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Fish Hunter shipping blood warrior halleluyah rod halleluyah rod straight handle grips the domestic general high-grade road sub

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Buy five color eight series PE line, line number choice!

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Chinese halleluyah fishing tackle brand.

The fish hunter, the hot blood warrior, is a high-end fishing rod in the fishing rod industry. Like the quality of the high-end, it must be right to choose it. You get what you pay for。 You know, dear!

The next picture is very important. I hope to read carefully, carefully watch and see clearly, and understand the meaning of all the options.



Product description:(When choosing the option, please pay attention to the following introduction.)

RB:A series of warm blooded Warriors
SStraight handle
1One in oneHand handle
2branchSegmental hand handle

UL - Ultralight super soft

SbL - Light soft

ML -- soft M in Mediumlight - Medium medium

MH - Mediumheavy in hard

YH - Heavy hard

XH - Extraheavy super hard

XXH - Extraextraheavy super super hard

 1, the fish Hunter road sub fishing pole is divided into three series, namely: "journey", "Hunter" and "warrior", which means "embark on the journey" and "become Hunter" "road Asia warrior". The three series are listed styles, the price is not the same, the entry-level Journey Series retail price is between 150-300, the Hunter series retail price is between 300-400, and the Warrior series retail price is between 400-600.

2, complete product laboratory test and actual combat test program.

All the product pole and the whole pole have been tested by professional laboratory, and have video for dealers and fishing friends to look up. Before each product is listed, it is strictly tested by actual combat.

3. Before each fishing rod is sold, it should be weighed and labelled.

4, the establishment of a good after-sales service system, the unified price will be published in succession on the website.

5, the company is a fish Hunter manufacturer and seller, after sale at ease, fake a penalty of ten.

l Fish hunter, China road Asia brand, this section isHot blooded WarriorLu Ya pole, more professional design concept, more professional fishing hand choice!!!

l The pursuit of fine and light and strong design concept;1M8&1M10Import high tonnage carbon fiber material;

l Shape handle made by ergonomic design

l Fishing with lore, you areFish Hunter!!

Warm hint: please follow the following series of specificationsnumberProductspictureToColor optionsPurchase.


The following detailed description, tell me what you see!

The 1 is the one hand 2 hand segmented S straight shank rod C rods

The LRBC1 and LRBC2 series of integral and segmented grips

LRBC1-662M (integrated M hand grips and 1.98 meters)

LEBC1-702MH (integrated hand grips 2.1 meters MH tonality)As follows:

LRBC2-602ML (1.8 m ML grips tonality)

LRBC2-662M (1.98 m M grips tonality)

LRBC2-702MH (grips 2.13 m MH tonality) as follows:

------------------------- gorgeous line ------------------------

 The following is the LRB of the straight handleS1 (one hand handle) and LRBS2 (segmented handlebar)

LRBS1 (one hand handle)

LRBS1-662ML (1.98 m ML tonal of straight handle)

LRBS1-702ML (2.13 m ML tonal of straight handle)

LRBS1-702M (2.13 m M tonal of straight handle)

LRBS1-702MH (2.13 m MH tonal of straight handle)

LRBS1-802M (2.4 m M tonal of straight handle)

LRBS1-902M (2.7 m M tonal of straight handle)

LRBS1-1003M (3.05 m M tonal of straight handle)three links

LRBS1-1103M (3.35 m M tonal of straight handle)three links) as follows:

The tail of S1802M902M1003M (three) 1103M (section three) is following the following style:

----------------------------------------------------A gorgeous line of segmentation---------------------------------------------------