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Wholesale floor heating pipe, kart Extrusion board, U shape clip, benzene board plastic nail 16 fixed nail, floor heating U nail PF

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Plastic card nail for floor heating pipe of extruded board

XPS extruded board floor heating dedicated card nails, is light, durable, cheap and good products

Raw material: Polypropylene

Use: floor heating pipe and heating cable fixed, used for extruded board and polystyrene board

Temperature: -20 degrees c~120 degrees C

Spacing: average 25cm is recommended to use 1

Specification: inner diameter 16-20mm

Color: Black

Packing: 10000 / pouch 1000 one package

Characteristic´╝ÜThe fixing way of the floor heating pipe is mainly fixed by the clip nails, and the use of the clamping pin makes the fixing of the floor heating pipe more rapid and convenient.

Plastic pin is a common device used in fixed heating tubes

Fixed pipe is simple and easy to handle

Pinning is very common in fixed heating tubes

Fixed pipe is easy, manual operation is simple

In the case of 20Kg/m = density of extruded plate, use card nail is strong

Specifications are: Phi 16, Phi 20

Plastic nail intuitive

There are two pairs of inverted teeth

Among them, two pairs of inverted teeth plastic nail use advantage is most obvious

The design of the mechanical angle of the inverted gear is reasonable

The strongest inversion force

The nail tip can be inserted into the reflective film and the extrusion plate smoothly

Good toughness

After the insulation layer is inserted, the two pairs of inverted teeth are rapidly opened

To achieve maximum tensile force

Plastic nail

It has fast construction speed

Because the proportion is small, light weight

It is easy to transport and transport

The nail is not broken, no flying thorn, no defective goods
Manual insertion, feel comfortable, press opponents will not hurt

The tip has good toughness and penetrating power and can easily penetrate the insulation layer
Barb quickly opened and closed solid heat pipe installation
The normal use is stable at -10 - 60 degrees
Good integrity, folding up and down, left and right bending constantly

The plastic nail is designed with U type, and the U opening distance is determined according to the diameter of the floor heating pipe, which is generally 3.5 - 4.0cm, slightly larger than the half diameter of the nail. The design mainly uses the elasticity of the nail itself to make the nail nail have an outward elasticity. During construction, the construction staff will pinch the U end of the nail with a pinch of hand, so that the U opening distance of the clip is basically the same as the diameter of the pipe, and inserted into the extruded plate along the tube wall.

The friction between the steel wire and the extrusion plate is greatly increased by the tension itself, so as to prevent the pin from ejecting from the extrusion plate.

My shop sells plastic studs with high hardness and good toughness;

The mechanics performance of low temperature resistant, barbed design.
The plastic nail has special color bag packing, which has beautiful appearance and convenient transportation.
I store card nails manufacturers direct purchase, sufficient stock, long-term stable supply, please rest assured to buy.
One meter tube with 5-10 go kart, 10 meter tube with 50-100 go kart,
100 meters of pipe with 500-1000 go kart, and so on.
They are sold in small quantities and sold in weighing.
These materials are sold at cost