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321 imported high temperature stainless steel strip, shrapnel gasket, stretch band 0.6-0.7-0.8-0.9-1.0mm

My company guest processing: laser cutting, wire cutting, heat treatment, annealing treatment. Degaussing treatment. Bending, cutting round, drilling slotting. And so on. Details please: 13592787808 Chen

discount 70% in 2018-08-16 to 2018-08-18
price: USD$ 7.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:2
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The company operates: import spring steel, spring steel wire, spring steel plate, spring steel strip, spring steel round bar, carbon spring steel, alloy spring steel, American Finn spring steel, Japan Sumitomo spring steel, Germany imported spring steel and so on, brands are as follows:
Korea spring steel:SPS1 SPS3 SPS4 SPS5 SPS5A SPS6 SPS7 SPS8 SPS9 STB1 STB2 STB3 STB4 STB5 SH590P SH590S
Swedish spring steel:1770 1774 1778 1912 1914 1922 1926 1940 1957 1973
British spring steel:38Si7 45SiCrV6-2 46Si7 46SiCrMo6 50SiCrMo6 51CrV4 52CrMoV4 52SiCrNi5 54SiCr6 54SiCrV6 55Cr3 56Si7 56SiCr7 60Cr3 60CrMo3-1 60CrMo3-2 60CrMo3-3 60SiCrV7 61SiCr7 251A85 251A60 251H60 525A58 525A60 525H60 525A61 658A57 658A57 704A60 705A60 705H60 735A51 735H51 735A54 805H60 925A60 251A85 251A60 251H60 525A58 N525A60 535A99 805A20 832H13
German spring steel:C67S CK67 C75S CK75 C85S CK85 C100S CK101 38Si6 38Si7 46Si7 51Si7 56Si7 55Si7 1.1231 1.1248 1.1269 1.1274 1.5022 1.5023 1.5024 1.5025 1.5023 1.5028 1.5029 15142 1.5225 1.7102 1.7103 1.7106 1.7018
International standard spring steel:38Si7 46Si7 51CrV4 52CrMoV4 55Cr3 55SiCr6-3 55SiCrV6-3 56SiCr7 60Cr3
 60CrMo3-3 60Si8
American spring steel
:ASTMA228 ASTMA227 ASTMA679 ASTMA229 ASTMA231 ASTMA232 ASTMA878 ASTMA401 AISI302 ASTMA313 AISI316 ASTMA313 AISI631 A-286 Inconel718 InoconelX-750 AMS5698 AMS5699 AISI1050 ASTMA682 AISI1074
Chinese Spring Steel in China:65
 70 75 80 85 65Mn 55Si2Mn 55Si2MnB  55SiMnVB 60Si2Mn 60Si2MnA 60Si2CrA 60Si2CrVA 60CrMnA 50CrMn 55CrMnA 50CrVA 60CrMnBA 60CrMnMoA 30W4Cr2VA 100CrMn6 100CM6 100CrMn7 100CrMnMo8 100CrMo7-2 100CD7 100CrMo7-3 100CrMo8-3
8E3 C54E4 C55E3 C70E3 X12MoCrNi4-4-3 X46Cr13 X75WCrV18-4-1 X82WMoCrV6-5-4 Z85WDCV6 X89CrMoV18-1 X105CrMo17 Z100CD17

[product] type: stainless steel belt, stainless steel belt, stainless steel strip, precision stainless steel belt, stainless steel belt, stainless steel belt tension spring (DQ stainless steel) deep drawing stainless steel strip (DDQ stainless steel strip), hard stainless steel belt, etching stainless steel belt, stainless steel ultra narrow.

[stainless steel]: 201/202/301/304/310S/316L/317L/321/410/420J2/430/409/904L/2507/2505 dual phase steel
[Specification]: thickness (0.03mm - 3.0mm) width (1.0mm - 1200mm).

Tolerance range: ordinary material thickness tolerance: + 0.005MM

Thickness tolerance of precision material: + 0.001MM

It can also provide deburring, trimming and so on.

[material hardness]: Vivtorinox (HV) more than 160-580 (soft material, 1/2H, 3/4H, H, EH, SH).
[state]: surface precision surface, 2B (fog surface) and BA (bright), 2BB (2B is bright) and DF (sand), HL (drawing), 4K6K8K (mirror), polishing, sandblasting, etching.
[origin]: choose domestic (TISCO Zhangpu Baosteel Lianzhong etc.) and imported (Japan's Pohang).

[material standards]: GB (GB), JIS (Japan standard), ASTM and AISI (American Standard), DIN (German standard), etc..

[product features]: small tolerance, high precision, no trachoma, surface delicate and smooth, no skin, roll marks and other phenomena, to ensure that the straightness will not appear "chain knife bending" phenomenon. Excellent mechanical properties, high fatigue resistance, good toughness, both sides after trimming, smooth edges.

[quality assurance]: meet the user's mechanical performance requirements and chemical composition, to meet the relevant national standards, to provide objective authentic material certificate and other related test reports.

[product application]: etching, forming, stamping, stretching, welding, cutting.

[application]: spring, electronic appliances, precision instruments, metal stamping parts, spring shrapnel, pad diaphragm, precision parts, computer, mobile phone accessories, bellows seal, etching parts, auto parts, medical equipment, photoelectric protection exhibition, chemical (corrosion) and automotive electronics and other high precision products etc..

[product price]: depending on the market situation.

MOQ: [] MOQ according to specific specifications specific circumstances, under normal circumstances, the conventional materials quantity is more than 300KG, thick or thin materials about 1500KG 2.

[delivery cycle]: routine material production cycle is 7~10 days, special orders in accordance with the contract.

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