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Non negative pressure tank no negative pressure steady flow tank stainless steel non negative pressure steady flow tank specification: 1200*2000


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Non negative pressure tankStainless steel negative pressure tank without negative pressure tank

The supply of non negative pressure tankStainless steel negative pressure tank without negative pressure tank

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Non negative pressure steady flow tank Summary

Steady flow tank, also called steady flow compensator, is one of the important parts of non negative pressure water supply equipment. Non negative pressure tank,The function of the negative pressure tank is to eliminate the negative pressure with the municipal pipe network, eliminate the two pollution, and intelligently compensate the flow of water.The device is directly connected by a steady flow tank and a tap water pipe network, and directly supplies water by two times according to the setting mode, and does not generate negative pressure equipment to the tap water pipe network. It mainly consists of water pump unit, non negative pressure steady flow tank, frequency conversion water supply control cabinet, valve, instrument, pipeline, equipment base and so on.
Non negative pressure water supply equipment normally put into use, the municipal pipe network water into the non negative pressure steady flow tank, a drain tank of air from the exhaust valve, when the air is exhausted, the floating ball valve is raised by water drive, plug to the closed position, slowly close the exhaust port, to stop the exhaust, to prevent water, when the steady flow the water tank of normal transport, such as a small amount of air accumulation to a considerable extent in the tank, the tank water level drops, the floating ball drops, the air is the air outlet.
The normal operation of the equipment in the process, when the municipal pipe network of water shortage, municipal water flow air pipe, or steady flow tank internal water pressure below atmospheric pressure, the water level in the stable current tank drops, the floating ball drops, drives the plug head open, inhalation of air, keep the air pressure steady flow tank, not the municipal pipe network to generate negative pressure.
When the pressure in the municipal pipe network is lower than the set pressure required by the user, the frequency conversion speed regulation operation of the water pump ensures the user's pipe network pressure to meet the requirements of the user's water. The higher the water pressure of the municipal pipe network, the lower the speed of the pump, the lower the water pressure of the municipal pipe network, the higher the speed of the pump. When the water supply pressure of municipal pipe network meets the user's requirements, the equipment stops working automatically, and the water of the municipal pipe network is directly supplied to the users through the bypass pipe.
When the municipal pipe network is closed, the water level in the steady flow tank falls gradually. When the water level reaches the minimum water level, the liquid level meter on the steady flow tank sends out the stop signal, and the equipment stops running automatically and shows the water shortage protection signal.
When the power grid is out of power, the equipment is shut down, and the water in the municipal pipe network is directly supplied from the bypass pipe of the equipment to the user.
Non negative pressure steady flow tank Working principle:
1Material selection4mmThickPlate, welding wire, flange, short tube
2The professional polishing personnel and equipment are used for polishing the non negative pressure tank, so that the whole tank can be made into mirror surface with clear curve and beautiful appearance.
3The butt joint of non negative pressure tank head and tank can be welded by lining plate, double wrapping outside and double protection. Both sides of the tank are welded by double sides welding, which makes the life of the pot increase and the pressure is greater.
Non negative pressure steady flow tank device 
Use4mmthickTheSheet, double protection, automatic alarm device for import and export. If the first pass fails, the second switch is automatically used and alarm, the equipment can operate normally, but the user should notify our personnel to repair.(Absolutely avoid water full basement, damage equipment)
Non negative pressure steady flow tank Characteristic
1Save land, save installation time
No need to build a pool or water tank, complete sets of equipment to the site directly installed, municipal pipe network directly and non negative pressure tank butt, water pump outlet and user network docking(Municipal pipe network docking without negative pressure tank must be added to the valve to facilitate maintenance)
2Pure water quality
The tap water is supplied directly to the user after pressurization without the negative pressure unit. No negative pressure tube is sealed by stainless steel, and it is separated from air. The water quality has no pollution, and the users can drink good water source.
3Energy saving and water saving
By means of municipal tap water pipe network pressure in operation, and on the basis of pressurization, pressure adjustment, constant voltage, low voltage protection, phase failure protection, leakage protection, overload protection, overheat protection, water protection, water does not stop the pump, instantaneous trip protection function. In addition, the man-machine interface can be configured according to the user's needs, and the remote adjustment, monitoring and maintenance can be visualized.
The supply of non negative pressure tank  Stainless steel negative pressure tank without negative pressure tank


Negative pressure elimination technology of steady flow tank

Non negative pressure equipment adopts microcomputer frequency conversion technology and effective negative pressure treatment technology to realize pressure superposed water supply. Specific as follows: the equipment through the steady flow tank vacuum compensation system and fully enclosed structure to achieve a direct connection with the tap water pipe network, and overcome the adverse impact on the pipe network. The device through the pipe pressure gauge, vacuum suppressor and compensator in the detection device for collecting the steady flow tank within the vacuum and water level signal, real-time feedback, through the microcomputer control device and special vacuum suppressor compensator in the suppression of negative pressure, ensure steady flow can affect the city network equipment does not eliminate the negative pressure.

When the municipal pipe network is stopped, the water pump unit can still work until the pressure in the steady flow tank drops to the lower limit set by the electric contact and stops automatically, and the water pump is automatically started after the water is put in. When the power failure occurs, the pump unit stops working, and the tap water can enter the user's pipe network through the through pipe. When the incoming call, the unit automatically starts to return to normal water supply.

Negative pressure suppression system of steady flow tank

According to the conditions of negative pressure generation, the intelligent control technology is adopted, and the operation condition of the equipment is automatically controlled according to the requirements of the pipe network, so as to eliminate the negative pressure in the steady flow tank. When the pressure of the main network in the setting of protection pressure when running over equipment, normal water supply, when the pressure of the main network in the setting of protection pressure following operation of water supply equipment, water buck, automatic adjustment of equipment operating conditions, when the pressure of the main network to further reduce restrictions on the use of pressure, water supply equipment to stop running, the equipment to meet the network constraints smooth, stable adjustment of the pump outlet flow, the maximum meet user requirements.

Product use of steady flow tank

The new residential buildings or living water;

We have built a pond, water tank water supply mode in order to completely eradicate the transformation of water pollution;

The industrial production and living water;

The water supply system of urban middle long distance water pressure station, regional water supply pressure station, high regional concentration of pressurized water supply station.

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