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T-163A threaded cartridge valve forming reamer with alloy welding reamer

Wear resistant cemented carbide plate, accurate angle, dimensional stability, tailored

discount 70% in 2018-09-24 to 2018-09-26
price: USD$ 511.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Product picture
Product Brief
Cartridge valve logic valve solar SUNT-163A Hyde valve hole forming reamer
Changzhou Myron Tools Co., Ltd. is a professional customized plug-in molding tool manufacturers, specializing in the hydraulic circuit board, cartridge valve, welding alloy molding tool and rough machining of high speed steel bit logic valve industry, using ultra fine cemented carbide blade material.
Main products:
Hydraulic forming fine reamer (welding type)
Hydraulic forming roughing tool (HSS bit / welding type)
Nonstandard welding reamer
High precision: radial tolerance 0.01mm, length tolerance +-0.1
Stem form: according to your requirements, you can use taper handle or straight handle.
Carry forward the domestic imported plug-in valve forming knives, dedicated to the rise of the national industry, to provide high-quality, efficient, high life special superhard cutting tools, for customers to achieve cost reduction and make contributions.
1, in order to obtain better cutting surface and prolong tool life. Be sure to use high precision, high rigidity, good balance shank.
2, for the processing of parts with precision requirements: before using the tool, please check the tool runout, the tool deflection accuracy is more than 0.01MM, please correct and then cut.
3. The shorter the length of the tool chuck, the better the tool speed, feed rate or cutting amount if it extends longer.
4, in the cutting if abnormal vibration or sound, please reduce the spindle speed and the amount of cutting to improve the situation.
5, in the use of coated tools, steel processing cooling spray or jet as the best way to make the high aluminum titanium to play the best effect. Non aqueous cutting fluids are recommended for stainless steel, titanium alloys, or heat resistant alloys.
6, the cutting method depends on the workpiece, machine, software, the first debugging tool, please put the tool cutting amount on the conservative parameters, when the cutting condition is stable, then the cutting amount will be increased up to 30%~50%.
Buyers must read
1, because of the particularity of the mechanical processing industry, general machinery processing Tongren in order to save costs and start moving towards specialization, process centralized, efficient processing mode transformation process is simple, the product range of flow volume, so in determining the purchase, please contact customer service, to see if the spot. The general situation of the spot we can send out within 24 hours, if out of stock I will inform you the goods, so as not to delay your emergency. Non standard customized delivery time: common simple tool delivery date is 5 days, such as special specifications to order for about 7-12 days.
2, the products sent before the shop will be carefully checked, to ensure the delivery time of the recipient was flawless and perfect, please carefully check the packaging, the product is in good condition, and when the carrier surface inspection receipt. If the quantity of the product is not paid or damaged before receipt, please sign the refund on the original surface of the carrier, and the buyer will negotiate with the carrier. If the above three cases are found after receipt, the seller and the transport party are not responsible for any loss, and all the losses are borne by the buyers themselves.
3, please buyers get the goods, acceptance of goods without confirmation of receipt within 1-2 days as soon as possible, if you have any questions or inform in time for your treatment; in the receipt of 1-2 days and the owner confirmed that there is no contact, as the buyer received the goods as qualified. After asking the owner to replace or say that the goods have problems, our shop is not responsible! Please buyers know! Thank You for Your Cooperation!
Matters needing attention
Our Pu, the official website of the marked product pictures, price, parameters are for reference information, the specific price and inventory status, please call or QQ consulting, you are welcome to call the friends, want to discuss QQ, thank you!!
Payment methods and delivery date
One way: male to transfer this way, the need for the user to open 17% of value-added tax votes.
Mode two: ABC transfer, this method is suitable for individual users without tax unit price.
Three: pay guaranty insurance transaction cash on delivery, the way for Alipay users.
Delivery time: 3-7 days of conventional tools, non-standard handle, boring cutter, milling cutter, corn indexable disposable machine tool clamping 8-12 days
Logistics / express tariff description
The company is the default courier rhyme express, cargo can choose logistics.
If you need urgent, please inform in advance, so that we can choose SF express for you.
Freight: single turnover of more than 3000 yuan of Jiangsu light of our other circumstances to bear the freight, freight borne by the buyer.
Company profile

Changzhou Myron Tools Co., Ltd is located in the town of Xixia villa is Chinese tools, approved by the relevant departments of the national register, the main alloy cold drill, milling cutter, corn inlaid alloy welding step composite molding cutter, step composite boring cutter, carbide tool, alloy welding molding cutter, machine tool clamping, non indexable standard tool, handle series tool production and sales. The company is currently designated as a qualified supplier of several large state-owned enterprises and foreign enterprises; most of the engineering and technical personnel from abroad and domestic well-known cutting tools manufacturing enterprises, more than 70% of junior college and master's degree or above, and the average working experience is more than 6 years. Changzhou Myron Tools Co. Ltd will be based on the user's material, the selection of tool materials most suitable, using 5 axis grinding center in Germany, Australia imported and advanced detection equipment, and improve the quality assurance system, manufacturing innovation, excellent cutting edge, appropriate tip angle;
At the same time according to the user's drawing workpiece design and selection tool and so on; try to solve client tool in processing required; from the tool design, tool manufacturing, tool support, tool grinding, cutting tools, superhard coating pre-sales, customer service service, always to users without the menace from the rear. You are welcome to choose Myron tools, to bring you a win-win situation!

CNC CNC milling cutter, tungsten steel milling cutter, tungsten steel milling cutter, tungsten steel cold drill is Changzhou Myron Tools Co., Ltd. the main products, the company is located in Jiangsu city of Changzhou Xixiashu town - tools. Close to Changzhou airport, 3KM exit from Shanghai Nanjing Expressway, the traffic is very convenient. Specializing in the production of CNC cutting tools, products are mainly tungsten steel, tungsten steel drill cold knife, knife, tungsten steel knife, tungsten steel tungsten steel round nose composite drill, drill, drill, step molding molding reamer, boring cutter, tungsten steel, tungsten steel rod T type cutter, milling cutter, CNC cutter knife molding, and all kinds of non-standard custom hard alloy cutter.

Myron brand products are suitable for high speed milling of carbon steel, die steel, tool steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, high hard materials aerospace alloys, is the product of choice for domestic market to replace imported cutter tool. The company to ensure the quality of homegrown products, affordable prices, a large amount of concessions, welcome to buy all kinds of tungsten steel milling cutter, blade and cutter CNC tool etc.!
Tool design: parametric tool design of PROE/UG software
Manufacturing equipment: Germany imported five axis grinding machining center precision manufacturing
Changzhou tool exclusive advantage: to provide you with new product development in a full range of tool configuration program, cutting process difficult problems solutions
Main project:
1. Cemented carbide series:
Alloy end milling cutter, alloy round nose cutter, ball end milling cutter, wave edge milling cutter, aluminum knife, stainless steel special milling cutter, nonstandard special-shaped blade, alloy fine grinding round rod
2, alloy welding table ladder forming series:
Welding alloy composite molding cutter, milling cutter, welding welding spiral reamer, welding composite drilling reamer, alloy three blade surface, staggered tooth type T slot milling, welding dovetail milling cutter;
3 、 adjustable machine clip forming series:
Indexable milling cutter, milling cutter, drill with indexable inserts U indexable drill, T groove cutter, non-standard cutter, non-standard cutter bar, fixed indexable rough boring tool, coarse bridge precision boring boring cutter, trimming
4, hole processing tools: alloy bit, alloy step forming bit, alloy internal cold drilling, alloy precision reamer
5, non-standard hand tools, pull nails: BT40BT50BT60JT50XT50 series of non-standard hand tool customization
6, according to the blueprint of the workpiece: design and manufacture all kinds of non-standard difficult tool
Material: Zhuzhou Taiwan Chun Bao diamond material, WF25 material, Kenna 2210, Germany AF-K44, Sweden Sandvik, Swiss RX08, cobalt from the material, we will according to the workpiece machining tool material you choose the most reasonable, Machinable hardness is between HRC30 degrees ---HRC65.