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Packaging belt for minicomputer, PP belt for microcomputer, desktop packaging belt for machine, 8mm packing belt price

The packing specification is 0.8*0.5mm, we do 1 kg per roll length can reach 450 meters great number of welcome supervision, this PP packaged with a new white translucent polypropylene production style, the average tension can reach 75kg can completely meet the daily needs of strapping tensile requirements, supporting the main market is selling a small (semi automatic packing machine)

discount 70% in 2018-09-21 to 2018-09-23
price: USD$ 45.50
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Small baler-With kebic packaging professional production and sales of packaging machineKBQ-M200The mini packer is also equipped with the strapping belt for the microcomputer0.8*0.5mmEach volume we do1Kg weight length can be achieved450The number of meters welcome supervision, this typePPThe packing belt adopts new polypropylene raw material to produce white translucent style, the average pulling force can reach75kgCan meet the daily needs of the strapping tensile requirements, supporting the main market are selling (small semi automatic strapping machine) is not limited to the brand, not limited to models, as long as you are a small semi automatic strapping machine, as long as the domestic production of computers, as long as it is in the net18-25kgSmall or small baler can use this onePPPackaging belt for minicomputer.

miniaturePPPackaging belt parameter specification:

Name: small volumePPPacking belt


Width of cloth:15cm

Net weight:1kgPPMaterial)

Gross weight:1.18kgPaper tube+Kraft paper)


Inner diameter of paper tube:10cm

Tube diameter:13.5cm

Color: white translucent

Buy tips: fancy thisPPPacking belt, please consult the business specialist, provide supporting baler information, so as not to cause packaging belt does not match the use, delay your time.

Why is the strapping belt expensive for this minicomputer?

1、If it's a business person who doesn't need my explanation, you know why it's expensive, if it's an outsiderPPWith a kilogram, it's not cheap to use a strapping belt for this minicomputer.

2、The reason why you need one kilogram1Paper rings, this small sizePPIn the production process with slightly out of the wrong formula with material specification is not the same as waste, this micro packing belt is relatively small in winding when the time-consuming production costs are high, so these three factors lead to the tinyPPThe price of the strapping belt is high, but the profit we get is very small.

3、This kind of small size can be produced at presentPPThere are not many packing belt manufacturers, and few of them have the ability to do this kind of small packing belt in China, otherwise they need to be made in TaiwanPPThe small packing belt, the Taiwan small packing belt general price in130-180The number of yuan is small, and the number of manufacturers is not available.

miniaturePPWhy can't a big pack:

1、miniaturePPThe main purpose of the packaging belt is for the micro desktop baler, users who have seen this packer know thisKBQ-M200Weight of mini packer18kgWith the disk is placed one head.

2、If a small strapping belt is heavy, the machine will curl up like a seesaw.

3、If the small packing belt is bigger, the micro machine can not be loaded with the belt, and cannot be packed. The packaging belt is easy to mess in the packaging process, and the packaging belt is easy to run out of the tray.

4、small-scalePPPacking in the production process, if you need to pack around large, very easy to fall out of chaos, good operation, the above is the cause of this mini pack can do1kgMost appropriate.

MinicomputerPPPacking belt delivery date:

1、ThisPPPack because we have fixed users in the use of the company kebic always be prepared inventory sales, welcome the user needs to direct orders, more than the number of100Please give it to us when you roll it5We can arrange the production for you within one working day.