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The touch switch 6*6*12 plastic cover 6x6x12 tetrapod SMT patch high temperature switch

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[6*6*12] touch switch plastic cover 6x6x12 tetrapod SMT patch high temperature switch

Tact switch specifications and models
1. light touch switch type: big, medium, small turtle 2x43x34x45x53x64.5x4.56x66.2x6.212x12 series
2. touch switch type: pin patch edge edge edge three feet straight leg straight leg feet five feet in the flat foot support bracket with a positioning cap with waterproof lamp normally closed
3. touch switch category: general environmental protection, environmental protection, high temperature resistance







Tortoise series

Small and medium-sized






A shrapnel types

1. made in China

2. imports

3. stainless steel


B shrapnel.

















1. iron panel

2. copper panel

3. plastic panel






0.8H 1.5H

Waterproof patch


1.5H 1.6H 1.7H 2.0H 2.2H 2.5H 4.3H

Waterproof of copper head plastic head


3.8H 4.3H 4.5H 4.8H 5H 5.5H 6H 7H 8H

The pin patch edge edge tripod feet


2.5H 3.5H 4.3H 5H 7H

Pin mount bracket pull gentry






4H 4.3H 4.5H 4.8H 5H 6H 6.5H 7H 7.3H 7.5H 7.8H 8H 8.5H 9H 9.5H 10H 10.2H 10.5H 10.7H 11H 11.5H 12H 12.5H 13H 13.5H 14H 14.5H 15H 15.5H 16H 16.5H 17H 1 7.5H 18H 19H 20H 21H 22H 23H 24H 25H 26H 27H 28H 29H




The patch edge edge edge three pin feet straight leg straight leg feet 5 feet in the flat foot support bracket with a waterproof cap with a lamp normally closed

6X6 2.5H 2.7H 3.1H 3.4H 3.7H 4.3H Four five foot patch patch pin





4.3H 4.5H 5H 6H 6.5H 7H 7.3H 7.5H 8H 8.5H 9H 9.5H 10H 10.2H 10.5H 10.7H 11H 11.5H 12H 12.5H 13H 13.5H 14H 14.5H 15H 15.5H 16H 16.5H 17H 17.5H 18H 19H 20H 21H 22H




Pin edge positioning waterproof



First, the use range of tact switch

1.AV products:MP3MP4DVD.Acoustics;

2.Digital products: digital cameras, digital cameras and so on;

3.Remote control: volume, vehicle door, remote control of home security products;

4.Communication products: mobile phone, car phone, telephone, building equipment,PDAEtc.;

5.Household appliances: TV set, microwave oven, electric cooker, electric fan and so on;

6.Security products: visual interphone, monitor and so on;

7.Toys: electronic toys, etc.;

8.Computer products: cameras and so on;

9.Fitness equipment: running machine, massage chair and so on;

10.Medical equipment: blood pressure meter, thermometer, hospital call system, etc..

11.Other: banknote pen, laser pen etc.;


Two. Tact switch technical index

1.  ambient temperatureEnvironment temperature: -25~+70

2.  relative humidityRelative Humidity: (40)95%

3.  Rated rangeRating: DC12V.50mA

4.  contact resistanceContact Resistance :0.03Ω

5.  insulation resistanceInsulation Resistance:100MΩ

6.  Compressive strengthDielectric Strength : AC250V(50Hz/ 1minute)

7.  Electrical lifeElectrically Life:100,000Cycles

8. stroke Travel:0.2 + 0.05mm

 Intensity: 1, 100g + 20g2, 180g + 20g3, 260g + 20g4, 320G + 20g

 Height:4.3H,4.5H, 4.8H, 5H ,5.5H, 6H ,6.5H ,7H ,7.5H.,8H, 8.5H, 9H,9.5H, 10H, 10.5H, 11H, 

            11.5H, 12H, 12.5H, 13H,13.5H, 14H, 14.5H 15H,16H,17H,18H,19H,20H,21H,22H,23H, 

24H, 25H, 26H, etc.

 Common specifications:

 H stands for height, unit mm

 2 x 4 series

 Structure: Audrey switch, small turtle feet, legs, turtle legs, turtle, turtle feet, legs vertical.

 3 x 6 Series

The structures are: (stretched series 3 x 6 x 2.5 red head, white head) (3x6x4.3, 5, 6 pins / patch / belt bracket / side press).

 4.5 x 4.5 series


Structure: edge two feet, while three pins, patch.

 5.2 x 5.2 series (4x4 Series)

The structure is: no cover 0.8h, flat cover, copper head, plastic head 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2, 2.5, 3, 4.3h.

 6 x 6 Series

 H=2.5/2.7/3.1/3.4/3.8/4.0/4.3/4.5/4.8/5/5.5/6/6.5/7/8/9/12/13/14/15 -- 29MM (one height per 0.5MM)

Structure: / / support / patch pin bracket / edge two feet / legs / feet / long side of two feet / square / closed / red head patch.

 6.2 x 6.2 series

 H= 2.5/2.7/3.1/3.4/3.8/4.0/4.3/4.5/4.8/5

 Structure: patch pin (5 pin patch)

 12 x 12 series


 Structure: patch / pin / square / plane / head with a hole in the center

 Waterproof light touch switch series

 Specifications are: 6*6, 8*8, 12*12 SMD / pin

 Light switch series with light

 The colors are: red light, yellow light, green light, blue light, white light, blue light

 Touch switch series with cap

Handle color: Black / White / Green / red / Grey / yellow...


Three, the use of precautions

1After the dip switch,Be careful not to wash with solvent.

2Under the condition of using FERROCHROME,Soldering temperature should be on the spot360oCFollowing、3Within seconds.

3After the dip,Be careful not to load on the top.

4Be careful not to apply overload pressure or shake switch

5After switch welding,Don't fold the printed substrate

6Keep away from the environment of high humidity, high temperature and corrosive gas.For a long time to save,Please don't open the packing box

7The mechanical touch switch is limited to one side onlyPCBPlate process use.


Features and applications: advantages of small contact resistance, accurate operating force error, specification diversification, etc., and widely used in electronic equipment.