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Electronic lamp box low voltage controller 10A/5V/12V general controller, exposed 5 road lamp box controller

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Wiring instructions. You can see it carefully. This controller has 4 power supply negative input is negative input [note], the four input end use coarse power line [2.5 square] is connected to the negative terminal of 5V switching power supply. The four inputs are interlinked internally, but in order to balance the heat. These 4 must be connected to the power negative.. Let's pay more attention to it. There are 5 output negative electrodes on the controller (notice the output negative). The 5 one is the flickering control output, and the negative electrode of the external leakage lamp. Each road outputs one negative pole. 5 cycle flashing. If you can't use it, you can't connect it. The lamp has positive and negative, and each output can be negative with 700 F9 or F12 leakage of light, every line can load about 200 light leakage, if a line of more than 200 to come on. All the positive electrodes of the drain lamp string. Each line is connected to the positive pole of the switching power supply. After the negative electrode is well separated. Connect to the output anode with thick wire, if the long bright light string. No controller. Direct access power supply. There is a 5V positive pole on the controller. When using 5V drain light. Can be used in the power supply wire of 5V cathode, 12V blank.. If you are connected to the 12V light leakage, can use thin received power of 12V positive, 5V blank. There will be no use. Please contact customer service for your answer.


131 fixed speed mode exposed light controller double main road three road five road Marquee

The maximum output current is 10A

Input voltage: 12:V or 5V


Manufacture of LED outer drain lamp box

The first step to prepare materials
Bill of materials

First, a fabricated aluminum plate using 65*65 aluminum plate black 3MM aluminum plate with a price of 15 yuan
Second, the lamp 416, red Prynne 38 for running lights, green light 315, for tea word total price 99.84 yuan
Third, first car stickers, for drilling and decoration, 5 yuan
Fourth, one power supply. Small power 30 yuan
Fifth, controller one, 25 yuan
Sixth, profiles, accessories and so on, the total price of 30 yuan

Why is the light box fading out of everyone's eyes, because he is based on the 220V application, there is no transformer. Very easy to damage, but also in series mode. A light is damaged, causing a word does not light, so we launched this light box made out of leakage lights. High brightness, low voltage, no electric shock danger, no resistance, no welding, ordinary personnel can operate. Maintenance is very important. The service life is up to 5 years, the voltage is low and the lamp is in parallel mode. A light does not light, does not affect the other lights, replace the damaged lights cut directly, and then connect the line, wrapped with waterproof tape. The lamp itself is waterproof, no need to do waterproof treatment.

The ordinary light box, everybody has done much. The repair and frequent damage to and fro, I think is the reason why we gave him up.
The brightness of LED electronic lamp box made by exposed lamp is higher than that of conventional lamp box, the angle is large, the luminous time is long, and it is safe and stable! This is a comparison of brightness and angle
Low voltage 5V power supply for driving the lamp string is different from simple wiring waterproofing, the LED control board to avoid the drive voltage of LED caused by LED premature decay, short life frequent damage repair!
The danger of electric shock of high voltage drive LED is no longer a problem with low voltage drive.
The exposed lamp life of up to five years for eighty thousand hours, will not be like that back and forth light exposed and frequent maintenance, not because of a damage caused by a string of beads or a piece of light
It will not cause the whole lamp box to be scrapped because of maintenance trouble. A lamp is damaged, only need to be cut with scissors, replaced with waterproof cloth wrapped. For the need to deal with waterproof again
No need to calculate welding resistance. There is no need to consider the front and back order of the lamp. No need to check the light, no need to check line, complete 5V parallel connection, need not worry about all kinds of old electronic lamp box cumbersome wiring
Sum calculation.
Lamp itself and the connecting line are waterproof silicone processing. Lamp itself has anti-skid buckle can be inserted without other treatment.
The connection between the lamp without worrying about the long distance is not enough. There's no need to worry about priorities. Convenient wiring, no welding, no re waterproof. Simple production.
Want a light box without maintenance? Do you want to toss back and forth to customers? Use the drain lamp to make the light box. Simplicity. Simplicity. Convenience. Convenience!
There is no complicated wiring behind. There is no need to deal with the light between the lights.
Leakage happened aluminum plate and the lamp bulb and the line never. You don't have to worry about it! Power saving than LED display. High brightness!