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Hot galvanized wire mesh wire mesh 1.8 wire 2.5*5cm hole 1.5m

All hot galvanizing treatment, antirust effect is good, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, at least 20 years or more will not rust. Buy a few meters zero goods buyers, please consider to buy in advance, because zero goods are cut from the whole volume, return will cause a lot of inconvenience to us, so cut are not refundable, please understand that this product is especially suitable for the preferred anti rat snake cage and welcome to do or do rockery industry order.

discount 70% in 2018-08-19 to 2018-08-21
price: USD$ 185.50
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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 Relatives, the shopkeeper is mad to make a profit, and one meter is sold. Roll up the price of this price is one meter of the price of how many meters can be taken, the retail customer contact customer service to change freight. There is more discount for the whole volume.

Now, now, face to faceMost parts of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Anhui, Shandong, Guangdong, Fujian, Henan, Hebei, Hunan, Hunan, Hebei, etc.New and old customers launch the following hot selling baby, the whole rollExpress mail(optional express, express delivery).Other provinces are mainly in logistics delivery, with cash subsidies to reduce customer freight costs.

Material: hot-dip galvanized galvanized welding network

Wire diameter: 1.8 millimeter

Mesh: around 2.5cm*5cm

Net length: 20 meters per volume

Net width: 150 centimeters

Features: manufacturing and welding (row welding) and the surface can be galvanized, hot galvanized steel or plastic. The products have strong welding, uniform mesh, flat surface, low cost, convenient use and wide use.

Use: the breeding net is the first choice to isolate the field of corn hoarding in the fence. At the same time, the effect of rust and rust prevention is excellent. It's 20 years old!

It can be zero cut. It takes a few meters to shoot several pieces. The sale of the zero clips will not be replaced unless they are cut out on the whole volume, which will bring us great inconvenience. Please understand, thank you.

All hot-dip galvanizing treatment is not rusty for a long time. Hot galvanizing net has strong corrosion resistance and long life.Hot galvanizing net is widely used in industry, agriculture, aquaculture, mining and so on. It can be deeply processed into protective cover, animal and livestock enclosure, flower and tree fence, channel fence, bird cage, food basket, paper basket and so on. It can also be used as a display frame.

The difference between hot galvanizing and cold galvanizing:
1. The corrosion resistance is different, and the hot dip galvanizing is dozens of times of the cold galvanizing.
2, the way of operation is different: hot dip galvanizing is zinc plating in 450-480 degree molten zinc solution. Cold plating is zinc plating at room temperature by electroplating or other methods.
3, the thickness of galvanized layer is different, the thickness of hot-dip galvanizing is far greater than that of cold galvanizing.
4, the surface smoothness is different, the cold galvanizing appearance is better than the hot dip galvanizing.
5, the price is different, the price of hot-dip galvanizing is higher than that of cold galvanizing.

The direct difference is that there are zinc pimple at the hot-dip galvanizing spot, the cold galvanizing is not, the bright surface of the cold galvanizing surface has a long time of black solder joint and easy to rust.

  Note: silk diameter and mesh are manual measurement, slightly error, mind careful patting! Due to the particularity of welding galvanized wire mesh, it is normal and unacceptable to have galvanized steel unevenly or welding and welding broken wires at the same time. Please don't buy it, and ask for a strict request. Please contact customer service ahead of time. Thank you!

This product is all photographed in kind. What you receive is what you see. Please buyers must carefully check the baby specifications. Once sold, if the buyer has any dissatisfaction with the need to return the goods, you will need to take the freight back and forth, thank you.