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American style all solid wood furniture, children's bed, European style simple, boys and girls single bedroom bed, Retro Old double bed

Focus on customized furniture for 5 years! Shanghai physical plant + shop operation mode; free design, free measurement, budget, free of charge, to visit the factory to make full use of solid wood furniture, custom, international famous brand paint, no formaldehyde, benzene and other problems; the size of the furniture, wood color, and so can according to your request to do, on freight Shanghai City: over 8000, can enjoy the package delivery package installation services, other areas are the logistics to pay.

discount 70% in 2018-07-17 to 2018-07-19
price: USD$ 2555.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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The shop sold are imitation products, imitation Markor harborhouse North America home village near the high-end furniture brand, to communicate with customer service before the shoot, otherwise take invalid oh!



Product information;

Children bedcolourAs shown in the graph (customizable)
Birch, Manchurian ash, oak (free choice, wood, different price)
Customizable 125 height
Place of Origin
Shanghai, Fengxian District
production cycle
25-60 days specific inquiry customer service
According to the actual payment, no mail service
Solid wood frame, three layer 360% protection

Picture scene map

Analysis of authentic American mortise and tenon furniture structure



Mortise and tenon structure furniture is firm, durable and long service life



Authentic dovetail tenon, the process is cumbersome, time-consuming, the surface is not sticky with glue smooth, there will be a bit of burr, but does not affect the appearance



Mortise and tenon furniture has long cycle, complex process, material consumption and eye injury. Therefore, the delivery time is inevitably delayed, forget their understanding, specific accurate time, please talk with customer service, we try to deliver on time, the main quality assurance




1 paint effect; paint efficiency is divided into closed paint and open paint two kinds, open paint effect hand touch with wood grain handle, closed paint hand touch is smooth, no wood grain feel (two kinds of paint effect surface City smooth)

2 formaldehyde; all solid wood furniture also has formaldehyde, formaldehyde used in place but rarely, is mainly used in two aspects; 1 (imposition; wood raw material length and width, making furniture according to the size of imposition.) 2 (mortise and tenon joint, where the mortise and tenon joint need to be strengthened with our glue)Prompt (imposition and tenon used in glue containing formaldehyde is almost negligible, our furniture environmental protection with high standards of American export specification)

3 paint color; tinting is based on the master's vision, we dare not say that you can do exactly the same, and then a good master can not do the same, even if the authenticity of different batches of furniture comparison, there will be a little bit of color difference. We try our best to be close to the color you want,The pursuit of the perfect parent, or advice from our color palette color inside the sample, do so out of color is very small, can not guarantee the same. So the parents are best to put furniture in the same space, together with the setting, color guarantee consistent, to create a perfect home.

4 paint brands; we use paint odor type Dabao the most well-known paint, really no stupid paint, paint is three times three times primer paint, furniture China made direct brush a thick layer of primer, the idea is for the water and air in the wood, furniture is not easy to deformation and cracking. And then hand polished. Manual polishing is time-consuming, the cost is great, hand polished benefits can also be sanded up and dead, then 2 times primer in Polish, so repeatedly.. Top coat is also done three times. The paint is exquisite







Custom process of American solid wood furniture



Important tips:Due to the particularity of the industry,You need to pay 40% down payment before customizing(cash in cash)When the finished product is ready, we will give you the tail link, according to Taobao normal shopping process to buy, this is the case of each furniture factory, we are also such a custom process

About logistics

Because the furniture packaging specifications are not consistent, the commodity logistics cost in the actual to pay as the standard, you can consult the customer service to do logistics cost budget oh

Contact Hotline

 Physical factory addressSouthern Song Dynasty villagers in Shanghai, Fengxian District love group two 250



 Custom Hotline201-675509051821728395 (Xiao Wang)

Production schedule query:15001704013(Wang Changchang)


American antique handle

Part palette options



Factory woodworking machinery display




Wood material exhibition



1 birch; our imports of Russian birch, easy processing, smooth section, paint glue can be good, many shapes, suitable for many furniture. The bark is flexible and beautiful, and the ancients are often used for door core decoration.

2 Fraxinus mandshurica and Fraxinus mandshurica linesLike ripples, it's dynamic. Fraxinus mandshurica complex lines, color yellow, black. Durable,Manchurian ash (Fraxinus mandshurica Rupr.) has good processability and can be fixed with nails, screws and glue. It can be dyed and polishedGet good surfaceVery little aging, little change in performance. Due to heating reasons in the north, furniture made of Fraxinus mandshurica is easy to crack.

3 oak oak furniture; texture appearance, have obvious Yamagata grain, after processing the oak has excellent toughness and beautiful appearance, smooth and exquisite sense of touch. 2 oak furniture is thick, firm, high fracture strength, strong seismic resistance, long service life, damp and not easy to deformation, extremely resistant to wear.

Maintenance of solid wood furniture

Furniture received to avoid sunlight, otherwise it will crack,Avoid putting furniture on the big window facing south. The direct sunlight will make the furniture too dry and fade. Hot water cups can not be placed directly on the furniture surface, leaving traces. Color liquids, such as ink, should be absolutely avoided on the desktop.Solid wood contains water, when the air humidity is too low, hardwood furniture will shrink, it will swell when it is too high. In general solid wood furniture production alone or reduced levels, but use them to be careful, don't be too humid or too dry place, such as near the stove heating, high temperature heat, or too wet basement and other places, in order to avoid mildew or dry.

Many concessions

1., Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai provinces are close to the factory Shanghai Fengxian District, the city is not more than 100 highway, full 8000 yuan free carDelivery upstairs, installation is good

More than 2., the price can be more favorable, more than 10 thousand yuan more than 1% off, more than 20 thousand above 2% off, more than 30 thousand above 3% off, more than 40 thousand above 95.5 fold, more than 50 thousand above 6% off, more than 60 thousand above 92.5 discount, more than 60 thousand discount further details, minimum 10% off