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Multifunctional reactor for heating jacketed jacketed reactor in 100 liter glass reactor

Double glass reactor adopts high borosilicate glass 3.3 material, with corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature and low temperature, is an indispensable laboratory equipment in the laboratory. With freight, formal VAT invoice can be issued. 1L2L3L5L10L20L30L50L100L150L200L

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100L technical parameters of double layer glass reactor:

Model: SF-100L

Glass material: GG-17 high borosilicate glass

Volume of reaction bottle: 100L

Interlayer volume: 33L

Frame material: stainless steel

Mixing power: 250W3/1 reduction motor

Speed: 60-600 RPM / min.

Power supply: 220V/50Hz

Outline size (length * width * height mm): 680*680*3000


Product introduction

The series reactor is a new type of double layer glass reaction kettle of our company according to the customer's actual requirements and standards of production, the absorption of foreign and domestic similar product advantages, bold innovation, not only easy to use(It can be moved, operated, cleaned, installed and disassembled by one person)Moreover, the structure is novel and practical, beautiful appearance, the leading domestic; for modern chemical, fine chemical, bio pharmaceuticals, new materials synthesis ideal equipment test and production.

The reactor work principle: double layer glass reaction kettle on the inner reaction materials, while the vacuum stirring reaction; dissection can be communicated with the heating or cooling equipment for heating or coolingThe evaporation and reflux of the reaction solution can be controlled, and the constant pressure charging can be realized.

Product features

1. use high borosilicate glass(GG17material)It has excellent physical and chemical properties.

2. deceleration mixing, smooth operation, torque, no spark, long life

3. PTFE assembly seal, proprietary technology, can guarantee a good vacuum and long service life.

4. the whole structure is stable and can move integrally.

5. minimum or no dead anglePTFEThe discharging valve can effectively reduce the dead angle of the stirring.

The 6. reactor interlayer solution can be completely drained without effusion after the reaction is completed.

7., all the supporting interfaces can be customized, and can be easily connected with other equipment

8., the overall structure of scientific, innovative, practical, beautiful, leading domestic industry.

Main part

The main part of the series reactor: double layer glass reaction kettle body; a cover glass reactor components; condenser; constant pressure funnel; inverter; rotary stirring and sealing system composed of stainless steel frame system.

Machine debugging and installation

1. open the packing box and count all the components.

2. lift the stainless steel frame, adjust the bottle ring assembly to the appropriate position.

3. glass reaction kettle body, placed in the bottle ring assembly, accurate adjustment of bottle ring assembly, installation of aluminum bottle, the glass reaction kettle body fixed in the stainless steel frame.

4. fixed main rod and condenser strut, and all connecting rod.

5. installing motor and governor.

6. mixing seal assembly mounted to the cover of the reaction kettle, a stirring rod, the cover of the reaction kettle, buckle in the reaction kettle body, a kettle cover fixed fixed aluminum kettle cover. (installed in the kettle cover, the sealing surface coated with a small amount of vacuum grease, can effectively reduce wear and improve the vacuum bottle.)

7. install all glass components.(The sealing surface coated with vacuum grease)

8. install discharge valve.

9. check all installation steps after confirmation before the electric test machine

Six. Maintenance

1. pieces of glass with serious stains available dilute sulfuric acid cleaning.

2., often to check the sealing ring wear (corrosion) degree, timely replacement of wear (corrosion) sealRing to ensure the vacuum of the equipment.

3. PTFE discharge valve should be cleaned regularly, to prevent the material between the valve and glass due to the different thermal expansion coefficient caused by the folder.

Seven.Matters needing attention

1. this series of reactors are customized according to customer requirements.

2. please read the instructions carefully before use. The instructions should be kept in the hands of the actual users.

3. the power supply connection must have reliable ground wire to ensure the safe grounding of the shell.

4. the instrument should avoid impact in disassembly, cleaning and use, in order to prevent breakage.

5. when the reaction is flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive or valuable materials, the user must take corresponding safety measures and comply with the relevant safety operation regulations.

6. for valuable materials, the simulation process test should be done first, and then the equipment can meet the process requirements, and then transferred to normal use.

7. ensure the reactor and its connection equipment reliable connection, in order to prevent falling off, causing accidental injury.

8. after the reaction, the power should be cut off


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