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Champion NP38-1212V38AH battery UPS/EPS special 12V38AH lead acid free maintenance battery

Free maintenance without rehydration; small resistance, large current discharge performance is good; adapt to the wide temperature (35 - 45 DEG C); self discharge; long service life (8 - 10); charged the factory, easy to use; safety; unique formula, good performance of deep discharge recovery; application: - alarm system the emergency lighting system; electronic instruments; - rail, ship -; TELECOMMUNICATIONS; - Electronic system;

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Product features:
Maintenance free:
The use of unique gas recombination technology (GASRECOMBINATION), without regular fluid maintenance, reduce users worry about the use of.
High safety and reliability:
The automatic safety valve (VRLA) can prevent the gas from being sucked into the storage battery and affect its performance. At the same time, it can also prevent the damage of the accumulator caused by the abnormal internal pressure caused by the gas generated by charging. The battery has not closed in normal float under discharged electrolyte and acid mist. At the same time, the use of independent patent technology battery tray and battery matching, to ensure the use of batteries more secure.
Long service life:
In the 20 C environment, FM series of small floating sealed battery life of up to 3 to 5 years, FM stationary sealed batteries floating life can reach 8 to 10 years, FML series battery floating life up to 10 years, FMH series battery floating life up to 10 years, 15 years GFM series battery life up to float.
Low self discharge rate:
Using special lead calcium multicomponent alloy, the impurities in separator, electrolyte and production process are strictly controlled. Under the environment of 20 degrees centigrade, the KSTAR accumulator can be used normally without adding electric energy within 6 months.
Strong electrical conductivity
Copper plated silver terminal and special design to ensure excellent electrical performance.
Strong ability to adapt to environment:
It can be used at ambient temperature of -20 ~ +50 C, suitable for desert and plateau climate. Special power supply used in riot control area.
Strong directivity:
Special diaphragm (AGM) firmly adsorb electrolyte to keep it from flowing. The battery can not leak without standing or lying, which ensures the normal use.
Green pollution free:
Mute, and no pollutant discharge. The battery room needs no acid and corrosion protection measures, and can be equipped with electronic instruments and other equipment in one room.
The new FML series battery has longer service life and deep cycle characteristics
Using multiple special tin anode alloy, than the traditional lead calcium alloy corrosion resistance is stronger, better cycle life.
Optimization of radial grid design, with output power stronger.
- unique lead paste formula and manufacturing process, fully conducive to the formation of 4BS, ensure that the battery has a longer service life of the float.
Rational use of additives. Make PCL (capacity early loss) better solution.
The new top and side connection mode allows users to connect batteries in a variety of ways, copper plated silver terminals and special design to ensure excellent electrical performance
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