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Application and working principle of DanfossVLT5000 series inverter

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Title: application and working principle of DanfossVLT5000 series inverter

Original price: 88 yuan

Author: editor in chief Li Zhenyu Fan Aijun

Publisher: Huazhong University of Science and Technology press

Publication date: 2015-04-01


Number of words: 373000

Page number: 222

Revision: 1

Binding: paperback

Folio: 16 open


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Commodity logo: 23692156

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This book is real to the internal circuit board of DanfossVLT5000 converter, mapping out of the 5001, 5002 and 5016 three kinds of actual circuit models, for example, from the DanfossVLT5000 application, inverter circuit and inverter several components, inverter main circuit, inverter switching power supply, inverter driving circuit the frequency converter and detection circuit and other parts, a detailed interpretation of the DanfossVLT5000 of the three sub type inverter internal principle.
This book applies to the vast number of mechanical and electrical maintenance personnel on the DanfossVLT5000 inverter internal circuit maintenance, to engage in inverter research of college teachers and students to provide a rare object material, for the domestic frequency converter design and manufacturing personnel also has a good reference value.


The first chapter DanfossVLT5000 series inverter application (1)
Quick operation of first section DanfossVLT5000 series inverter (1)
Second section DanfossVLT5000 series inverter control panel (LCP) (4)
Advanced operation of third section DanfossVLT5000 series inverter (12)
Special operation of fourth section DanfossVLT5000 series inverter (28)
Fifth section fault detection and alarm function (46)
The second chapter DanfossVLT5000 series inverter complete circuit (53)
First section DanfossVLT5000 series inverter overview (53)
Second section DanfossVLT5000 series (5001, 5002 and 5016) frequency converter schematic diagram (57)
The third chapter DanfossVLT5000 series inverter of several commonly used components (68)
First section power diode (68)
Second section electric field effect transistor (70)
Third section resistors and patch resistors (74)
Fourth section capacitor and chip capacitor (78)
Fifth section SMD diode, zener diode and SMD transistor (80)
Sixth piece patch IC (84)
The fourth chapter DanfossVLT5000 series inverter main circuit (88)
Summary of main circuit of first frequency converter (88)
Interference source and anti interference way of main circuit of second frequency converter (90)
Third section converter main circuit of AC to DC conversion circuit (96)
Inverter circuit of main circuit of fourth section inverter (100)
Fifth segment inverter inverter IGBT tube (106)
The fifth chapter is DanfossVLT5000 series inverter switching power supply (113)
The principle and characteristics of the first traditional voltage stabilized power supply (113)
The principle, advantages and characteristics of second section switching regulated power supply (115)
Power converter of third section switching regulated power supply (123)
Oscillating circuit of fourth section switching regulated power supply (125)
Fifth switch regulated power supply used for important components (128)
Sixth section current mode PWM oscillation chip UC2844 (139)
The peripheral circuit of seventh oscillating chip UC2844 (145)
Primary circuit of eighth section double switch off K2225 switching power supply (148)
Primary circuit of Ninth Section double switch off BUH513 switching power supply (152)
Two side circuit of tenth switch regulated power supply (155)
Fault and maintenance of eleventh switch regulated power supply (158)
The sixth chapter DanfossVLT5000 series inverter drive circuit (162)
First section IGBT requirements for drive circuit (162)
Second section drive circuit power supply (165)
Third IGBT discrete element drive circuit (168)
Several important components used in the fourth section drive circuit (171)
One of the driving circuits used in the fifth section DanfossVLT5000t series inverter (174)
Sixth section of DanfossVLT5000 series inverter drive circuit two (179)
Seventh section of DanfossVLT5000 series inverter drive circuit three (183)
The seventh chapter DanfossVLT5000 series inverter detection circuit (189)
An overview of first test circuits (189)
Second section signal processing circuit (190)
Third section current detecting circuit (198)
Fourth section voltage detection circuit (206)
Fifth module temperature, fan and auxiliary contact control (208)
Sixth section charge resistance and braking resistance control circuit (212)
References (217)

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