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Star front line manufacturer GT racing car 7-DRIVE automotive accelerator accelerator throttle controller

This paragraph is one of the 1 National Day in October 2015. Installed on the electronic accelerator, pull the plug of the original car, and then plug the product in it. Two. High sensitivity intelligent adjustment, any switch instantly let the car into the racing state, three. There are five big patterns, each of which has ten segments for fine-tuning four. The original plug, easy to install five. One hundred kilometers acceleration can be one second ahead of six. Throttle signals can be instantly lifted

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Star front line car accelerator accelerator, car throttle controller bought 500W insurance, product quality assurance, the effect is obvious,Star front line technology accelerator, electronic throttle controller by China Pacific Property Insurance Co underwriting. Policy number: ASHZ55207115Q000011C, the insured amount is 5 million yuan



[seven generation accelerator accelerator]:

This paragraph is the latest October 2015 1 National Day launched new products, performance is twice as strong as the old, ultra-thin metal appearance, and iphone6S as tyrant thin!

Installation theorybright


"Teach you to know the accelerator of electronic accelerator"

Clear and clear, with the assured!

First, the working principle of electronic throttle:

Electronic throttle is a system response by electronic signal, it has changed the previous vehicle throttle cable, a position sensor in the accelerator pedal, the throttle according to the size of the computer to judge the signals transmitted from the sensors, and then control the size of the solar term door opening.

Two, the disadvantages of electronic throttle:

In recent years, due to the requirements of environmental protection and safety, 90% of the new cars adopt the throttle which is controlled by the computer, which is of great significance. But it also has a natural defect, believe that some fans are experienced, electronic door pull slower than solar term solar term taste, especially in the beginning, vehicle acceleration, or when driving in the emergency throttle overtaking, the hysteresis response of the engine often make people feel helpless.

Three, to solve the electronic throttle hysteresis method:

The main problem is the relationship between the electronic system, if light from other mechanical aspects to improve its response, but failed to solve the fundamental problem, finally may have little effect. The only effective way is a direct conversion of automotive electronic system, but according to previous findings, a modified computer can indeed reduce solar term door lag problem, but this way is expensive, targeted is not strong, there are some products should be adjusted, as in a test of the owner of the patient.

Four, the role of electronic accelerator:

This section made by star front line PotentBooster electronic accelerator, the original car electronic throttle signal to strengthen treatment, let the signal arrive at the bus ECU in advance, so there will be a corresponding solar term doorQuickly open, so that the car can always reach the accelerator throttle instant acceleration of pleasure,Increases the responsiveness of the engine by 50%.

Potentbooster its compact plastic appearance, small body makes it easy to install, the original plug easy to improve the response of the engine. Inside the collection of intelligent electronic integrated system, is mainly used to collect the accelerator pedal position sensor signal, the throttle signal rearranged to computer, ECU also made the corresponding precise action, which will improve the response of the engine 50%. The installation is simple and convenient, only the accelerator pedal sensor plug of the original pull off plug can be directly caused by the rapid reaction engine experience pleasure. The whole process does not need to move and other electronic systems of the vehicle, so it will not affect the normal operation of other systems.

[Note: PotentBooster electronic accelerator, in the car, power conversion has over 7 years of experience. In almost all electronic accelerator accelerator models, electronic accelerator used in each models have been sophisticated debugging, making installation models get the best effect]