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Phoenix battery, KB12200012V200AH battery, UPS/EPS power supply, lead acid free maintenance battery

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Phoenix batteryCharacteristic

1, battery anti deep discharge capability, 100% discharge may continue after connected to the load, in four weeks can restore the original charging capacity.

2, because the battery for colloidal solid, so there is no uniform electrolyte concentration, acid stratification.

3, the acid concentration is low, the plate corrosion is weak, and the tubular plate unique, so long battery life.

4, the battery plate with no antimony alloy, low self discharge of battery. 20 ~ C for two years, there are more than 50% of the capacity in two years without electricity.

5, super deep discharge and withstand high current discharge capacity, overcharge over discharge and self protection performance.

6, gel electrolyte, no internal short circuit. Heat capacity, heat dissipation ability, to avoid runaway phenomenon generally easy to produce heat, and high temperature operation is very reliable, the battery will not produce the "dry" phenomenon, wide range of working temperature.

7, using high sensitive low pressure umbrella type valve (patent SunShine Co, Germany) the battery use more safe and reliable.

8, multilayer acid resistant rubber ring sliding seal (patent German SunShine Co), ensure the service life of the late post sealing performance during growth.
Can and DC can be transformed into each other and discharge after passing through a charging device called restoration repeated use of chemical energy storage battery. The commonly used lead-acid battery, nickel cadmium, nickel hydrogen and lithium ion battery. Lead battery open circuit voltage 2.0V, nickel cadmium, nickel hydrogen battery voltage is 1.2V, the open circuit voltage of lithium ion battery 3.6V.
3. what is the lead-acid battery? It consists of several parts?
The main electrode made of lead electrolyte, a battery of sulfuric acid solution. In general by the positive and negative electrode plates, separator, electrolyte, and battery terminals etc..
What time is the 4. lead-acid battery invented by whom?
1859 plant invention.
5. lead-acid batteries occupy much proportion in the battery in the family?
The lead-acid battery has a large proportion of the whole cell, estimated at more than 65%.
6. domestic lead-acid battery manufacturers have?
This website contains a total domestic lead-acid battery production of more than 2500 (excluding research university and other research institutions) of the relevant circumstances, the lead-acid battery factory more than 2000, raw materials, accessories, equipment and other more than 500.
There are 7. categories of the lead-acid battery used?
According to use can be divided into: starting batteries, fixed type, traction type etc..
8. what is how to calculate the capacity of lead-acid battery?
Under specified conditions, fully charged battery to provide electricity, usually ah (Ah) said. The capacity of single cathode plate number x = single plate capacity.
What is the main component of 9. electrolyte lead-acid battery?
Sulfuric acid and distilled water (or deionized water) mixture.
10. of the lead-acid storage battery what harm the human body?
The lead-acid battery is a strong acid, on human skin and eyes have certain hazards, once contact immediately after the wash, which should be timely to the hospital for treatment.
11. lead-acid battery lead in what harm the human body?
Lead and lead oxide on lead-acid battery in the human nervous system, digestive system, hematopoietic system and kidney has certain influence, usually best not to waste battery anatomy. Please note that the anatomic protection and guidance of relevant personnel.
12. lead absorption or poisoning should be how to treat?
Lead absorption or poisoning should be carried out after treatment into the professional treatment agencies, engaged in lead workers in the diet can be drinking more milk, etc. to lead out of the body Soybean Milk.
13. common accumulator tank have those?
Common battery groove of automobile, motorcycle, tractor accumulator tank made of hard rubber and polypropylene, ABS made of sealed battery slot and a small amount of polystyrene battery slot.
14. common battery separators are those?
Battery separator common rubber clapboard, PP separator, PE, PVC and AGM partition partition partition.
15. daily drinking pure water is available for the battery?
Can not be used due to daily people drink pure water and its impurity content is much higher than the battery water requirements, but some elements in water and sediment of beneficial bacteria less. Battery water should reach JB/T10053 1999 standard requirements.
16. lead battery manufacturing commonly used alloy are those?
Alloy for producing lead-acid battery mainly lead antimony alloy, lead low antimony alloy, lead antimony cadmium

The rated voltage of the nominal capacity of long (mm) width (mm) and high (mm) weight (Kg)

KB1270 12V 7AH 152 66 95 2.55

KB12240-1 12V 24AH 166 125 175 9

KB12400 12V 40AH 197 166 171 15

KB12650 12V 65AH 320 170 174 23.5

KB121000 12V 100AH 330 170 221 31.5

KB122000 2V 200AH 520 240 220 70

KB22000 2V 200AH 173 110 355 15

KB24000 2V 400AH 211 175 355 28

KB26000 2V 600AH 301 175 355 42

KB210000 2V 1000AH 477 175 355 70

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2, the warranty period provided by us free repair or replacement service (shipping by the buyer)
3, we offer free technical advice and troubleshooting; for engineers on-site installation and commissioning or maintenance, charge corresponding travel expenses and installation fee.

Where any of the following circumstances, not out of warranty:

A not by the use of any manual operation and use;

B without the consent of self change machine and cause failure;

C hazard, earthquake, lightning and natural factors of force majeure


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