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CTP12V24AH battery, UPS battery equipment, instruments and other original brands, one year replacement

One year warranty, full capacity brand battery, for: UPS batteries, equipment, instruments category

discount 70% in 2018-10-20 to 2018-10-22
price: USD$ 217.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Model: 12V24AHBattery

After sale:

24 hours hotline: 027-82835886

One year warranty, paone appear bulge, leakage free replacement; except for man-made and natural disasters.

This shop can open 17% VAT invoice, the above price excluding tax,Tax point at that timePay the standard


When using electricity for a long time, please discharge the battery from three to six months, so as to prolong the service life of the battery;


application area
* UPS uninterruptible power supply
Some telecommunications equipment
First, fire emergency lighting system, alarm system
To power systems, solar and wind power plants etc.
Some medical equipment
Some automatic control equipment
To backup power supply
Some marine equipment
CTP VRLA batteries meet the following standards
* JISC8707-1992 cathode absorption type lead-acid battery standard fixed seal.
JB/T8451-96, People's Republic of China machinery industry standard.
UD/T799-2002, People's Republic of China communications industry standard.
GB/T19638.2-2005, national standard fixed valve control lead-acid battery seal.
NP 12Vseries
To design life at 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees F) under the condition of 10 years.
A one-way exhaust valve, flame retardant the battery safety and long service life.
To the tank cover heat sealing knot can prevent leakage.
Glass fiber technology to make composite gas adsorption efficiency as high as 99%, the use of the solution is maintenance free function.
To UI certification.
Battery design, multiple lattice so that the battery installation and maintenance more economical.
To comply with the International Air Transport Association / International Civil Aviation Organization of the special rules of A67, can air operation.
Hungry low calcium lead alloy grids in computer design, reducing the generation of gas, and can be easily recycled.
To groove and the cover are available in standard PP materials and flame retardant PP material.
To comply with UL1778. flame retardant tank cover
It can be used in any orientation, erect, lateral, or side position.
Colloidal state use:The sealing reaction efficiency is greater than 99.9%, and the self discharge electrode is small;
Self discharge electrode is small:Long term live storage for two years (20)The storage period is 4 times as much as the adsorption storage battery,
It can be put into operation without additional power supply;
Low water loss rate:The water loss rate is only 1/2 of the adsorption battery, which can effectively alleviate the early drying of electrolyte;
Long service life:The design life of colloid battery is more than 12 years, and the cost is saved;
The performance of deep discharge cycle is excellent:It is especially suitable for cycle use, and the life of 100% deep discharge cycle is more than 500 times,
Much higher than adsorption storage battery;
Excellent recovery performance after over discharge:After discharge to "0" V, it can still recover well and keep the 1C10A discharge load for 21 days,
The battery recovery capacity is up to 100%, which improves the system reliability effectively;
Good safety:Even if the shell is damaged, it can work normally without acid overflow;
Electrolyte never layer:Use the imported material safety valve to control the opening and closing valve pressure;
Structure characteristics:The grating is designed with radial ribs, and the middle plate ear is used to reduce the internal resistance of the battery;
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Delivery schedule explanation

As our product is "non consumer products", under general circumstances, the goods from the spot, order7-15Unequal sky,

Please contact our customer service staff for confirmation before shooting.

Installation service instructions

Backup machine, markerThere is no need for technical personnel to install on the sceneDirect insertionSocket use),

It provides our Hubei province within the free installation and commissioning services; the other visual works separately.

Outside of Hubei Province, we can arrange the technician or dealer installed, price negotiable engineering.

This simple installation project, our first with the phone or online to discuss the way to confirm the installation site of the environment.

largeComplex equipment, I will first visit the site installation site and the environment, and then to provide buyers with installation quotations and installation debugging,The installation fee and other accessories (DC circuit breaker, lightning protection module), line and other auxiliary price negotiable.

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Because of what we provideThere are various kinds of productsDiffer,Weight (Volume)HeavierAnd some products require professional technical personnel to install, so we will according to the different products and circumstances, provide (recommended) suitable delivery mode to the buyer, please contact with our customer service personnel before shipment, confirm the mode of transportation and the price, as follows:

1》Since.Wuhan city can come home from mentioning, large equipment free delivery door.

2expressSmall size products can be shipped by designated courier companies (freight increases need to fill the freight price difference).Hubei Province, city, county, town and other places suggest buyers send logistics, not only save the freight, but also support the buyer to pick up the freight (payment on the spot),Logistics can be delivered to the home (need to pay door-to-door fee), generally second days to receive goods. Shennongjia, Enshi and other prefecture level cities can receive goods in 2-3 days

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