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The sale of Taihu Su too small Aberdeen sows two yuan of new Huai Meishan Tibetan Beijing black pig fry survival package package

This year for the national farm breeding market supply in sows, sows, Sutai binary sows, sows, sows, new Huai Mei Shan large ears and black pig boar breeding, Wumart excellent price, quality assurance, the agency of all transport and quarantine procedures, the delivery (except special area), welcome friends to come to our country farming households base to negotiate purchase phone 15252891650 (the price is for reference only, the actual price in order to answer the call.)

discount 70% in 2018-09-23 to 2018-09-25
price: USD$ 840.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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The sale of purebred Taihu sows Sutai Meishan Beijing Black Swine sows piglets two new Huai Yuan three yuan Miao Zi pig breeding sows.

You shoot Zhumiao before please read the terms carefully:
A: about half a day ahead of schedule seedlings.
Two: adopt passenger shuttle bus, railway or air consignment. (agreed by the parties on the mode of transportation, the destination station)
Three: Zhumiao during the shipping process by the seller is responsible for the occurrence of death, death or return money Zhumiao bumiao. The buyer shall be responsible for any problem after the customer has received the vaccine.
Four: we will retain the delivery of shipping documents, through the Taobao mobile phone text messages to inform customers and want to go to the airport or train station. The buyer does not accept the goods, or delayed delivery caused by death, the seller does not refund. (after buying, please note that we notice, do not accept the end notice or other excuse).
Five: in order to prevent unnecessary disputes, if the buyer pick up the amount of goods, varieties, or death, etc., need to be confirmed in the shipper's staff, promptly contact the seller to deal with. Pick up, leave the train station, or the airport no longer accepted.
Six: because the market changes greatly, please contact the customer service inquiry before shooting, directly photographed not shipped oh!

In order to avoid unnecessary disputes, to prevent a few people from malicious orders, to reject or reject the receipt of goods, the above provisions shall be formulated. Hope that under the Taobao rules, fair trading, hope to cooperate with you for a long time!
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Beijing black pig medium-term growth rapidly, from the conservation period to 90kg listed daily weight gain 700g level, and deposition of proteins to form a carcass lean meat; meticulous, bone mass is small, moderate fat, lean meat rate of up to 57%~58%; white fat, lean red meat, fine texture, surface dry, marble uniform and rich in water well, no PSE and DFD. Especially noteworthy is that the intramuscular fat is more than 3% (90kg body weight), and the meat is rich in flavor.
One of the characteristics of Taihu sows is thatHigh reproductive performance. Taihu sows high performance famous in the world, is our country and even the world fertility breeds the strongest, one of the most excellent varieties of litter amount, especially in Meishan, the highest two Erhualian pigs. An average of 12 primiparous sows, average more than 16 pigs, three fetal above, every child can produce 20 head, the litter size was excellent26The head, the highest record ever produced42Head. Taihu pig Aberdeen strong, milkability, lie and cautious, can reduce the pressure of piglets. The feeding rate and breeding rate of piglets are higher
Su Tai sows have more litter and faster growth rateLean meat percentageHigh, coarse feed, fresh meatThe United States and other fine features, can be used as production three yuanLean type pigFemale parent.
Sutai sow body hair black, medium ear earlobe move the bottom of a clear head, wrinkles, mouth long and straight, stout limbs, waist straight, abdomen small, plump hindquarters, has obvious characteristics of lean type pig.
Su Tai sow 7 month old weight 116.31 kg, boar 8 month old weight 126.56 kg; fattening pig weight 25-90 kg stage, daily gain 623.12 grams, feed utilization rate 3.18, up to 90 kg body weight, age 178.90 days.
Sutai pigIt weighs 90 kilogramsSlaughter rate72.88%, averagebackfat thickness2.33 cm, eye muscle area 29.03 cm2,carcassLean meat percentage55.98%。

The average number of nipples was over 7, the mating age was 6~7 months, the boars were 7~8 months old, the average farrowing rate of primiparous sows was 11.68, and the weaning piglets were weaned at 35 days oldPiglet10.06 head, 60 day old piglet weight 184.31 kg, the average litter size of sows 14.45, 35 day old weaned piglets bred 11.80 head, 60 day old piglet weight 216.25 kg.
Cross breeding between Landrace sows and Landrace boars resulted in a body weight of 90 kg and carcass weight at 164.43 days oldLean meat percentageIt can reach more than 60%, average nest sizeLean meat contentUp to 487.08%.
So too can sow feeding in most areas of our country, the appropriate scale of pig farms, breeding specialized households, farmers
Under the condition of feeding mainly with green feed, the average daily gain of finishing pigs at 2~6 months old was 490g, and the weight gain of each kilogram was 3.65kg and 2.47kg, and the finishing pigs weight was 80 to 90kg. When the body weight was 87kg, the slaughter rate was 7l%, the fat thickness was 3.5cm, the eye muscle area was 25cm2, the leg hip ratio was 25%, and the lean meat percentage was about 45%. Adult weight of new Huai pig, boar 244.2kg, sow 185.22kg. Sexual maturity was earlier and sexual behavior was about 3 month old in male gilts. The number of 10.5 primiparous sows farrowing sows, litter size 15.23.
24 hours hotline: 15252891650