation glass vacuum tube door and window alarm, which is the product of the third upgrade. The qualified rate is 100%, and the sound is increased by 25%. The high power audio amplifier tube is used. Apart from the occasional freight by courier so irresponsible rough handling damage, almost reach the hands of customers 100% good! Every one is cute!!!

Door and window alarm installation display

The installation method of sample magnetometer:

Mounting diagram of door

The installation method of the alarm installed on the door and window opened slightly! Before closing the door and window, it is necessary to make sure that the alarm switch is openState!

Commodity name:RL-9805 door and window alarm 200PCS.

Details of this product

Soft to doors and windows alarm, while allowing the event to minimize the damage, let you spend the least money, achieve the best protection, deterrence. The economic downturn in society in case of success, how to protect themselves and living safety has become an important topic. It is not enough to rely on effective police force, prevention is better than after the remedy, and all this will make the soft door and window alarm to help you do a comprehensive defense of home safety.

This product is easy to install, only the main and vice parts are pasted on the door and doorframe, or on the two window, and aligned (left about 5 mm gap). When someone illegally opens the door or window (the relative position of the main and accessory parts changes), the alarm can send out a strong warning sound and warn the intruder to leave. When you open the door, the window can be controlled by the switch. It is suitable for residential, office, shop counters and other security.

Use 3 x 1.5V, AG13 button battery (normal use time is 3-6 months)

technical parameter

Main specifications: long 6cm, wide 3cm, high 2cm

Accessories specifications: length 5.4cm, width 1.3cm, high 1.1cm

Siren loudness: 90 dB power supply: 3 * 1.5VAG13 button battery *3 (need to buy another)

Weight: 50 grams

Introduction magnetic door alarm function:

Built in 90dB alarm output, alarm sound 90 db;

When the burglar pushes the door or the window, the police will immediately alert you to prevent theft

Installation method: magnetic control type;

Use3grain1.5V buttonBattery (need additional purchase)

Whether it is to live in luxury hotels or ordinary hotels, its security is worrying. That countless cases, hotel doors and windows is not safe, in many cases, passengers in a sleeping state, carry money was looted (except the casual visitor, including hotel interior "guzei" took advantage of his position to steal); the baby is different. It's there, forever you are a loyal friend, home guards!

Baby range:

1, this baby small and exquisite installation, carry is extremely convenient, for the business trip on the way to stay in the hotel you, improve safety guard against theft consciousness!

2, this new product is widely used: family residentialDoors, windows and shops, Internet cafes, computer box anti-theft,Hotels, offices, shop counters and other places to improve security measures.

Product description:The product is small and exquisite, easy to install, is a cheap, economical and practical entity goods, but also a gift gift to friends and relatives. This baby in our local, has been fully affirmed the recognition of residents and the police. When you use it, you only need to stick the main and vice parts on the door and the doorframe, or on the two window, and align them5Mm mm gap. Once thieves Qiaomen, pry the window, attempted theft (vice principal will separate), the alarm can be a strong alarm to deter illegal intruders, remind owners and the people around zhuazei. When you want to open doors and windows, can be controlled by the switch.