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EAST UPS power EAST EA66160 modular UPS power 160KVA single module 20.25 two kinds

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Introduction of EAST EA660 Series modular UPS


The EA660 series is easy to launch a new three three modular UPS, modular product design and N+X parallel redundancy technology, product coverage and capacity 20KVA to each power segment between the 250KVA module; the internal use of "modular" design, both to ensure the layout of the compact and increase the reliability of the whole machine and cabinet room module; the design of hot swap. EA660 series UPS uses 5.7 inch touch screen LCD design and menu architecture, through LCD can monitor all kinds of information of UPS, make all operations clear at a glance. EA660 series UPS has an independent intelligent charging module; the number of each battery segment of the external battery pack can be selected from 40 to 32.



Power range:

20KVA - 250KVA80-250K图片


Application domain:

Data processing center, computer room, telecommunications, finance, securities, transportation, taxation, medical treatment, industrial automation




4.1, the basic composition of EA660 series products

EA660 Series modular UPS system is composed of power module, charging module, system monitoring module, cabinet and battery pack.

1): power module power module is the core part of the whole system, which already has a complete function of UPS power module; the input power by the unstable internal rectifier, PFC power factor correction circuit, inverter into pure, stable power supply to the load power supply.

The following diagram:



Its characteristics are:

2 online dual conversion design to ensure output quality;

2 each module has independent digital intelligent control;

2 each module can work independently;

2 each module has an independent bypass system;

2) charging module: EA660 system is equipped with independent intelligent charging module, using full digital control, single charging module maximum charging current 30A, providing intelligent battery management and perfect protection function, extend the battery life. The following diagram:充电模块


Its characteristics are:

2 the charging voltage and current can be adjusted according to the number and capacity of the external battery;

The 2 section has three unique charging mode, the first stage constant current charging, second stage floating charge cycle, the third stage floating;

2 with battery reverse protection, overcharge protection, short circuit protection, charging voltage and temperature compensation, and the battery does not prompt and other functions;

2 charging module can be used in parallel redundancy, the maximum can provide 60A charging current;

3) monitoring module: the monitoring module is equipped with 5.7 inch touch screen, the UPS status display is clear, the tedious key operation is saved, and the maintenance is convenient and quick. The monitoring module can conveniently query the working status of UPS, the real-time parameters of input and output, the state of charger and battery, and can store 3700 historical records simultaneously.监控模块



4) cabinet: the cabinet of EA660 consists of distribution unit, lightning protection unit, communication interface and connection terminal;

Distribution unit: input, output and maintenance bypass switch; 200KVA system (20KVA module) and 250KVA system (25KVA module) do not contain power distribution unit.

Lightning protection unit: using C lightning protection module;

Communication interface: Standard RS232, USB, RS485, dry contact; optional SNMP card;


5) battery pack: all modules share the battery pack

The dual battery input circuit architecture and advanced control strategy are adopted, and the parallel system share the same set of batteries completely. Compared with the common battery system, the battery cost is greatly reduced.


4.2, EA660 Series modular UPS main features

2 ultra wide input voltage and frequency range

The input voltage range is 204Vac ~ 520Vac, 277Vac ~ (a) 520Vac (full), suitable for large city power grid fluctuations, reduce the battery discharge times, thereby prolonging the service life of the battery;

The input frequency range is 40 ~ 70Hz, which meets all kinds of generator equipment;

2 Super LCD touch screen

Using 5.7 inch touch screen LCD design and menu architecture, through LCD can monitor all kinds of information UPS, so that all operations at a glance.

2 modular design

Modular design, module capacity of 20KVA/25KVA, UPS system consists of 1 to 10 UPS modules, 1 to 2 charging modules, 1 monitoring modules, the user can gradually increase the number of UPS modules according to the load input. "Hot swap" technology is adopted between each module and cabinet. All modules can be hot plugged online to achieve "zero" overhaul time.

2 decentralized bypass control

Each power module has an independent bypass function to avoid single point bottlenecks in the centralized bypass;

2 flexible system configuration

Our company has 80KVA, 100KVA, 160KVA, 200KVA, 250KVA system, users can flexibly configure; for the future expansion of equipment, as long as the user first installed, will switch left margin and cable, when the load increases again as long as the purchase of UPS module can be UPS capacity expansion, completely avoid the traditional UPS for the first time the shortcomings of the large equipment investment, truly "edge edge growth investment, saving valuable funds for users.

2 flexible charging parameter setting and battery configuration

According to the requirements, the user can set up the key charging parameters such as the number of batteries, the number of batteries, the battery capacity, the charging rate and the temperature compensation coefficient through the LCD screen. The number of battery battery group can within section 16/17/18/19/20 of arbitrary configuration, note: the battery must be.

2 smart battery management

Independent intelligent charging module, automatic battery charging for three stages of intelligent management. The first stage constant current charging, fast charging back to about 90% of the electricity; second phase high voltage charging circuit, the battery voltage can homogenize and charge the battery completely; third stage floating maintenance, ensure no loss of power. At the same time, the charging module also batteryreverse protection, overcharge protection, short circuit protection, battery charging and missed prompt voltage temperature compensation function;

2 standard input, output, maintenance bypass switch

Standard input, output, maintenance bypass switch, easy installation, operation, while reducing the user purchasing power distribution cabinet cost, occupation area;

2 standard C lightning protection module

With lightning protection and other surge protection function, effectively prevent lightning damage equipment;

2 Super protective treatment

The air inlet machine design with dustproof net imports, the internal PCB board adopts three processing, moisture-proof, anti mildew, smoke, to ensure it is applicable to a variety of harsh environment;

2 rich communication interface function

Standard USB, RS232, RS485, dry contacts, matching SNMP card, to meet the user's various communication needs.


4.3, EA660 Series modular UPS technical advantages

Technology superiority, high reliability design

1、 The power module adopts independent control system to improve the reliability of the system

The module has a complete set of UPS functions, rectifier, inverter and control in one, without external synchronization control signals or other means of control, the module can work normally, single point bottleneck exists to reduce the system operation and control, improve the reliability of the whole machine.















2、 UseN+XRedundancy parallel technology to improve the reliability of the system

UPSThe reliability of single redundant MTBF = increase

EA660 series of modular UPS system uses N+X modular redundancy and machine technology, eliminate single points of failure bottlenecks in the system, UPS system is currently the main way to improve the reliability; at the same time customers can choose more than one to more than two module redundancy, redundancy design full load operation security;

The diagram below is the electrical structure diagram of the modular system. From the diagram below, we can see that the power module adopts the N+X redundancy design:



Traditional single machine, N+1Redundant and modular UPSReliability comparison:



Traditional single machine

N+1 redundant parallel machine

modular UPS

Work characteristics

After the UPS system fails, the customer must switch to bypass or even shutdown for maintenance;

The UPS system only one fault rate, where a UPS appointment after the failure, the customer must promptly rushed to the scene for troubleshooting; in addition, the number of single parallel UPS increase, and will cause the machine line and increase circulation, and reduce the system reliability;

Using N+X architecture, the client can choose more than one to more than two module redundancy, redundancy design comprehensive protection load operation; in addition, all power modules in a cabinet system, without any additional and machine line;



1 times






Technical advantages two, green environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving


1Green environmental protection, reduce procurement costs


The EA660 series uses IGBT average current control technology, the load changes from 10%-100%, the PF is greater than 0.99, THDI less than 3%, no interference on the power grid, is truly green power.

Its topology is shown in the following picture:













 IGBTRectifying waveform          traditionSCR 6Pulse rectification waveform      traditionSCR 12Pulse rectification waveform

Input harmonic current: less than 3% input harmonic current: > 30% input harmonic current: > 10%

Input power factor: 0.99 input power factor: 0.85 input power factor: 0.90


The higher the input power, the smaller the input harmonic current can greatly save the user's cost, mainly in the following aspects:

1, reduce the UPS power supply front-end transformer and generator matching capacity, improve the utilization of power generation and transmission equipment;

2, reduce the input cable specifications and switching capacity;

3, reduce the power transmission and equipment reactive power loss;

4. Reduce the misoperation of power equipment caused by harmonic current.


Calculate in accordance with the capacity of UPS configured with 100KVA:

The generator capacity of EAST EA66100 (100KVA) is 1.2:1, 1.2 x 100KVA=120KVA

The generator capacity of some brands 100KVA at home and abroad is 3:1, 3 x 100KVA=300KVA

Therefore, EAST products only need 120KVA generator at home and abroad, some brands need to configure a 300KVA generator, thus increasing the cost of the user 180KVA generator.




2High efficiency and energy saving, reduce operation cost


EA660 series UPS uses three level vector modulation technology, reduces the switching losses within the device, so as to enhance the efficiency of the whole machine, the work efficiency is more than 93%.

The higher the efficiency of the machine, the lower the operating cost of the user; on the contrary, the lower the efficiency, it will increase the operating costs;



EAST EA660 series machine efficiency is 93%, some domestic and foreign brand power machine efficiency is 88% (loss, SCR rectifier input loss, harmonic filter control method reduces the overall efficiency)

Taking 100KVA UPS as an example, according to each UPS runs 24 hours a day, electricity 1.5 yuan / kWh calculation, the efficiency was 88% UPS per year to pay electricity: 0.05*100000*0.8*24*365*1.5=5.2 million;

Therefore, if we use our EA660 series UPS, we can save 52 thousand yuan per year;


Technology advantages three, flexible configuration, on-demand expansion, dynamic growth;

EA660 UPS for the whole series of modular design, the system capacity can be extended from 20KVA to 250KVA, the design concept of power module is running in the system can easily be removed and installed, without affecting the operation and output of the system;

If the user in accordance with the pre modular UPS maximum system capacity configuration of switch and cable, when the load increase later, only need to buy the power module, the UPS can be expanded to the power required, completely avoid the traditional UPS for the first time, the shortcomings of the large equipment investment, make the investment plan to achieve "on-demand expansion". Let the user with business development to achieve "dynamic growth", not only meet the demand expanded equipment, but also reduce the initial purchase cost.

In general, the user is expected in UPS capacity, often appear to underestimate or high expected conditions, EA660 Series modular UPS can effectively solve the above problem, construction and investment stages to help users in the future development direction is not clear case. When the user load needs to be increased, the power module can only be increased according to the planning phase.



A room, the load is 60KVA, 1 years after the load capacity of up to 80KVA; 2 years after the load capacity of up to 120KVA; 3 years after the load capacity of up to 160KVA, the subsequent increase in load capacity.

Traditional UPS has two configuration schemes:

1, according to the customer's actual load configuration UPS, the results are as follows: 60KVA1; 20KVA1; 40KVA1; 40KVA1 Taiwan, a total of 4 sets of UPS configuration, and each configuration of the UPS need UPS placement, and the configuration and installation of input and output cable, the UPS and the installation cost is much higher than buy a the cost of 160KVA.

2, according to the following maximum load capacity configuration UPS, therefore, need to configure a 160KVA UPS, but due to the current load power is 60KVA, the load rate is 37%, the efficiency was 78%, with 88% full load efficiency is 10%,Electricity costs increased by about 63 thousand a yearIn addition, 100KVA's UPS procurement costs have been sluggish for a year.



Modular UPS configuration scheme:

According to the following maximum load capacity, the configuration of a 160KVA system cabinet, 4 20KVA power module (1 redundant backup) 60KVA+1 configuration cost, improve the efficiency and save the cost of procurement early, with the subsequent load power increases, the direct purchase of power module, without increasing the area and installation;


Technical advantage four, easy maintenance and intelligent management design

1MTTR(Average repair time)Close to0


The traditional UPS system are taken to bypass work in daily maintenance, equipment maintenance period, so the load not protected by UPS, at this time if the AC power interruption and overload fault, will cause the load power supply interruption or equipment damage. At the same time, equipment maintenance also needs to go through a series of cumbersome procedures: system administrators notify manufacturers - manufacturers rushed to the maintenance site - power outage maintenance. The maintenance time of conventional UPS is more than 2 hours, even more than 1 days.

In order to solve the problems existing in the maintenance of traditional UPS, EA660 series UPS adopts advanced module hot swap technology,Charging module, system monitoring module, power moduleHot plug can be online, without power cut operation. The online parallel system maintenance, at the same time the operation without special instruments and techniques can be carried out, the general maintenance time will be able to solve the problem in 1 minutes.

EA660 series UPS through the hot swap technology makes the single power module can be any online input or exit, to overcome the traditional UPS to bypass maintenance technical problems, make the maintenance convenient at the same time achieve the UPS abnormal, free expansion and redundant two performance, fully meet the actual needs of users.


2In English, large screen display, can display the parameters of input and output, batteries, rectifier, bypass, and the work of the whole state, historical records, battery management and other functions, to facilitate maintenance personnel maintenance operation;







3Intelligent monitoring management

Monitoring module with RS232, USB, RS485, dry contacts and other communication interface to monitor the UPS running state. With remote SNMP network management (accessories) and other functions, support TCP/IP protocol to achieve remote network management. With UPS SMS alarm management platform, through the mobile phone GSM network can send text messages to the administrator alarm. Support flexible and diverse networking program, convenient anytime, anywhere supervision and management of UPS.






4.4, EA660 Series modular UPS technical parameters




160KVA (maximum capacity expansion to 160KVA)



Rated input voltage


The load is less than or equal to 50%


50% < < 70% load


70% < < 100% load


Input mode

Three phase five wire

Input power factor


Total harmonic distortion (THDI)


Rated frequency

50Hz/60Hz adaptive

frequency range


Bypass voltage range

380Vac + 20% (can be set)


output power


60KVA (composed of 3 20KVA modules)



Rated voltage


Steady state voltage accuracy


Dynamic voltage transient range

5% (0 ~ 100% load change)

Total harmonic distortion (THDV)

= 1% (resistive load) = 4% (nonlinear load);

DC component of output voltage


Peak coefficient of output voltage


output frequency

City power mode: synchronous with city power; battery mode: 50Hz/60Hz

Frequency tracking rate


Phase locking precision

1 degree (power frequency 45 ~ 55Hz, steady state)

Inverter overload capability

110% < < 130% load, 10 minutes after the bypass; 130% < load is less than 150%, 1 minutes after the turn bypass; load > 150%, 0.5s bypass

Bypass overload capacity

150%, long time operation; more than 150%, for 10s

Electric mode vs. battery mode


Bypass mode vs. power mode



Working efficiency of the whole machine


Battery section number

12V40 section (support for 32,34,36,38 section)

Maximum charging current


Number of parallel modules


From 1 to 8


Redundant module number


From 0 to 7


Operating temperature range


Working altitude

< 1500m (used above this height minus)

Working relative humidity


Storage temperature


Noise 1 meters away from the surface




Electrostatic release

IEC61000-4-2 Level3

Persistent electromagnetic susceptibility

IEC61000-4-3 Level3

Voltage flash compatibility

IEC61000-4-4 Level3

Surge interference

IEC61000-4-5 Level4

Electromagnetic interference (EMI)


Size of UPS cabinet

(width, depth, height, height)



UPS module size

(width, depth, height, height)


UPS cabinet weight




UPS module weight

28KG (single UPS module)



Control panel

5.7 inch multi function LCD touch screen

Sound alarm

Battery mode alarm, alarm when the battery is very low, fan fault alarm, etc.


USB, RS232, RS485, dry contact (standard)


SNMP card

Built in distribution unit