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Cast iron platform cast iron plate heavy cast iron platform customized special offer cast iron test crossed fitter welding platform

discount 70% in 2018-09-26 to 2018-09-28
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Cast iron platform

Cast iron plate (cast iron platform)Uses:Cast iron platform can be used to test machine parts flatness,Parallel degree,Measuring datum of straightness and other tolerance,Can also be used for precision parts marking and measurement,Experiment,rivet and solder,welding,Basics,Working table, etc.,Scraping and grinding process is adopted in the working face.,Working face can design round hole,Rectangular hole,Square hole,TGroove,UGroove,VGroove.

 Assembly platformLocksmith: mainly used for fixed workpiece,Fitter workers used to debug the equipment,Assembly equipment,Maintenance equipment essential platform.Usually it has a long life,As long as the cast iron assembly platform2Years or even longer,So the proper use and storage plays an important role in its life.

 Crossed platformpurposeApplicable to all kinds of inspection work, datum plane for accuracy measurement. Scribing platform for machine tool mechanical inspection reference. The crossed platform checks the dimensional accuracy or behavioral deviation of the parts and makes a precise marking. Scribing platform is also an indispensable basic tool in machinery manufacturing.

 Inspection platformPurpose: the measuring platform can be used for measuring benchmark testing of mechanical parts flatness, parallelism, straightness tolerances, measurement platform is used for professional reference measuring flatness detection, measurement platform is mainly used for standard and check the workpiece, form and position deviation of the data, and then draw the precision inspection line, easy to processing. Measurement platform is an indispensable basic equipment in machine tools, electronic manufacturing and other industries. The measuring platform can also be used for precision parts marking and measurement, experiment, welding, welding, base table etc.. 

Welding platformPurpose: the welding process used for the workpiece and welding plate, no holes above working face is a plane orTType slot.

 Cast iron Maohan platformpurpose;Is a table of welding workers welding, use of welding platform is to provide a reference plane for welding work, easy welding.

 Test platform (test plate)Use: mainly used for mechanical, motor, engine power experiment, with good plane stability and toughness. Surface withTType slot and bolt hole, can be used to fix the experimental equipment.

 How cast iron platform acceptance:

1The working surface should not have the appearance defects of rust, scratches, bumps and other effects of use.

2There should be no sand holes, pores, cracks, slag inclusion and shrinkage defects in the working surface. The surface should be clean and smooth surface, sand casting, paint firm. Edges of each edge should be repaired. Below the accuracy level"00On the flat working face, the diameter is less than15mmThe sand holes allow the same material to be blocked, and its hardness should be less than the hardness of the surrounding material. In the working face of the blockage should not be more than four places, the distance between them should not be less than80mm

3And the two opposite side surfaces, should be provided with screw holes or cylindrical hole mounting handle, rings and other lifting facilities. Design lifting position should consider minimizing the change caused by hoisting.

4According to the requirements of the user, the working face of the board set threaded holes or grooves, these parts should not appear higher than the work surface bulge.

5Should adopt high quality fine material gray cast iron or alloy cast iron manufacturing.

6The hardness of the working face shall beHB 170-220

7And the working face should be used for shaving process "3The working surface of the flat plate can also adopt the planing technology, and the surface roughness of the planing working surface is calculated by the arithmetic average deviation of the contour.RaValue should not be greater thanm

8Should be treated by stability and demagnetization.


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