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20W35W50W ceramic heating core with inner heating core and soldering iron core

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Internally heated heating core
Product specification size:
20W outside diameter 4mm length 85mm
35W outside diameter 5mm length 101mm
50W outside diameter 5.5mm length 112mm
The choice of electric iron: Generally speaking, the choice of electric iron is the choice of electric iron power. The power of the electric iron should be determined by the size of the welding point, the area of the solder joint is large, and the heat dissipation speed of the solder joint is also fast, so the power of the electric iron should be larger.
Application and maintenance of electric iron
1. the use voltage of electric iron is 220-240V, the use is to check, check whether the power supply is in line with the rated voltage. When the power line is connected to the handle, don't turn the line with the handle so as to avoid the short circuit!
2. electric iron can not be used in easy and corrosive gas environment, and can not be struck at any time, especially after power on, so as to avoid cycle phase and shorten the life.
3. electric iron is usually used rosin or solder paste as flux, disable hydrochloric acid, so as not to damage the components, after using a number of times, the copper head should be removed from the oxide layer, so as to avoid the long time can not take out the phenomenon!
4. found that copper head can not tin, the copper head surface oxide layer removed and continue to use, do not put the electric iron and wet place, so as not to damp leakage!
5. the use of electric iron must make the ground wire according to the diagram, the grounding wire device must be close to the ground, the insulation layer of the power line found damage should be replaced in time, in order to ensure safety!
The 6. electric iron is used to heat the solder, so that the electronic components can be connected and disconnected. The function of welding is to connect the circuit and fix the machine.
Correct use of electric iron
1. The low melting spot welding tin wire for welding electronic components should be selected when choosing suitable soldering tin.
2, flux, with 25% of rosin dissolved in 75% alcohol (weight ratio) as a flux.
3, the use of electric iron before tin, the specific method is: the electric iron heat, to be able to melt the solder, coated with soldering flux, and then the electric iron head uniform paste solder.
4, welding method, the pads and components of the pin with fine sandpaper polished, coated with soldering flux. Solder the solder with the iron head and contact the solder joint. When the solder on the solder joint is melted and immersed in the head of the component, the electric iron head is lifted up and away from the solder joint along the pin of the component.
5, welding time should not be too long, or easy to burn components, if necessary, tweezers can be used to clamp the foot to help dissipate heat.
6, solder joints should be sinusoidal crest shape, surface should be smooth and smooth, Wuxi thorns, moderate amount of tin.
7, after welding, alcohol should be used to clean the residual flux on the circuit board, so as to prevent the flux from carbonization and affect the normal operation of the circuit.
8, the integrated circuit should be finally welded, electric iron to be reliable grounding, or after the use of waste heat welding. Or the use of integrated circuit socket, welding socket, and then plug in the integrated circuit.
9, electric iron should be placed on the iron rack.
Warm prompt: the soldering iron head and the soldering iron core belong to the consumable, therefore, in the warranty scope, it is recommended that the customer buy more spare parts, and use 1 times is bad, it is not a very surprising thing! Because it happens occasionally in hot wire! Especially the novice, feel wronged by the day: "pro, this thing in the electric iron industry is very normal.". We do not provide consumables after sale, buy before to consider clearly, suggest a few replacement!"