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Import Bangshi BOURNS adjustable trimmer potentiometer adjustable top tripod parallel 3266W-1-1051M

discount 70% in 2018-09-19 to 2018-09-21
price: USD$ 2.61
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:4
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The above prices are in bulk price. If you need samples, please contact the seller for confirmation!

Imported BOURNS Bangshi Trimming Potentiometer, 3266W series adjustable parallel top tripod

Model: 3266W-1-XXX(XXX is the resistance code

Resistance value:10Ω=100   20Ω=200   50Ω=500   100Ω=101   200Ω=201   500Ω=501   1KΩ=102   2KΩ=202   5KΩ=502   10KΩ=103   20KΩ=203   25KΩ=253   50KΩ=503   100KΩ=104   200KΩ=204   250KΩ=254   1MΩ=105   2MΩ=205

Synchronous sales of solid stores! Another BOURSN series of other models, many types can not be recorded, detailed inquiry seller.

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Various power, turns, top adjustment, side adjustment, one tone, cross modulation and other parameters are welcome to consult!

The model is complete, the price advantage, the quality is absolutely reliable!

If necessary, please contact

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Original goods!

The above price is RMB bulk price! Price is better than quantity! For sample, please contact the seller to change the sample price! If not photographed, the seller has the right to cancel the order! Sample 10PCS start.

Please note: synchronous sales of solid stores are in progress. Because of the particularity of the electronic materials, because of market fluctuations, price fluctuations, because the types are unable to change the real price, do not rule out the price and decreased with the rise of the possible, please contact the seller before making the exact price. On the other hand, some special specifications should be customized, can not be the first time of delivery, please contact with the seller. The Seller shall have the right to cancel the transaction if he / she fails to contact directly! Thank You for Your Cooperation! If it brings inconvenience to you, please understand!!!

The company can open formal value-added tax3%Invoices and ordinary invoices need to be subject to certain tax points! If the amount is large, you can open17%Value added tax can also be accumulated by many times!

Price advantage,Rapid supply,Complete model,The quality is absolutely reliable.pleaseTelephone:0755-61306590/61306101 15899794504/13480838310

 About return service:

1The sample is the test product, and no refund service is available after the sale.

2Quality problems: bulk orders, buyers after receipt of goods, such as quality problems can be returned. But for cutting foot, tin on the machine, customer operating mistakes or other man-made reasons damage, please assume responsibility! We are not responsible for exchange.

3Selection: electronic materials are high precision materials, due to the different technical level of buyers, especially their ownDIYThe buyers, because of their own type selection, misjudgmentMaterials sold in batchesIn principle, it can not be returned, but our store has joined the implementation of consumer insurance7There is no reason to return the goods, so we promise after receipt7Within days (to express the receipt of time), the buyer found that the model is wrong, you can contact us to return,Buyers responsible for freight back and forth! (for the buyer who does not agree with the return freight, please find another buyer!)

Evaluation problem:We cherish every high praise, if you have any dissatisfaction, please first communicate with us, believe that any reasonable problems can quickly solve for you.No communicationIt is impossible to solve any problems by giving the medium and poor comments hastily. We accept the criticism with an open mind, and there will be such mistakes in our work, and we are willing to take responsibility for it. There's a problem, one more calm and honest with each other, and try to think about each other, and believe that any problem will be solved. We welcome such pertinent and tolerant customers, and believe that we can become good friends. Not welcome individual pride, does not respect the labor of others as well as individual buyers, buyers in order to achieve their purpose, to the seller and malicious attacks on the threat of negative feedback, we will insist on the principle of complaints in the end.

Inspection instructions:After delivery, please unpack first, then sign again. Because some areas are not the courier receipt, can also be the first sign, but when the courier plane after receipt of unpacking, (don't reprint back to the courier, no single bottom they dare not go) once found the lack of damage to the imagination, please immediately rejected and let the courier that sign according to immediately express a single sender telephone contact us, to the owner, once the sign, the courier left as goods nondestructive missing, afterwards responsibility will also be borne by the buyer(If you sign a friend, you can ask your friend)

Freight issue: all materials0.5Less than kg (SF express)1Within one kilogram, all freight is calculated. If repeat freight, please contact the seller to change the freight, if exceeding the weight, according to the courier standard additional freight.

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