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Dimension time QT - 8000B

1. Product Overview:.................................... 1
2. general description of............................................2
3.2.1 operating unit and indicator,...,...,...,...,... 2
2.2 install.............................................,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,.4
2.3 power supply,.......................................,...,...,...,...,...,.5
2.4 printers connect.............................................,......,...,...,.5
2.5 ways of testing, choosing.............................. 5
3. speed (travel time accuracy) test - General description,...,...,...,...,... 6
3.1 principles of work............................................6
3.2 test steps:................................................,......,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,......,......,......,......,......,......,......,......,.........
3.3 temperature effect,...,...,...,...,...,...,..7
3.4 the test of watch with digital trimming (restraining INHIBITION),.8,...
4. speed (travel time accuracy) test,...,..9,...
4.132 kHz quartz test method.........................................9
4.2 liquid crystal display test methods:...,..10,...
4.3 step motor test method:...,..11,...
4.4 mechanical testing methods:.................................,......,...,...,...,...,.12
4.5 tuning fork test methods:.................................... 12
4.6 programmable integrated circuit special program......,..13,...
5. current consumption test,...,...,...,...,..., 14
5.1 general description of.................................... 14
5.2 watch contacts:......................................14
5.3 power supply voltage:...,...,...,...,..., 15
5.4 test cycle:............................................15
5.5 a test range (consumption of a),...,...,...,..., 16
5.6 Ma test range (consumption of MA),...,...,...,...,...,...,..16
6. start voltage:...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,..17
7. battery testing..................................................17
7.1 general description of... /... /... /... /..17
7.2 battery load,...,...,...,...,...,..., 18
7.3 standard battery voltage,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,.18
8. resistance measurements,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,..19
8.1 general description of... /... /... /... /..19
8.2 coil resistance and coil insulation:...,.19,...
8.3 continuity and insulation testing:...,...,......... 20
9. pulse generator,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,.20
9.1 applications:..........................................,......,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,..20
9.2 parameter settings:................................................... 20
10. sound tests:.......................................... 21
11. quartz watch Troubleshooting:................................21
11.1 system defects are excluded,..................................21
11.2 batteries...............................................22
11.3 integrated circuit defects:...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,...,......,......,......,......,......,......,......,.........
11.4 mechanical failure...:........................... 22
11.5 liquid crystal display:...
12.PM8000B motion block.................................................23
13. technical data:...,....................................... 23
14. can buy accessories by themselves.................................... 27
The 15. part of the commonly used movement model contact point,...,...,...,...... 27

1. Product Overview
QT-8000B as a set of multi-functional quartz meter, mechanical meter testing instrument, can provide a total of 9 clocks manufacturers
Instrument 15 test and test function, as follows:
1. fast and slow tester (6 functions)
A. using 32.768KHZ quartz crystal oscillating electric field signal test
B. using LCD capacitive signal test
C. using stepper motor magnetic field signal testing
D. uses mechanical vibration signal testing (additional external sensors are required)
E. uses tuning fork signal test
F. using current signal test
2. battery consumption tester
G. current meter (MA table, micro meter)
3. start voltage test instrument
H. programmable adjustable DC power supply
4. ohmmeter
Measuring resistance by I.
J. side short circuit (such as quartz core coil)
5. battery testing instrument
Voltage at high or low consumption of K. voltmeter
6. pulse generator
L. stepping motor pulse generator
7. alarm test
M. buzzer
8. countdown timer
N. countdown stopwatch
9. programmer
O. special IC programming
2. general description
2.1 operation unit and indicator
QT-8000B disk
In order to simplify the operation, all the relevant indicator and operating parts are arranged in the common area have been grouped in the face.
SIGNAL signal QUARTZ quartz LCD liquid crystal display MOTOR motor
RATE speed (travel time accuracy) SEC/DAY seconds / day SEC/MONTH seconds / month CONTIN continuity
OPEN open circuit SHORT short circuit MODULE core micro A
MA Ma K ohm PARAMETER parameter V Volts
MAGNETIC magnetic CAPACITY capacitive SUPPLY power COMMON common pole
HIGHDRAIN high consumption LOWDRAIN low consumption BATTERYTEST battery test TESTMODE test mode
Knob function explanation:
1SUPPLYVOLTAGE power supply voltage 2meas.timerate test, the speed of 3countdownrate counter count speed
4meas.timecons. test residual time 5countdowncons. counter count remaining time 6pulsewidth pulse width
7specialprogram special procedures
The Signalquartz quartz signal indicates the intensity of the 32 kHz quartz signal received (audio signal, capacitance)
Signal or power supply current signal.
SignalLCD LCD signals indicate the received signal strength (capacitive) of the LCD or in the machine
The intensity of mechanical sound (audio) signals under test methods.
The Signalmotor motor signals indicate the magnetic field strength (magnetic) of the stepper motor.
Test results of Rate speed (travel time accuracy) indication speed (travel time accuracy). If the speed is slow (travel time accuracy)
The test results are shown in seconds per day, and the second / day lights are flashing.
Sec/month seconds / month in the speed (travel time accuracy) test results in seconds / months as the unit display
Twinkling. continuous open circuit flashes when the core power circuit or resistance measurement is interrupted.
Contin.short continuous short circuit flashing in the core power circuit or resistance measuring short circuit.
Module movement indicates current consumption, battery voltage, or resistance measurement results.
A A micro light is shining when the measurement result is shown in micro unit.
MA Ma is flashing when the measurement results are displayed in units of ma.
V volts shining when measured in volts.
K ohm is shining when the measurement results are displayed in ohms.
The Parameter parameter indicates the parameter value of the selection.
Power power supply on / off switch.
Magnetic/Capacitive magnetic / capacitive magnetic and capacitive sensors.
Supply+ power supply positive pole power supply and battery measurement in the positive connection (two red sockets)
And battery test supports are connected to each other.
Supply- power supply negative pole power supply and battery measurement in the negative connection (two black sockets)
And battery test supports are connected to each other.
Bracket and reflector for testing M movement.
Batterytest battery test battery bracket.
Lowdrain low consumption and low consumption battery load.
Highdrain high consumption and high consumption battery load.
Starttest starts the measurement, terminates the current test and starts the new test program.
Printresult results print and print the current test results and current effective readings. Press start at the same time
Programming cycle of measurement and print button start.
Testmoderate speed (travel time accuracy) indication speed (travel time accuracy) test method of choice. moment
Test mode. The character after writing the word indicates the sensor used. Through this button, you can
Measuring speed by selecting speed (travel time accuracy).
Testmodemodule movement test mode indicates the test method selected by the core test. You can use this button
Test method for selecting movement test.
The Parameter parameter indicates the parameters selected. Through this button, you can select parameters. utilize
The knob can change the value of the selected parameter.
QT-8000B rear panel
1.9VACsocket power adapter 9 volt AC socket.
2.printer printer, protocol printer connection socket.
3.sec/day-sec/month second / day - second / month, slow (travel time accuracy) display mode selection.
4.modulecarrier seat, PM8000B seat socket.
5.sensor sensor, external sensor socket.
2.2 installation
Be careful:
Signal detection will be affected by stray electromagnetic fields from other electrical equipment. It consists of computer terminals, fluorescent lamps and ultrasonic waves
The interference caused by cleaning equipment is especially strong. Therefore, "QT-8000B" should be placed enough from such equipment or equipment
Far away. Paging devices also interfere with signal detection.
2.3 power supply
QT-8000B power supply from output to AC 9V and power adapter with rated power of 8W. The standard voltage is 230
Power adapter for volts (range from 210 volts to 240 volts) or 120 volts (110 volts to 130 volts).
Be careful:
Before you connect the instrument for the first time, please check whether the power adapter voltage is up to you
Supply voltage corresponding.
Connect the power adapter to the 9 volt AC power socket of the power adapter.
When the instrument is connected to the power supply for the first time, the quartz base time controlled by the heating furnace takes about 3 minutes to reach its operating temperature
After that, as long as the instrument is plugged in, the quartz time base will remain constant heating. So, just switch on the power,
QT-8000B is available at any time.
The power adapter should be disconnected from the power supply when the device is not in use for a long time.
2.4 printer connection
Connect the printer with the printer output socket of the instrument. The applicable connecting cable is supplied with the printer.
Before connecting the printer power, please confirm that the printer power supply voltage corresponds to the power supply voltage.
Unit switching between seconds / days and seconds / months
Use the slide switch on the back of the instrument to select the display unit to use.
2.5 test mode selection
Speed (travel time accuracy) test methods used in the measurement of the speed dial (travel time accuracy) test area
Button selection. The selected test method is indicated by light emitting diode. The light emitting diode next to the character after the generation of writing words
Sensors to be used.
The use of core test by way of the dial test mode of the regional movement selection buttons.
When the instrument is connected to the power supply, the most commonly used testing methods, 32 kHz and the consumption of a micro instrument will be selected by default.
Details of the various test methods are described in the following chapters.
Selection and setting of test parameters.
Users can change part of the test parameters.
The test parameters required by the dial knob "parameter zones press" selection. The parameter values currently selected are determined by parameters
Display. Parameter values can be gradually increased or reduced by using the control knob.
All the parameters are set as the most common values when the instrument is connected to the power supply, and the power supply voltage is displayed.
Inverted counting speed (travel time accuracy) and inverted counting consumption are immutable parameters. In this case, the parameter display is displayed
The remaining time at the end of the current test program.
3. speed (travel time accuracy) test - General description
3.1 working principle
The detection period of the signal sensor depends on the speed of the watch (travel time accuracy). Not in accordance with the way of testing
The signal can be the frequency of the quartz crystal oscillator, the working frequency of the liquid crystal display or the work of the stepping motor
The received signal is digitally processed after amplification and consideration. The digitized signal will be further segmented until its cycle
The length corresponds to the length of the selected test cycle. The signal period after segmentation will be measured according to the high precision time base
The amount of. The difference between the length of the periodic measurement and the zero deviation from the reference period is calculated as seconds / days or seconds / months as the unit.
3.2 test steps
The appropriate test to be measured by the dial and watch speed (travel time accuracy) test area selection buttons.
Place the watch on the corresponding sensor and move or rotate the watch when necessary to make the corresponding signal light emitting diode clear
Flashing and flashing of watch pulse.
After the watch signal is detected, the test will start automatically immediately. The test results are displayed at the end of the test cycle. As long as there is
The detected signal will continue to be tested and the test results will be updated at the end of each cycle. Flash fast display
Dynamic representation in displaying the new result switch.
Press the start test button to terminate the current test program at any time and start a new test.
Because the watch is still moving at the beginning of the testing process, the first test often gives incorrect results.
For longer test times, we recommend that the test procedure be restarted once the watch is positioned on the sensor.
When the test results exceed the test range of 10 seconds / day, the monitor displays the result H, indicating that the watch is too fast or obvious
The L indicates that the watch is too slow.
If the watch signal is far beyond the test range or when the watch signal suffers severe interference, the monitor will have no knot
Fruit display.
Even after the watch has moved away, the test results will continue to show up until the end of the current testing cycle.
3.3 temperature effect
The speed (travel time accuracy) of quartz watches depends largely on the ambient temperature. Therefore, at room temperature or on the wrist
It is very important to measure the speed (travel time accuracy) under the working temperature condition. In particular, comparative measurements should be in the same
Under temperature condition.
The test accuracy of QT-8000B is not affected by ambient temperature fluctuation.
Test of watch with digital trimming (INHIBITION suppression) 3.4
If the watch manufacturer does not understand its unique characteristics, the measurement of watches with digital trimming may give errors
As a result, the unique characteristics of such watches are described as follows:
A digital watch for fine tuning, quartz crystal oscillator frequency is not adjustable (no trimmer). Integrated circuit
The capacitor value of the fixed capacitor is set to make the frequency of all the quartz oscillators slightly higher. In the period of frequency division
Each time, a set of programmable numbers of oscillator pulses are suppressed once a minute (or for some watches),
They are suppressed once every 20 seconds or 8 minutes, that is, they will not be passed to the next frequency division.
Watch in 59 seconds within slightly faster running speed determined by the oscillator frequency, while in the second pulse suppression
It runs very slowly. The number of pulses is suppressed and the average deviation is zero by programming. Because at any given moment
A set of pulses that can only suppress a set of pulses. The adjustment is usually carried out at intervals of 2/10 seconds per 24 hours.
The programming of such watches can be made by cutting the copper on the watch board or by applying the battery to the integrated circuit
A special pulse sequence at the junction is implemented.
If the quartz oscillator frequency is used to measure this kind of watch, the measurement result will always show the trend of the watch going fast
(usually between 1 and 10 seconds / day).
If the watch is measured in the period of 2 seconds according to the frequency of the motor pulse or the liquid crystal display frequency
The 30 measurement always gives very slow results. The rest of the measurements will be fast, as they are with the oscillator frequency
In order to obtain the correct results, such watches should be measured by stepping motor pulses. In this case, measurements are made
The cycle shall be equal to the multiples of the period of suppression or the period of the suppression, i.e., the measurement periods shall be set to 20, 60, or 8 minutes, respectively.
4. speed (travel time accuracy) test
4.132 kHz quartz test mode
In the 32 kHz test, the instrument directly measures the mechanical or electrical oscillations produced by the quartz oscillator. In this test
Under the mode, the audio and capacitance sensors are in working state. Signal detection can also be carried out through the power supply current.
The measurement cycle is 1 seconds, and can not be changed.
This method is suitable for testing all watches with 32 kHz quartz frequency and oscillator speed (travel time precision) fine tuning (especially)
Suitable for all watches equipped with trimmer.
Because of its shorter measuring period, this method is an ideal way to adjust the trimmer.
Using adaptive testing methods to measure watches with digital trimming (INHIBITION) will give incorrect results
(watches are moving very fast).
The audio sensor (left sensor region) detects the quartz crystal mechanical oscillation passed to the sensor probe through the case. because
This sensor probe watch should contact the central disc sensor. Quartz signal light emitting diode indicating the strong receiving signal
Degree. When the signal is too weak, the watch should be moved or turned on the sensor in order to find the ideal signal detection position.
The sensor is especially suitable for the watch that seals the metal shell, but it can also be used to test the open core. Quartz watch step
The sound produced by the motor will interfere with the reception of the signal and result in unstable results. In the case of similar instability, pull
The watch adjusting shaft can make the step motor stop moving.
The capacitive sensor (right sensor area) the stray electric field generated by the quartz oscillator signal detection. Quartz signal luminescence two
Polar tube indicating the strength of the detected signal. When the signal is too weak, the watch should be slightly moved or turned on the support to improve the signal
Receive。 The capacitive sensor is suitable for testing open watch movement and watch with plastic shell. The sensor is not applicable
A watch with a fully enclosed metal shell.
If the watch is powered by the QT-8000B, the oscillator frequency can be filtered from the power supply current. Using power supply current
The speed (travel time accuracy) test is only applicable to the test range A. Due to various interference signals in the power supply, the test can be
There will be some instability, then the use of motor current pulse test will give better results.
Note: other watches cannot be powered by the system at the same time as the watch is tested on audio or capacitive sensors.
4.2 LCD test mode
Liquid crystal display test method for measuring purpose and test the watch LCD display working frequency. You can use 4 Hertz
Any frequency of 4 multiples.
This measurement is suitable for measuring liquid crystal display watches that can not be measured with quartz oscillator frequency. example
For example, watch with special frequency (such as stopwatch and calculator with timing function) or watch with digital trimming
For testing purposes, the watch should be placed downwards on the capacitive sensor (the right sensor area).
Liquid crystal display light emitting diode indicating the intensity of the received signal. If the signal is too weak, the watch should be moved or rotated to improve it
The position of signal detection.
Test cycle
The test cycle is generally set to 2 seconds / initial value. For a watch with digital trimming, the test cycle is set as a check
Cycles or multiples thereof.
In order to change the test cycle, the parameters of test time speed (travel time accuracy) can be selected and the value can be changed by knob. Time norm
Around 2-980 seconds.
The countdown speed parameter selection in the region within the veliger (travel time accuracy) set, the display will show to the current test cycle
The remaining time at the end.
4.3 step motor test mode
In this way, the system detects stray magnetic field or current pulse of the motor coil.
The test method can be used to measure all watches equipped with stepping motors. It is mainly used for watches that are difficult to measure or use
The oscillator frequency cannot be measured by watches, such as special quartz frequency watches, equipped with digital trimming or in Shi Yingce
Test, test can not get stable results of watches and so on.
Note: in fact, any quartz watch can be tested with a 60 second test cycle in a stepper motor mode
What is the principle of fine tuning of quartz frequency, step period or slow speed (travel time precision)?. If you can tolerate a longer test cycle,
This setting can be widely used.
For the purpose of testing, the watch is placed on the magnetic sensor (the right sensor area). For each motor pulse, the motor is used
Test method the intensity of the blinking finger signal of the led. When the signal is too weak, the watch should be moved or turned slightly.
Measuring with current pulses
When the watch is powered by QT-8000B, the motor pulse will be filtered from the power supply current. Making use of power supply current
The speed (travel time accuracy) test can only be operated within the measurement range. In order to avoid the interference of other signals, as long as there is power supply
The flow sensor will automatically shut off the flow sensor.
Note: when using a magnetic sensor to test, other watches will not be powered by the system at the same time.
Test cycle
The test period should respond to the period of the stepper motor or its multiples. Watch with digital trimming (INHIBITION suppression)
Test between suppressed cycles or multiples. The initial 2 second setting is suitable for a one second step and a watch with a trimmer.
In most cases, 60 second settings are available for all watch classes.
To change the test cycle, select the parameters of the test time speed (travel time accuracy) and use the knob to set the required values. number
The value range is 2-960 seconds.
As in the face parameter regions choose countdown speed (travel time accuracy) set, then the display will show the current week to test
The remaining time at the end of the period.
4.4 mechanical test mode
In this test mode, the system will determine the mechanical movement in the mechanical watch
Move sound to determine its speed (travel time accuracy). The results are shown in seconds per day.
Mechanical watches operated at 18000, 19800, 21600, 28800, or 38000B beats per hour can be used
Test with QT-8000B. The instrument is most suitable for the rapid testing of mechanical watches, and can be used to adjust the purpose. But for
For troubleshooting and maintenance purposes, we recommend the use of a tester with graphical recording capabilities (e.g., dimension MTG-3000),
For testing purposes, the watch will be placed on the audio sensor. Probe for contact shell of watch case. Liquid crystal display
The signal intensity of the signal led.
Test cycle
The test cycle is 4 seconds and can not be changed.
4.5 tuning fork test mode
In this test mode, the system will test the stray magnetic field of the tuning fork oscillator. The results will be displayed in seconds / days.
For the purpose of testing, the watch is placed on the magnetic sensor. The signal intensity of the light emitting diode indicating the received signal.
The watch should be moved in the sensor area until the best signal strength is obtained.
Test cycle
The test cycle is 4 seconds and can not be changed.
4.6 programmable integrated circuit special program
This instrument can be used to program or test all kinds of integrated circuits by means of power supply current.
1) set the voltage in the parameter area of the "power supply voltage" to 1.55V.
2) select the special program in the parameter region". Using the knob to set the program number, you should absolutely guarantee the specific integrated circuit
Correct number. The number will be displayed on the parameter display. You can choose any of the following numbers:
P1 Philip integrated circuit family PCA1400.
P2 Philip integrated circuit family PCA1460-1600.
P3MEM integrated circuit series H-1138, H-1140, H-1238, H-1338, H-1538.
P4MEM integrated circuit series H-2332, H-5222SPL.
3) choose quartz 32 kHz in the test area of speed (travel time accuracy)".
4) touch the watch's movement or electronic circuit board with the movable detecting arm. If the instrument is connected to a PM8000B type machine
Core or simulation battery, the watch movement can use one of the two power supply.
5) after connecting the machine, check the signal "signal" in the signal area, the light emitting diode has been flashing and fast (travel time accuracy)
Display to display frequency. When the signal is too weak (unstable or based on no data display), the speed (travel time accuracy) is slow
The "stepping motor" is selected in the test mode, and the "test time" speed (travel time accuracy) in the parameter area is set".
6) accelerated testing. Press down lightly and release the "start test" button in the test control area. Then the speed of the movement (walk)
Time precision will show several seconds.
7) programming and testing integrated circuits. Press down the "start test" and "print results" button for 2-3 seconds and release.
Then the integrated circuit will be programmed and tested, and the speed of the movement (travel time accuracy) will be displayed for a few seconds.
Since the adjustment is usually done in 0.2 seconds increments, the watch electronic panel is not precisely set to 0. Adjustment will
Close to 0 as much as possible, but always in the right place.
5. current consumption test
5.1 general description
The current consumption of the watch can provide information about the life expectancy of the battery, as well as an important quality of the quartz watch
Quantity index.
For quartz watches, the current pulse motor is integrated circuit current and maximum range is about hundreds of nanoamps 1 Ma
Composite current of peak current during rush. QT-8000B by superimposing the current in each part throughout the test period
Record the whole current (integral measurement). The results of the measurement provide the average value of the total current consumption in the whole test period
Circuit current and motor current.
Only if the current measurement of integrated circuit, can be pulled out and stop watch a stepper motor (applicable to the majority of hands
The maximum permissible current consumption of the watch can be consulted by the manufacturer's data.
Generally speaking, the smaller the battery of the watch, the smaller the current consumption of the watch should be.
The typical current consumption of one second / step modern quartz watches is between 1 and 3 A, and the step length is longer than that of the watch
The current consumption is between 0.5 and 1.5.
5.2 watch contacts
When the current consumption and the minimum working voltage are measured, the battery is removed from the watch and powered by the QT-8000B.
When the watch is contacted with the watch, the watch is fixed in the seat of the machine frame, and the seat is put into the QT-8000B glass window. portability
The probe arm should be set at the contact point, and should be fully pressed downward so that the bushing probe can be compressed about 1 millimeters. Adjust height
The back end of the gripping probe.
The red positive (+) probe is placed at the contact point of the battery which is connected to the positive electrode of the battery. In most watches, the whole
The substrate is generally contacted with the positive electrode.
The black negative (-) probe is placed at the contact point (battery cover) that is normally connected to the negative electrode of the battery. In most watches, Lian
The contact spring of the negative electrode of the battery is generally the most easily connected contact point.
Two open and shorted LEDs will flash immediately to indicate successful contact. Two LEDs are correctly connected
Immediately extinguished after touching. If the circuit is open, the open circuit LED will flash. If the short circuit or the polarity connection is not correct,
Short circuit LED will flash.
The watch hands can be observed from the reflective mirror glass under the window. If the watch moves around, the contact is correct.
Warning: Although the maximum power supply current is limited to 3 Ma, the contact point is incorrect or polarity connected
If you don't get it right, your watch might be damaged.
For clocks, the measuring lead and alligator clip can easily connect the movement.
5.3 supply voltage
After selecting the power supply voltage parameter, the parameter display shows the voltage at the test socket, and then the rotary knob can be in 0 to
Change the voltage value in the range of 3.5 volts.
The current consumption should be measured with standard battery voltage, and the voltage of various batteries is as follows:
Silver oxide battery (standard watch battery):1.55 V
Mercury button battery (older model):1.35 Volts
Lithium batteries (new, currently less used):2.00 Volts
Zinc Oxide batteries or alkaline batteries (used for clocks):1.40 Volts
5.4 test cycle
In order to measure the average current consumption accurately, the test cycle should be set as a stepping cycle or a stepping cycle for quartz watches
The current of positive and negative motor pulses is always different. If the test time is only a single step period, the test result will be
Some small fluctuations.
For LCD watches, the 1 second test period is enough.
When the measurement cycle is set, the test time consumption parameters are selected and the test period is set to the required number by adjusting the knob
Value. The setting range is 1-60 seconds.
If the parameter region within the selected disk to count down the consumption set, the system will display the remaining to the end of the test
5.5 micro test range (consumption a)
A consumption includes 100 (10 microamps nanoamps resolution) and 1000 a (100 nanoamps resolution) two test range, the amount of
The system is automatically selected by the system. The test method can correctly test the peak load up to 2 ma. The maximum current limit will be supplied
The electric current is limited to about 3 ma.
The test method can correctly measure the current consumption of any quartz watch. Only in this way can it be possible to use the power supply
The flow mode is used to measure the speed (travel time accuracy).
In this way, the LCD indicator light or the buzzer can not be operated.
5.6 Ma test range (consumption of MA)
Consumption of Ma includes 10 MA (1 micro resolution) and 20 MA (10 micro resolution) test range. Maximum power supply
The flow limit is limited to 50 ma.
Used to test the noise of the watch and the current consumption of the liquid crystal display lamp.
Under this test mode, the speed and accuracy of the current can not be measured by using the power supply current.
6. starting voltage
The minimum working or starting voltage is to measure the power reserve of the watch and the battery is almost depleted or when the battery load is too large (e.g., the battery is too large)
The indicator of the ability to continue working when the lamp is illuminated.
In order to measure the starting voltage, the power supply of the watch is connected according to the fourth chapter. Observe the hands while walking in the mirror,
Reduce the voltage until the watch stops moving, and then slowly increase the voltage until the watch starts to move again.
Normally, only check whether the watch can work properly after the reduced power supply voltage. The use of silver power
The minimum power supply voltage of the watch is usually 1.25 volts.
7. battery test
7.1 general description
The voltage of the watch battery remains constant near the end of the battery life, and only when the battery is completely depleted
Will drop. Even in this test with a load case is only used to ascertain whether the battery is still available or
Whether the discharge has been completed or not. Unable to get a consultation about battery residual life class.
In the process of battery measurement, the battery should also be checked for leaks. There is a knot in the seal between the battery shell and the battery cover
When the crystal salt appears, even if the battery voltage is still high enough, the battery should be replaced.
The polarity of the battery should be paid attention to in the testing process. Generally speaking, the shell of a watch battery is usually positive (+), and the battery cover
Generally negative (-).
On the contrary, the clock battery and lithium battery, battery shell and battery cover plate, sheet is positive.
During the test, should be placed on the dial is a battery battery test area, so that the battery positive and negative battery down.
Contact with black probe or black test lead.
Test leads can also be used to test batteries directly in a watch.
The battery voltage is measured in the core region shows face plate.
7.2 battery load
The use of a load resistor to load the battery can indicate whether the battery can provide the required current without exceeding the error range
Confining voltage drop.
The basic load is 2 A. when the button is not pressed, this load corresponds to the current consumption of the watch. stay
Under this load, the battery should not show an obvious voltage drop.
Press the low consumption button to connect the 1 thousand ohm load. The load is approximately corresponding to the peak current of the motor pulse.
Pressing the high consumption button increases the load of 100 ohms. The load is about the same as that of the LCD watch
The current corresponds to. The 100 Ohm load is only applicable to high consumption batteries and watch batteries. Unless absolutely necessary, please do not
To press the button for too long, otherwise the battery will soon discharge.
7.3 standard battery voltage
Silver oxide battery, 1 thousand ohm load (low cost)
The battery is good 1.45 to 1.55 Volts
Battery life is below 1.20 Volts
Silver oxide battery, 100 Ohm load (high consumption)
The battery is good 1.25 to 1.50 Volts
Battery life is below 1.20 Volts
Mercury button battery, 1 thousand ohm load (low consumption)
The battery is good 1.25 to 1.35 Volts
Battery life is below 1.20 Volts
Clock battery, 100 Ohm load (high consumption)
The battery is good 1.30 to 1.50 Volts
Battery life is below 1.20 Volts
Lithium battery without load
The battery is good 1.90 to 2.30 Volts
Battery life is below 1.80 Volts
8. resistance measurement
8.1 general description
Resistance measurement is only used to determine the position of open or short circuit or coil and coil core in the motor coil of quartz watch
Or insulation defects between the mounting substrates.
Resistance measurement is also very useful for connection points, circuit and switch continuity and insulation testing.
Measurements are conducted using a constant 0.3 V voltage. With this low test voltage, the part connected to the IC can also be measured
A piece rather than a fallacy.
The measuring range is from 15 ohms to 5 ohms, and the range can be automatically switched.
In all resistance measurements, the battery should be removed from the watch.
Using mobile probe arm or measuring lead to realize connection with test point.
8.2 coil resistance and coil insulation
Coil resistance
Contact the two coil contacts on the watch core to measure the coil resistance. Polarity is not important here.
For quartz watches, the resistance is generally between 1 thousand ohms and 3 thousand ohms. For accurate data, refer to manufacturer's data.
Coil open routing H display and open circuit led instructions.
In the coil insulation test, one of the two coil contacts should be contacted and the mounting plate shall be contacted. When the insulation is good, display open circuit (H display)
Bright open circuit LED light emitting diode. When the insulation is defective, it is indicated by low resistance.
8.3 continuity and insulation test
Two LEDs with short circuit and open circuit are observed to check the continuity and insulation of any watch parts.
If the shorted light emitting diode is flashing, the short connection between the two test points is indicated. If the open circuit LED flashes, explain
The two test points are insulated from each other. When there is no light emitting diode signal, the resistance value can be read from the display.
9. pulse generator
9.1 application
In the pulse generator test mode, the stepping motor and the mechanical components of the quartz watch can be independent of the integrated circuit
Pulse generator provides bipolar pulse with adjustable voltage and pulse width. Depending on the width of the selected pulse, the pulse is different
The thrust load frequency can be 8 or 16 hz.
Before the test starts, the battery should be removed from the watch, and the watch is fixed on the seat of the machine and put into the glass window. utilize
The connection point of two probe contact coils. Watch the correct operation of the watch from the mirror.
The pulse generator function does not provide digital results.
9.2 parameter setting
Pulse voltage
After selecting the parameters of the supply voltage, the pulse voltage can be set. Due to the voltage drop across the transistor, the pulse voltage ratio is real
The battery is 0.1 to 0.3 volts low. The pulse voltage should be properly adjusted to ensure the operation pulses occur under the same conditions
pulse width
The pulse width parameter is selected to set the pulse width, and the pulse width can be adjusted by the knob. The parameter display window is in milliseconds
Display pulse width. When the pulse width is less than 16 ms, the pulse frequency is 16 Hz, higher than 16 Ms. it is 8 hz.
The correct pulse width should be set to fit the watch manufacturer's data. If you don't know the correct pulse width, for the simple
The single function test can take a standard 7.8 millisecond pulse width.
Shadow pulse
The pulse generator in QT-8000B does not provide shadow pulses. But the relative shadow ratio reduces the pulse voltage proportionally
This kind of pulse is simulated to a great extent.
10. alarm test
In the audio test mode, the QT-8000B can provide 2 kHz test frequency to test the magnetism or electricity in the watch
Voltage size can be set by using supply voltage parameters.
Troubleshooting of quartz watch 11.
The following notes provide advice for watch manufacturers on how to quickly and reliably find defects in quartz watches.
11.1 system defect removal
The following steps can be used to quickly determine the faults in the watch that has been stopped:
• place the watch on the audio sensor and check if there is any signal (quartz light-emitting diode shining). If not
There is a signal, please check the battery.
Please check the resistance and insulation of the motor coil if the battery is good and has quartz signal indication.
• if the coil is good, watch the device on the magnetic sensor and check whether there is a motor pulse (for each one of the electricity)
Light emitting diode will flash.
If the watch has successfully passed all the tests, then watch fault should be mechanical failure, such as hand lock,
There are obstacles or superfluous things in the watch movement, and the rotor magnets enter small metal particles and so on.
11.2 battery
When a fault occurs, the battery should be checked first, regardless of the fault (see Chapter seventh).
Clear the dirt or oxide on the battery contact and turn the contact spring back to its original shape when necessary.
11.3 IC defects
Oscillator test
In quartz 32 thousand Hz test, the quartz light emitting diode can display whether the quartz oscillator works and 32 kHz
Does the signal exist?. If there is no signal display, there is a fault in quartz crystal, fine tuning device or integrated circuit.
Motor driver and test
The motor pulse light will flash quickly for each motor pulse under the consumption of one micro test. If only
When the motor coil is good and still has no signal:
The IC is defective.
The watch is still in the reset state after the rod is pressed down (the malfunction of the mechanism and the Gan Taiduan).
11.4 mechanical failure
If the watch goes very slowly or doesn't walk at all, and the electronic circuit board and the motor coil work properly, the watch machine should be used
Partial search fault. Possible defects include:
The steel particles adhere to and stop the rotor magnets. The bottom cover of the metal shell is easy to fall off when tightening or fastening
Mechanical parts can not run freely or have been completely blocked. The accumulation of small particles on the gear can partially or completely stop the movement.
Free running and cleaning inspection can be carried out.
There is no check - hand occlusion or glass or surface contact.
The defect of "reset handle" is defective. The rod is pulled out, the second will be mechanically locked, reset contact is closed.
In the push rod, the institution should not contact the second gear, reset contact should be opened. Defects in the organization
Or the rod is too short will appear this fault.
11.5 liquid crystal display
LCD watch without any display:
First check the battery.
Place the watch on the audio sensor and select the quartz 32 thousand Hz test mode.
If quartz light emitting diode does not shine, quartz crystal, trimmer or integrated current have defects.
• if the quartz light-emitting diode is shining, the integrated circuit or the display is faulty.
The LCD lacks a display segment:
Possible failures include:
The poor contact between PCB and display. Please carefully clean the contact piece and contact strip.
Integrated current or display defects.
12.PM8000B movement block
PM8000B movement block is a kind of accessory that can be used for watch series testing. It's not a standard device that comes with QT-8000B.
13. technical data
Measurement of speed (travel time accuracy)
Measurement mode
Use frequency of 32 thousand Hertz frequency quartz oscillator to measure. Signal detection: audio, capacitive or from power supply
Stream extraction.
The use of stepper motor pulse measurement. Capacitive signal detection.
Use LCD operating frequency to measure. Capacitive signal detection.
Mechanical gauge measurement. Audio signal detection.
Tuning fork watch measurement. Magnetic signal detection.
The use of electronic watches can adjust the erasable read-only memory integrated circuit and accelerated test special program (optional).
Measurement period
Use quartz frequency measurement: 1 seconds.
The use of stepper motor pulse or LCD frequency measurement: 2 to 960 seconds adjustable.
Mechanical and tuning fork watches: 4 seconds.
The remaining time displayed at the end of the current measurement.
Built in high sensitivity and high selectivity magnetic and capacitive signal coupling.
The signal is detected by the current supplied by the machine core.
Using LEDs to display the signal strength.
Results show
Large area, 3 bit LCD display.
Display mode can be chosen as second / day or second / month.
Measuring range: + 9.99 seconds / day or + 300 seconds / month.
Resolution 0.01 seconds / day, or 1 second / month.
Time base
Aging and heat controlled high frequency quartz crystal oscillator.
Temperature deviation: the maximum is 0.01 seconds / day when the temperature is from 10 to 30.
Power supply for movement
Supply voltage: 0-3.5 V adjustable, adjust the incremental 0.05 volts.
Current limit: the current test range is 3 Ma, and the ma current test range is 50 ma.
Short circuit and open circuit led immediate instructions.
Contact: optional universal movable contact arm, used for direct contact with machine core on the working surface of instrument, and equipped with probe
Head test lead and alligator clip.
A built-in reflector is used to observe the watch surface during the measurement process.
Current measurement
Measurement method: average current integral measurement taken from test period.
Test range: 100 a, 10 nanoamps resolution.
1 mA, 100 nanoamps resolution.
10 Ma, 1 a resolution.
20 mA, 10 a resolution.
Range adjustment: manual adjustment between a and a Ma, automatic adjustment within the range.
Measurement cycle: 1-60 seconds adjustable.
The remaining time is displayed at the end of the current test.
Battery measurement / voltage measurement
Measuring range: 0 to 5 volts.
Open cell voltage test, or use 1 thousand ohm (low consumption) or 100 ohm (high consumption) load resistance measurement.
Measurement range: 1 thousand ohms, 10 thousand ohms, 100 thousand ohms and 5 ohms. Range automatic determination.
Test cycle: 1 seconds.
Open or short routing LEDs are instantly displayed.
4 bit current, voltage and resistance liquid crystal display.
Pulse generator
Pulse generator for direct power supply of quartz watch motor coil.
Pulse waveform: bipolar.
Pulse width: adjustable between 1-60 milliseconds.
Frequency: pulse width less than 16 ms, 16 Hz, greater than 16 ms, 8 hz.
V adjustable voltage: 0-3.5.
Alarm test
Signal for buzzer test.
Frequency: 2 thousand hz.
Pulse voltage: 0-3.5 V adjustable.
Parameter setting
All test parameters can be set to the required value by the knob (incremental setting).
Parameter values are displayed by a separate 4 bit LCD display.
Printer output
RS232 port for dot matrix printer connection.
The test results of the current test values listed in the table can be printed out by the printer.
Hard wood frame, anti scratch aluminum plate.
Size: 280 x 230 x 75 mm.
Quality: 2.6 kg.
Power Supply
The power adapter。 It can provide 230 volt AC (range from 210 volts to 240 volts AC) or 120 volt AC (range)
Adapter for 110 to 130 volt AC.
Standard accessories
Measuring lead with probe.
Operation manual.
14. can buy accessories
Hand held audio, capacitive or magnetic sensors for direct testing of watches in packaging boxes.
PM8000B movement block
A series of test bench and contact device PM8000B, can be equipped with adjustable laboratory probe or fixed sensor
CITIZEN IDP562, including round mode, cable and printing paper. 230 volts or 120 volts can be selected.
CITIZEN CBM910 (not including circular) including cable and printing paper. 230 volts or 120 volts can be selected.
Two printers connect to a printer with a printer switch box.
Simulation battery
A set of simulation batteries, including connecting cables and wooden battery boxes.
The 15. part is the contact point of the common movement model
The following pages indicate the contact points of some commonly used quartz core models.
Watch the watch manufacturer or its agent for the missing watch movement, and ask for the data form.
COIL coil
ADJUSTED adjustment
JEWELS diamond