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Direct selling EAST rack type UPS uninterruptible power supply EA903SRT built-in battery 3KVA backup power supply

Server, memory, office terminal, broadband access, precision instrument, automation equipment and so on are applied to small computer room, business hall and laboratory

discount 70% in 2018-10-20 to 2018-10-22
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High frequency pure online double conversion EA900RT series is full of intelligent UPS products using high speed CPU control, high frequency inverter using the advanced control technology, to provide low distortion pure sine wave output of load for the customer, to create the best environment for users of electricity; have perfect detection and protection function; small volume, weight light weight, high working efficiency. The product has a wide selection of communication port, communication interface with conventional RS232 monitoring software, collocation of humanization design, can facilitate the realization of monitoring the use of UPS, the optional SNMP network adapter card or RS485 card or AS400 card; using LED or LCD display panel display, allowing users to intuitively understand the running status of UPS the. EA900 series UPS with surge absorption, zero power conversion, strong anti-jamming design and reasonable battery management technology, high quality and high reliability, is the best choice for commercial power protection server, PC server and peripheral equipment, communication and network equipment, home office computers and other sophisticated electronic equipment etc..

intelligent management
 It has the function of fault self diagnosis and self-protection. The fault information is clear at a glance, and the maintenance work is easy and quick. Parallel three stage charging design, regular battery self-test, monitoring the battery status.
 Provide RS232/SNMP monitoring interface, monitoring software with power event recording and analysis functions, multiple networking solutions, support TCP/IP protocol, can realize remote monitoring and management

Stable and reliable

 Based on the fully digital control technology of DSP, the control circuit is simplified, and the flexibility and reliability of the circuit are higher.
 The system is more stable, including short circuit, overload, overheat, output over voltage protection and wave by wave current limiting technology.
 Power device design margin is large, the system is more reliable operation.

Green environmental protection

 Built in EMC filter and double surge protection, load power is safer.
 The high input power factor has little pollution to the power grid.
 PFC input power factor correction technology reduces the input harmonic current and reduces the pollution to the power grid.
 Comply with ROHS requirements, meet the high electromagnetic compatibility standard ClassB.

High efficiency and energy saving

 Isolation and filtering of various harmonics and faults in power grid by pure online double conversion design.
 Provide the best power supply quality.
 With the ECO economic working mode selection function, reduce energy consumption, operation efficiency of more than 94% intelligent fan speed regulation, reduce noise and save energy consumption.
 High power density design, small space occupation, higher efficiency of the whole machine.

Flexible and applicable

 Rack type and tower compatible design, 19 inch rack and tower installation arbitrary.
 220V, 50Hz/60Hz power standard can be flexibly set up by panel.
 LCD display mode of random shelf or tower installation, free rotation, convenient for users to view.
 Simply increase the backup time by increasing the battery module.

Special design

 The output power factor is 0.9, which is 13% higher than that of the conventional model.
 Ultra wide grid voltage / frequency input range, convenient for fuel generator access, avoid battery frequent discharge, extend battery life.
 DC cold start function, can use battery boot, convenient emergency standby power supply.
 Switch function of combination key mode to avoid user misoperation.

Intelligent monitoring accessories

 SNMP card: remote monitoring management based on TCP/IP protocol.
 AS400 card: dry contact signal output card.
 USB card: monitoring management based on single machine communication.
 RS485 card: 485 communication based on MODBUS protocol.

Intelligent monitoring

 The system can realize the remote monitoring and control of the working state of UPS, and has the functions of telemetry, remote control, remote control, automatic alarm, etc.. In the production operation according to the actual situation, adjust the management methods, but also reduce the burden for the production of front-line duty personnel, completely resolved in the past by manual inspection and artificial log production mode by computer completely automatic all-weather processing, but also to avoid the security risks caused by human reason.

Adaptive 50/60Hz power supply system

 Automatic identification and adaptation of 50Hz/60Hz power supply system to meet different power system requirements.

Frequency conversion function

 Support 50Hz input /60Hz output and 60Hz input /50Hz output frequency conversion mode, to meet the special needs of users

Panel setting function

 ECO setting.
 The EOD point of the battery can be flexibly set up by the panel, and the utilization ratio of the battery can be maximized.
 Output voltage setting 208V/220V/230V/240V.
 CF frequency conversion mode setting.
 Output frequency setting in OPF frequency conversion mode.