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Two ring large tap / nonstandard big tap /m58m60m63m64m68m70m72m75m90-m120

Buy buy circle tap, die, choose two ring thread tool. Wenling two ring thread tool products, non-standard type machine taps with complete specifications, welcome parents to buy ~ 7 links, baby details the plane link, parents can quickly find the most ~ link specifications need to take note, parents need to pay attention to.

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[two ring non-standard machine taps = links (click to quickly find)-M4.5-m13 (full specification)/M14-m18 (full specification)/M19-m23 (full specification)/M24-m29 (full specification)/M31-m38 (full specification)/M40-m56 (full specification)/M58-m120 (routine)

Link name:Two ring straight slot non-standard tapThe distance between teeth is clear
Brand:Two circles of Wenling
Place of Origin:Wenling
Specifications:M represents the outer diameter and the figure is the distance between the teeth
(most of the link specifications need to be taken after the note, and the parents need to pay attention to it)
Texture of material:High quality high speed steel HSS-6542

Other specifications:Specifications are more, divided into 7 links, all specifications of non-standard machine taps straight groove,The teeth must be chosen clearly, and the return is troublesome. Can not find the relevant model click, the following hyperlink can arrive directly more convenient, huh?.
Straight slot tap application:It is generally used for thread processing of ordinary lathe, drilling machine and tapping machine, and the cutting speed is slow.

In the high hardness processing materials, easy to cause tool wear materials, cutting powder like material and tapping depth of short through hole blind hole has good effect.
Brief introduction of straight slot tap:It is the most versatile, through holes or through holes, non-ferrous metals or ferrous metals can be processed, the cheapest price. But the pertinence is poor, anything can be done, nothing is the best. The cutting cone can have 2, 4 and 6 teeth, the short cone is used for the hole, and the long cone is used to pass through the hole. As long as the bottom hole deep enough, you should try to choose the cutting cone is longer, so to share the load of cutting tooth number, the service life is long.
Please see [two circle of non-standard machine taps M26 * 1.5/M32 * 2] map:

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