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Jinwushi ST2KS2KVAUPS power off delay 2 hours host server power supply special offer

discount 70% in 2018-10-21 to 2018-10-23
price: USD$ 3276.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Invoice sample:

ST2KS2KVA/1600W online UPS power 2KVA2 hours

Manufacturer: Foshan Xinguang Wang Rui Power Equipment Co. Ltd. 

Configuration list:

1. golden WarriorST2KS A host

2.12V65AH lead-acid battery 6

3.C6 battery box 1

Applicable scope:

The actual load power 2KVA 1600W external 12V65AH battery 6 power can be used for 1600W equipment using delayed more than 2 hours (output wave, 0 pure Xuan switching time)

Installation dimensions:

      C6Battery box UPS host area: length 425MMX width 190MMHigh 328MMUPS host can be put in the battery box, save space

Warranty service:

Host three year warranty, equipped with lead-acid battery warranty for three years, from the mall of UNPROFOR

Logistics and transport:

Because the commodity is heavy, the general delivery choice of logistics delivery (not express), in the process of transportation if the goods damagedBad, responsible for the Golden Knight flagship store, the goods to the logistics department to the county, to prepare the car from mentioning (do not use electric delivery because of heavy goods, the use of electric vehicles loading accident prone!)

Install battery battery cabinet:



Product overview

Jinwushi ST2KVAS (machine) high frequency online UPS power supply is uninterruptible power supply system has the advantages of small volume, high efficiency, advanced and reliable performance. The products are widely used in small and medium-sized enterprise users IT load equipment, basic equipment, especially suitable for Financial Telecommunications, government, transportation, manufacturing, education, medical and other users.

Product features

The wide input voltage and frequency range

Input voltage range (90V-285V), input frequency range (40Hz-60Hz). Even in the electric environment very bad area stabilization

The work in the electric power supply mode, can reduce the number of battery discharge, prolong its service life.

The frequency of the adaptive system

Can be set to the fixed 50Hz or 60Hz system. Or automatically recognize and adapt to 50Hz/60Hz power supply system, to meet theThe different power supply system.

System requirements.

Big blue LCD+LED display screen

Double display rich content, simple operation, more reliability and humanity; the operation panel is provided with a switch protection device, to avoid because ofTouch or error

According to the wrong operation caused by the use of more safe and reliable.

The input active power factor correction (PFC)

Active power factor correction using digital control technology, the high input power factor is more than 0.99, in order to avoid the environmental pollution by grid

Dye, save energy and reduce the costs of the system.

- collocation generator

Input voltage and frequency range, can effectively isolate harmful power generators produced provide pure load, the power supply safety.

- Green

This product conforms to the national pollution control and management of electronic information products, products are not used in normal circumstances on the environment and personal injury.

Customer service guarantee

UPS host power three years warranty; external jinwushi battery 24AH more than three years warranty, warranty for one year following 24AH. The warranty by machine without warranty product serial number, invoice and receipt and other credentials. As long as the Golden Knight brand UPS power, any place we can buy the machine for your warranty, please rest assured to buy.

Note: because manufacturers will have no advance notice to change the product packaging, origin or some accessories, the store can not ensure that customers receive the goods and store pictures, appix. The factory is to ensure that the goods can only be! And that was the same market with new mainstream consensus. If the mall is not updated, please understand!