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Beijing IKEA domestic purchasing Yafeide coasters insulation pad 4 sets of kitchen supplies cork

discount 70% in 2018-11-13 to 2018-11-15
price: USD$ 5.53
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:2
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¥ 7.90
Post installation size
Diameter: 10 centimeters
Quantity of packing: 4 pieces
Important features
Packing size and weight
Product number: 702.816.57
Weight: 0 kilograms
Quantity: 1
Environmental protection information
Renewable materials (cork).
Related hints
Maintenance instructions
Clean with a wet cloth.
It can withstand high temperatures of up to 65 C.
Where does the low price come from
Product description

Please look at the details as follows:

The charge standard for the purchase of goods in our shop is:
The total cost = commodity price + purchase fee + freight + packaging fee (fragile goods and a small amount of unpackaged goods).
Please contact the buyer to contact the cost of the store, and then payment (not contact the shop directly to take payment of the order, to make up after the cost of delivery).

Purchase fee standard:
100 yuan in one purchase and 6 yuan for purchase fee
A purchase of 101-200 yuan for one time and 10 yuan for the purchase fee
A purchase of 201-1000 yuan for one time, and the purchase fee is 8% of the total goods
More than 1000 yuan is purchased at one time, and the purchase fee is 6% of the total goods.

On packing fee:

Because most of the products of IKEA have no outer packing, it is not suitable for long distance transportation. In order to provide sufficient guarantee, the packing charge is charged.

Quality assurance
We guarantee the purchase of goods from the IKEA mall in Beijing. You can be on the IKEA official website
Or the IKEA Home Guide to inquire about the goods you need, we will provide a transportable purchase of goods.

commodity price
All the goods purchased on this shop are based on the price of IKEA mall in Beijing. If the price does not meet or change, the price of IKEA mall will be normal if the price of the mall ticket is the same.

Commodity stock
IKEA store inventory changes very large, there may be goods in the warehouse, there is no goods on the shelf, so a commodity is out of the normal condition, please understand. The goods are all in Beijing IKEA mall.

Delivery time
Please negotiate with the seller and generally deliver the goods within 1-2 working days. On Saturday, Sunday and holiday, there is no way to buy goods because of the large passenger traffic.

Special reminding
One, most of the IKEA lamps and lanterns do not contain light bulbs, the need to match, IKEA light bulbs are yellow.
Two, all the products of IKEA do not contain the fixed screws on the wall, please go to the hardware store to match them.
Three, the bedding of IKEA does not contain sheets, and it needs to be matched.

Return goods

If you need itCancel the order, if the purchased goods are purchased but not sold, cancel the purchase, then refund the whole amount. If the goods are shipped, the money other than the purchase cost and the cost incurred will be returned.

Our shop only provides purchasing service, only responsible for the quality of the products (visible quality problems), but still pays attention to your interests. It can meet the requirements of IKEA store return products. All products can be returned, and the buyers and sellers will take the responsibility.

 If you find the quality problem after receiving the goods, please contact our store immediately, and keep the original package of IKEA, including the inner parts, the instructions and the inner package, for the purpose of refund.

We will do our best to assist you in the return of the back and forth freight that will be borne by the buyer. If the package is damaged or discarded, please do not refundable.

   All trimmed pieces of cloth or blinds(Window curtains)The mattress, bedding, textile, assembled goods and processed goods have been dismantled without refundable.

"As long as the packing and goods are not damaged and maintained at the time of sale, you can be60Within days, with the original invoice or receipt and credit card receipts (with credit card payments) and the integrity of the goods, to purchase goods or refund (equivalent to replace the mall we

Refunds will be paid in accordance with your payment method. Special hints: all products, processed products, plants and plants that have been cut, cut and painted are not to be refundable. IKEA reserves the ultimate right to explain.---From IKEA"

We will correct for you to buy your choice to buy the commodity name and the correct number (number).

 Check the original packaging without any form of breakage, and open the inspection at buyer authorized (but the quality problem because of the commodity itself and transport risk is not within our reach, the restaurant does not take damage, IKEA product defects or packaging intact under the condition of internal components or because of damage to goods freight company caused during transportation Loss and other responsibilities But we will compensate or replace the goods that you have proved to be damaged in transport and of quality problems.

Packing and shipping in a reasonable time. In conformity with the regulations on the replacement of the IKEA store, the replacement is replaced by the return of the goods.Service fee

The buyer has the right to ask for reissue and replace the goods if there is a wrong hair loss. The return freight is borne by the seller.

After-sale service

Express attitude and dispatch time is not our control, hope to understand our difficulties. If there is an offense, please contact us in time and will solve it in time. If the product quality problems or goods in transit, please contact with us, to solve the problem and then make an objective and fair evaluation, hope you don't be a bad rating, we cherish every evaluation and get every praise after the support and affirmation.

Important reminding
The price shown is the price of the price of goods, not including purchasing fee and postage, shop for IKEA store purchasing, inventory and price changes with the mall, select the goods, please contact the owner want, please consult the fees after the payment, directly photographed payment delivery. Please understand.Shopkeepers only buy, if the purchase of goods do not like, or buy their own wrong, ask the owner to compensate for freight charges, all complaints in the end!

Matters needing attention
Fragile goods (such as glass products, plastic products, ceramic tableware, cups and other) in principle does not recommend buyers to buy, if you really need, we can reinforce the packing after delivery (packaging surcharge), but the damage in transit of this shop is not compensation, do not accept such bad review, so please carefully, accept this clause again.Please check the goods on the spot in the case of the presence of the staff in the case of delivery, and check the goods on the case of checking the goods in good condition. If there is any mistake, please refuse to sign in and contact us. If you are invited to collect, we must take care of the rules and try to safeguard your rights and interests. We will not provide any compensation for the missing, lost or damaged products after receipt.(Defective products, except quality problems)

Express fee standard:
According to the weight and volume of the merchandise and the city where the buyer is located, please pick the goods and consult the freight. We will choose the most effective way of transportation according to the commodity condition (the freight is not the actual freight).


The price of the baby page standard is for reference only. The actual freight is different according to the weight, volume, mode of transportation and the location of the goods.

Bulky goods or wicker chairs, mattresses, glass etc. logistics can be, according to the situation of goods, canAsk the customer service, thank you.

Most of IKEA sofa, mattress, etc. in the IKEA Home Furnishing warehouse goods, such as logistics need to pay 70 yuan fee to IKEA outside the warehouse delivery delivery to the mall, and usually take 1-2 working days.

Please think carefully about the rational purchase and avoid unnecessary replacement services. Because the fragile express is not guaranteed, so once you buy it, it means you are willing to take the risk of breaking. I hope you will understand.

IKEA invoice system upgrade, if you need a small ticket or invoice, must be explained in advance, after the purchase of the palm, you can not separate tickets alone;If you need a separate invoice, please pay 5 yuan service charge.

National free customer service hotline at IKEA mall 400-800-2345

You can call the service hotline400-800-2345(service timeGood morning!9spot-night9spot),Confirm the inventory, market activities and after-sales service.