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[original] NORGREN over 24011 UK series 2401149 direct acting solenoid valve

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brandNuoguan NORGRENModel2401149.0000Texture of materialBrass, stainless steel
Type (channel position)Two bit three passConnection formThreadApplicable mediumGas or liquid
Flow directionReversingpurposeReversingNominal diameter5(mm)
working temperatureNormal temperature (temperature)Location numberboth of youWorking pressure0---17(mpa)
Effective sectional area32(mm2)Movement modeElectronic controlMaximum action frequency13
Specifications2401149.0000,2401103.0000,2401107.0000,2401119.0000,2401126.0000,2401135.0000,2401153.0000,2401132.0000Interface sizeG1/4,1/4NPTFormPlunger type
standardNational standard

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The series also has the following models

2FDC3003 2401087.0000.000.00


2FDC3004 2401087.2003.000.00


2FDC3002 2401088.0000.000.00


2FDC3001 2401088.2003.000.00


2EAC3008 2401091


6ZZZZ206 2401103.0000


2FEC3005 2401103.0800.110.00


2EEC3006 2401103.0800.220.00


2EEC3009 2401103.3826.110.00


2FEC3006 2401103.4280.024.00


2FEC3025 2401103.4660.024.00


2FEC3019 2401109.0000.000.00


2EAC3011 2401109.4261.230.50


2FEQ3013 2401112.4660.024.00


2FEQ3008 2401112.4672.024.00


2FEC3002 2401116.0000.000.00


2FEC3022 2401119.0000.000.00


2FEC3015 2401119.0800.024.00


2EEC3001 2401119.0801.024.00


2FEC3020 2401126.0000.000.00


2FEC3014 2401126.0800.024.00


2FEC3035 2401127.3803.230.50


2FEC3001 2401127.4271.230.50


2FEC3013 2401133.0000.000.00


2FEC3008 2401133.4271.230.50


2FEQ3009 2401138.0800.024.00


2FEQ3012 2401138.4102.02400


2FEQ3010 2401138.4261.230.50


2EEQ3002 2401138.4670.024.00


6ZZZZ161 2401139.3826.024.00


2FER3001 2401148.4280.024.00


2FEC3037 2401149.4271.230.50


2FEC3011 2401149.4662.024.00


2FEC3010 2401153.4261.230.50


2FEC3021 2401153.4281.110.50


2FEC3039 2401153.4670.024.00


2FEC3023 2401153.4681.110.50


2FEC3030 2401153.4681.230.50


2FEC3012 2401155.0000.000.00


2FEC3033 2401155.


2EEC3005 2401186.4260.024.00


2FEC3007 2401188.4260.024.00


2EAC3002 2401190.0000.000.00


2EAC3007 2401191.4260.024.00


2EAC3012 2401191.4660.024.00


2EAC3013 2401196.0000.000.00


51AC2005 2401311.0000.000.00


51AC1018 2401550.0000.000.00


2FGC3003 2401550.1300.024.00


2FHC3002 2401550.1301.110.50


2FGC3002 2401550.1301.230.50


51AC1048 2401550.1440.024.00


51AC1050 2401556.1481.230.50


2FHC3001 2401572.1431.230.50


2FHD3002 2401650.1300.024.00


2FHD3001 2401650.1301.024.50


51AE1001 2401750.0000.000.00


2FHE3005 2401750.1300.024.00


2FHE3001 2401750.1301.024.50


2FHE3010 2401750.1440.024.00


51AC2003 2401772.1431.230.50


42AL1009 240200400


42AN1018 240200600


42AP1002 240200800


2FHD3004 2402450.1301.230.50


2FHE3007 2402550.0000.000.00


2EHE3001 2402550.1300.024.00


51AE1002 2402550.1301.230.50


2EHE3006 2402550.1344.024.00


2FHE3003 2402568.1441.230.50


2EHT3002 2402579.0000.000.00


2FHE3004 2402581.1481.230.50


2FHD3003 2402650.1501.230.50


2FHE3009 2402750.0000.000.00


2FHE3006 2402780.1500.024.00


42AL1010 240290400


42AN1019 240290600


42AP1003 240290800


42AQ1015 240291000


42AR1008 240291200


2FHF3004 2403350.0000.000.00


2FHF3003 2403350.1500.220.00


2FHF3005 2403358.1680.024.00


2FHF3002 2403450.1500.024.00


2FHF3001 2403510.1500.024.00


2FHG3004 2403610.1501.230.50


2FHG3001 2403810.1800.024.00


42AL1011 240400400


42AN1022 240400600


42AR1009 240401200


42AM1012 240401500


47DN1018 240510405


2FHE3012 2405850.0000.000.00


2FHE3011 2405850.1301.230.50


42AL1001 240600400


42AN1001 240600600


42AP1004 240600800


42AQ1001 240601000


42AQ1023 240601008


42AR1001 240601200


42AM1013 240601500


2DDA1001 2406750


42AP1034 240901000


2VZZ1022 241015-120/60


42AL1002 241250418


42AN1002 241250618


42AN1007 241250628


42AN1014 241250638


42AP1005 241250818


42AP1007 241250828


42AQ1002 241251018


42AQ1003 241251028


42AQ1004 241251038


42AQ1005 241251048


42AR1002 241251238


42AR1003 241251248


42AT1004 241251548


2EHE3002 2413106.0000.000.00


2FHE3008 2413106.1441.230.50


2FHE3013 2413150


2ZZZZ111 2413150.1441.230.50


6ZZZZ271 2413309.0000.000.00