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Japanese YAMAWA U5/16-183/8-161/4-2010-2432 stainless steel titanium spiral screw

Japanese YAMAWA U5/16-183/8-161/4-2010-2432 stainless steel titanium spiral screw machine taps, quality assurance, the price is high

discount 70% in 2018-10-18 to 2018-10-20
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1.The difference between the spiral wire tapping and the ordinary hand wire tapping is that the groove of the ordinary hand wire attack is linear, while the spiral wire attack is spiral. When the screw thread is used to attack the tooth, the iron filings can be easily discharged from the hole by the spiral rotation of the spiral groove, so as to avoid the residual iron or the blockage in the groove, and cause the edge breaking of the wire tapping and breaking, so that the life of the wire tapping can be increased and the thread with high precision can be cut out. Spiral wire tapping is suitable for cutting high toughness materials, but not suitable for fine chips such as cast iron.

2.The end wire tapping has the same straight groove as the general hand tapping, but there is a specially designed spiral groove at the front of the cutting part to rotate the pushing chip out of the hole. Because the tip wire has the function of rotating the chip, it can not only keep the groove clean and reduce the resistance during cutting, but also avoid the damage caused by chip jam. Therefore, the end wire tapping can be used to cut the high precision thread faster than the ordinary hand tapping.

3.Extrusion wire tapping is the use of plastic forming method, in the lower hole pressure grinding so that the cutting material uplift and thread formation. Because there is no chip, there is no chip removal groove, so also called no groove(Chip)Wire tapping. This thread will not damage threads or wires because of chip clogging and other problems. Suitable for extrusion screw tap with thermoplastic materials such as aluminum, copper, zinc, brass and low carbon steel,The cutting parts of extrusion wire tapping have four teeth and two teeth two kinds. When the extrusion wire is used, the size of the lower hole must be chosen to meet the requirement of accuracy, so as to extrude the high precision and high quality thread.

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