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Sonny USC CNC cutting tools US550D12*36*60*150L*C12 steel coated cemented carbide reamer

1.US550 adopts high quality spring bar, and the surface uses the latest chromium containing high aluminum and titanium nano coating. Packing is blue color packing. 3. material to be processed: carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron and other materials below HRC55 degrees, has a high performance price ratio. Turn left, rotate right. Order products contact customer service within 10 days after delivery.

discount 70% in 2018-09-19 to 2018-09-21
price: USD$ 231.00
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Sunny USC CNC tool US550D12*36*60*150L*C12 tungsten coated carbide reamer

Brand:Sonny (USC) to create peer homogeneous lowest price to create lasting quality!

Product Name:(first grade) coating reamer

Specifications: D12*36*60*150L*C12(due to the large number of tool specifications, inventory changes, please consult before the customer service spot, the end of the Advisory payment spot 24 shipped, no goods customized 10 working days shipped. )

Warranty:Seven days package returned to the mainland, the general agent, quality assurance, welcome to buy!

Basic parameters:1.US550 adopts high quality spring bar, and the surface uses the latest chromium containing high aluminum and titanium nano coating.
2. suitable for dry cutting, high temperature resistance, packaging for blue color packaging.
3. material to be processed: carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron and other materials below HRC55 degrees, has a high performance price ratio.

Supply information:Because the tool specification is more, the sales change is big, before the racket, please inquire whether the on-line customer service is the spot, the standard piece is normal for the spot, delivers within 48 hours, the non-standard custom 8 working daysInternal shipment. Accumulated more than 2000 yuan to open VAT invoices.

Our company produce all kinds of non-standard cutting tools of NC cutter knife cutter bar, timely delivery of quality assurance.
Learn more products contact customer service, telephone: 1329111998813382386031, coating color in kind prevail!
Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai more than 10 packages express, other areas receive 5 yuan freight (special goods do not pack freight).

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Tips for using knives

       In order to obtain better cutting surface and prolong tool life. Be sure to use the high precision, high rigidity, dynamic balance of the hilt.

1. before using this tool, please measure the tool deflection, the tool deflection accuracy is more than 0.01MM, please correct and then cut.

2. the shorter the length of the tool chuck, the longer the tool extension amount, please automatically cut the speed, feed speed or cutting amount.

3. if abnormal vibration or sound occurs during cutting, the spindle speed and cutting amount should be lowered to improve the situation.

4. steel cooling, spray or jet as the best way to make the high aluminum titanium to play the best effect. Non aqueous cutting fluids are recommended for stainless steel, titanium alloys, or heat resistant alloys.

The cutting method depends on the workpiece, machine and software. The above data is only for reference. After the cutting condition is stable, the feed speed will be increased up to 10%~30%

Clamping and points for attention of milling cutters:
Most of the milling cutters used in the machining center are in the form of a spring clip, and they are in the cantilever shape when used. In milling process, it is possible that the milling cutter extends out from the tool holder so that it is complete and lost so that the workpiece is scrapped. The reason is generally due to the oil film between the inner hole of the cutter holder and the outer diameter of the milling cutter handle, resulting in insufficient clamping force. Cutter factory are generally coated with anti rust oil, if cutting using the non water soluble cutting oil, the tool holder hole will be attached to a layer of fog oil film, sell the knife handle and the knife clip there is oil film, the knife clip is difficult to handle is firmly clamped, machining cutter on the super loose? Lost. Therefore, before the milling cutter is installed, the handle part and the inner hole of the cutter holder should be cleaned and cleaned with the cleaning liquid, and then be clamped after drying. Sell cutter diameter is large, even if the knife handle and the knife clip is clean, or may occur? Lost knife accident, then should be used with flat gap handle and corresponding side locking mode.
After the 1. milling cutter is clamped, it may break at the clamping port of the milling cutter. The reason is that the cutter head and the chuck port are too long, or the cutter port part has been worn to taper, so a new tool holder should be replaced at this time.

How to control the vibration of 2. milling cutter?
Because of the small clearance between the milling cutter and the tool holder, the tool is likely to vibrate during machining. Cutting vibration will make the cutter circle edge uneven, and increase the amount of cut expansion than the original value, affecting the machining accuracy and tool life.
When the tool vibration occurs, the cutting speed and feed rate should be considered. If there is still a large vibration after 40% reduction, the snack knife should be taken into account.
If the processing system resonance occurs, the reason may be the cutting speed is too large, it is small, the tool feed rate system just is not enough, the workpiece clamping force is not enough, or the shape of workpiece clamping elements caused by the essentials, accept the mediation cutting dosage and cutting tool system stiffness, feed rate and other measures of progress.

3, the milling machine in the process of extension should be appropriate
In the numerical control milling of the workpiece cavity such as mould, when the cutting point is a concave part or a deep cavity, the extension of the milling cutter should be lengthened. If the use of long edge milling cutter, because the tool deflection is large, prone to vibration and lead to tool breakage phenomenon. Therefore, in the process of machining, if only the cutting edge of the tool edge is involved in the cutting, it is better to choose a short shank long milling cutter with a longer total tool length. When large diameter milling cutters are used for horizontal NC machine tools, the deformation caused by the tool weight is large, and the cutting speed and feed rate must be greatly reduced when the long edge milling cutter is used.

4, the selection of cutting parameters
The selection of cutting speed mainly depends on the material of the workpiece to be machined; the selection of feed speed mainly depends on the material of the workpiece being machined and the diameter of the milling cutter. Cutting tool selection table for cutting tool samples of some foreign tool manufacturers is available for reference. But the choice of cutting parameters at the same time by the machine tool, tool system, processed workpiece shape and clamping method and other factors, should be based on the actual situation, suitable for the mediation of cutting speed and feed speed.
The cutting speed and feed rate can be reduced properly when the tool life is taken as the priority factor; when the cutting edge is better, the cutting speed can be increased.
5, the choice of cutting method, admission milling is beneficial to protect the edge of the blade, can improve tool life.

Two points need attentionIf the general machine tool is accepted, the clearance of the feed mechanism should be eliminated;
When the surface of the workpiece remains the oxide film or other hardened layer formed by the casting and forging process, the reverse milling should be adopted.

Basic requirements for cutting parts of milling cutters:
1) high hardness and wear resistance: at room temperature, the cutting part of the material must have enough hardness to cut into the workpiece; with high wear resistance, the tool does not wear, extend the service life.
2) resistance: the tool will generate a lot of heat in the cutting process, especially in the high cutting speed, the temperature will be very high, therefore, the tool material should have good heat resistance, can still maintain a high both at high temperature hardness, performance can continue to carry out cutting, with the nature of this high temperature hardness, also known as hot hardness and red hardness.
3) high strength and good toughness: in the cutting process, the tool to bear a large impact force, so the tool material should have higher strength, otherwise easy to break and damage. As the milling cutter will be subjected to impact and vibration, therefore, the milling cutter material should also have good toughness, not easy to break edge, fragmentation.

Maintenance of milling cutter:
1, check the power and stiffness of the machine tool to ensure that the required milling cutter diameter can be used on the machine tool.
2, the tool on the spindle as far as possible to achieve the shortest, reduce the milling cutter axis and workpiece position impact load.
3, adopt the correct milling cutter pitch suitable for the process, to ensure that there is not too many blades at the same time when cutting and meshing with the workpiece vibration, on the other hand, in milling narrow workpiece or milling cavity, ensure that there is enough blade and workpiece meshing.
4, ensure the use of each blade feed, so that the chip is thick enough to obtain the correct cutting effect, thereby reducing tool wear. The indexable inserts with positive rake grooves are used to obtain a smooth cutting effect and a minimum power.
5. Choose milling cutter diameter suitable for workpiece width.
6. Select the correct main deflection angle.
7. Correct placement of milling cutters.
8. Use cutting fluid only when necessary.
9, follow the rules of tool maintenance and maintenance, and monitor tool wear.