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51 single chip wireless automotive anti-collision alarm design, vibration ultrasonic kit customized data finished products

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Design of wireless vibration anti-collision anti-theft alarm based on 51 single chip microcomputer

Finished seller welding, debugging good power use  Data all ready to send a full set of information

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This design is vibration anti-theft alarm, video is the body anti-theft alarm, the operation is the same, for reference only!

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Hardware constitution:Single chip microcomputer + minimum system + wireless transceiver module + digital display module + digital tube drive module + ultrasonic module + vibration alarm module + voltage comparator module + buzzer module, +LED indicator module + button module

SCM model:This design is based onSTC89C51/52(andAT89S51/52AT89C51/52General purpose,OptionalSingle chip microcomputer as the main controller. Default STC,If specified, please remark!

  • 1. using four in one digital tube real-time display measurement obstacle distance and alarm value (alarm value can be set button), 74HC573 drive digital tube, so that the display is brighter;
  • 2. using ultrasonic module ranging, measurement range of 0.02m-6m, accuracy of 0.01m;
  • 3. use vibration sensor to detect vibration, detect vibration, that is, alarm;
  • 4. designs are availableTwo modesCollision avoidance modelSecurity modeSwitching mode of blue self lock switch;
  • 5., when someone is in the car, press the blue self-locking switch, that is anti-collision mode, at this timeUltrasonicWhen the distance measurement system works, when the distance is less than the set value (default is 50cm), the owner of the receiving alarm will be audible and visual alarm, prompting the owner attention;
  • 6. when the owners from the car, press the switch for switching blue lock, anti-theft mode, receiving alarm (do not exceed the control range of the wireless module in practical application can be replaced with high power 3000m, the design was simulated, the distance can reach about 10m, sufficient demonstration) at this time.Vibration sensorStart work, when detected vibration, will emit signal, the owner of the receiving alarm will sound and light alarm, prompting the owner has the situation;
  • 7.Three keysFunction: setting, subtraction and addition.
  • Project objective:The car can detect vehicle from the rear obstacle distance in the parking environment, the dangerous distance alarm, prompting the driver vigilance; opened in the anti-theft function, automatic detection, a detection (vibration) into the car, sound and light alarm, notify the owner, to prevent the theft of vehicles.
Package send USB power line by default, please note if battery box is needed! 
1. SCM source program (C language with notes)

2.protues simulation (except for individual simulation)

The 3. principle source file (many formats guarantee can open)

4. product PCB diagram

5. component list

6. production process introduction

7. HD Photo

8. development materials

9. instructions for use

10. function introduction

11. demo video of physical operation

12. debug video

13. welding notes

14. schematic diagram to explain learning video

15. send answer questions skills

16. common problems analysis and explanation

17. simulation learning video and tutorials

18.C language learning video tutorials

19. MCU learning video tutorials

20.proteus7.8 simulation software

21.keil2 and keil4 software installation package

22.protel99se software installation package

23. Altium Designer 15

24.AltiumDesigner learning video and tutorials

3D package library of 25.AltiumDesigner

26. installation instructions for all software

27. lifelong after-sale design

28., the design details of the document (more than 10000 words)

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