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Four sets of mercury textile bedding Tencel TY1344-K04S04 counter nhe8673a Le Fran

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Four sets of mercury Tencel jacquard Le Fran

The name [Name]


The number of [No.]

TY1344-T04(109343)       TY1344-S04(109344)           TY1344-K04(109345)    

Specification [Spe.]

1.2m: 150x210cm: 200x245cm bed quilt sheet pillowcase: 48x74cm

1.5m: 200x230cm: 240x250cm bed quilt sheet pillowcase: 48x74cm

1.8m: 220x240cm: 250x270cm bed quilt sheet pillowcase: 48x74cm

Fabric [Fabrics]

Quilt: 100% the Lyocell fiber: 100% Lyocell fiber


100% Lyocell fiber

Details of [Details]

The quilt, bed sheets, 1 * 1 * * 2 pillow packaging: gift box packaging * 1

The shop price of [ShopPrice]

470 yuan(1.2 meters)530 yuan(1.5 m)630 yuan(1.8 meters)

    • Fabric:This paragraphA version: 40S Tencel Satin fabric. B version: 40S satin fabricTencel is extracted from Eucalyptus, in100%Natural wood pulp, as raw material, skin is very good, especially the skin of sensitive skin, give you360Full range of extreme care and continue to comfort. And biodegradable, green environmental protection. It has softness and moisture permeability of cotton, silk drape and gloss. Called"21The fiber dream".


    Mercury bedding specifications:
    * 1.2 Suite (children)
    Quilt: 210*150,: 200*245 sheets
    * 1.5 Suite (children)
    Quilt: 200*150,: 250*240 sheets
    * 1.5 suite of product specifications
    Quilt: 230*200, bed cover: 250*248 sheets: 250*240, 74*48, small pillow: pillow cushion:: 48*32, 65*65
    * 1.8 suite of product specifications
    Quilt: 240*220, bed cover: 250*278 sheets: 250*270, 74*48, small pillow: pillow cushion:: 48*32, 65*65
    It was the core specification
    210*150 (1.2 beds), 230*200 (1.5 beds), 240*220 (1.8 bed).
    Mat specifications.
    195*150 (small), 200*180 (large)
    * NET specifications
    192*120*155 (1.2 beds), 192*150*155 (1.5 beds), 200*180*155 (1.8 bed)

    1, cotton fabric cleaning, put the washing powder detergent (do not use bleach containing detergent compositions) into the water until completely melted, then add cotton fabric.
    2, the soaking time should not exceed half an hour, when cleaning temperature is generally not more than 40 degrees celsius.
    3, cleaning, washing and light colored products to separate dark products, avoid staining.
    4, silk fabrics, cotton fabric, soybean fiber fabric: normal temperature washing can not be used with enzyme detergent, dry cleaning and washing hand wash, not dry, not wring dry, not in the sun exposure, low iron, silk and wool detergent, wash when you add a little vinegar can increase the fabric luster.
    5, with wool and cashmere fiber fabric: washing at room temperature, temperature ironing, dry cleaning, washing the fabric that use less detergent soak for a long time with biological enzyme, with silk and wool detergent recommendations.
    6, corduroy, dry cleaning and washing: washing at room temperature, temperature ironing, ironing when ironing the fabric on the back, in the best ironing will be dry, dry when available clothesbrush combing positive villi, keep the villi feel long.
    7, chemical fiber fabrics, normal temperature washing, can not use high temperature water soak, wash, wash, no ironing surface fabrics Ronglei cashmere.
    8, Tencel fabric, bamboo fabric, washable, dry cleaning, washing at room temperature, high temperature soaking, washing machine is not drying after cleaning, avoid the light dry, not exposure in ventilation should be low iron.
    9, as with a drying machine, please use the low-temperature drying, the temperature should not exceed 35 degrees Celsius, to prevent excessive shrinkage. A decorative lace pendant and other removable must first wash.
    10, when washing linen products cannot rub, rub, to avoid pilling, affecting the appearance and life.


    1, when folded neatly, and add a certain amount of camphor, in the dark, low humidity, well ventilated place to store.
    2, the wool is used not exposure, the need to dry after the quilt cool after folding, when placed into the pest control agent, placed in a dry place, not weight, dry.
    3, silk was used, such as moisture can not be the sun, be hanging to dry in the shade, dry to cool and then fold the quilt. When stored into the pest control agent, placed in a dry place, do not wash
    4, a duvet when used after drying, drying the quilt cool after folding, stored into the pest control agent, placed in a dry place, can be washed, but I do not recommend 5. can not be washed, the fabric downproof effect would decrease.
    6, white silk products can not put mothballs or put obstacles in a wooden box, otherwise will be yellow.
    7, brand bedding on each product has a cleaning standard, according to the standard washing cleaning and maintenance products.


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