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The whole house custom Japanese style tatami bed and balcony all solid wood children room storage platform bed wardrobe cabinet

More storage space, poplar solid wood eco board, environmental protection almost no flavor

discount 70% in 2018-07-17 to 2018-07-19
price: USD$ 105.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Factory store direct sales   Directly facing the end consumer customers  Production and installation of local factory There is no intermediate link

Professional customization, engaged in the industry in Beijing for many years, has a wealth of experience, there are a batch of fine workmanship of the master, high quality and low price, welcome to call negotiations. Your satisfaction is our pursuit of our advantages:
 1、Its products include: tatami platform, whole wardrobe, cabinets, bookcases, balcony racks, cabinets, and other categories of partition
 2、Do not cut corners, all materials false punishment ten, to ensure environmental protection.
We provide free door-to-door measurement and negotiation services, after the door communication, if you need to do, we signed a contract, do not need to do, will not charge a penny fee.
(you only need one phone call, we'll do the rest)
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Baby data

[baby name]

Tatami bed with storage closet

[baby style]

To be kind to map, for your custom, in order to prevail in kind, we are manufacturers, according to the qualitative safety will have corresponding change places (ladder, guardrail, deck) in style will not change

Baby paint

Environmental protection paint

[baby color]

Default log color, log texture color

Baby price

Mongolian pine: 150 yuan / flat

Eco board: 150 yuan / flat

[customizing cycle]

35 days after ordering (details of customer service)

Baby ingredients

Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica / MDF

[baby accessories]

Backplane and backplaneMDF

Baby customization

After the customized order is determined, it can not be changed. If the change causes the expense, the customer undertakes, the custom does not accept the goods not to send, must cancel the order

[hardware accessories]

Screw fittings

[delivery installation]

Beijing city full 7000 yuan free measuring installation, Hebei and other surrounding areas and freight can be door-to-door, free installation, free delivery and installation of value-added services, the time arranged by the factory, one day in advance, because usually we are together several delivery, due to traffic conditions, the floor level, ease of installation etc. so I can't promise to arrive, please understand! Logistics delivery area (the new state, Debon logistics), freight logistics company is calculated according to the standard by the buyer.

[packaging assembly]

Furniture for disassembly and assembly, pearl cotton + carton packaging. Installation holes have been set up, buyers need simple installation of spare cross screwdriver and hammer, you can join the family with DIY, you can also ask professional installation master to help install, so that you can save time

[seller's commitment]

After sale free warranty for one year, life-long quality maintenance

[maintenance needs to know]

The cloth with neutral detergent scrub, full with a clean dry cloth to wipe, wipe clean dilution encounter stubborn stains available toothpaste or 30%


 How can the baby's room be less creative? Tiny spots of embellishment, always create a warm atmosphere, graffiti sitting in front of the desk, the frame or stickers on the walls or wardrobe, like a fairy tale world.

Warm yellow and green colors warm and calm, toys, dolls, white clouds, the moon...... decorative space, more decorative the child's childhood dream, to the window of the study, every morning and feel relaxed



The action Aries baby will never just want to do, bedside lockers can accommodate all kinds of baby objects. Mothers don't ignore the baby's ability to work, optimistic, lively Aries baby occasionally become a home expert.



Practical and comfortable children's room is most suitable for Taurus baby, the space is limited to create a large practical space. Bookcase, desk, wardrobe, collocation tatami bed, many objects are more than sufficient.



Gemini babies are active and active. Spacious children's room is the most suitable, simple collocation, spacious playing space, learning and entertainment two not wrong!



Home born cancer babies are good at collecting them from childhood. Drawer Bed large capacity storage, yellow white collision, hit the sedate taste. The cabinet door + wardrobe, do not let any available space.




The baby born aura, aggressive, dare not work from behind. Lockers will be divided into bed and study area, while learning and rest separation, efficiency is higher.


Virgo's small public pursuit more perfect. The door wardrobe, bookcase corner is insufficient to meet the needs of the baby. Inverted U window hung palace wind curtains, Pink Bedding, just like a princess life



Libra occasionally some small mood, give her a great space to think about windows. Space is small, but the combination of a variety of cabinet, small space also has a big action.




Scorpio babies are demanding for themselves and demanding for others. Mom and dad prepare children's room, you may as a simple arrangement, Scorpio baby will decorate your bedroom, let the space more mysterious feeling.



Warm and elegant tones are best suited for shooter babies, beds, bedside cabinets, wardrobes, desk cabinets... Minimalist design, is the favorite baby Archer natural atmosphere.



Apartment layout can become normal natural deformity, convex space for a separate study, a rectangular cabinet door hanging above the table, so the bedroom is the most suitable for the practical Capricorn Capricorn baby, baby love big space.