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YMR1V380100100A voltage regulation of Kodak type /HOYMK Yangming resistor 470-560k ohm solid state regulator

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(1)Characteristics of solid state relay Solid state relay because there is no mechanical contact and other mechanical components, so it's a very high reliability, long service life, in the on and off of the moment no spark, no noise, the switching speed is quite fast, working frequency is quiteHigh. Because of the optical coupler between the input and output of the relay, it also has good anti-interference performance.

Another feature of solid state relay is that the drive voltage and current are very small, that is to say, a small signal to the input can complete the control of the system. Therefore, it can be made fromTTLCMOSDirect drive of digital circuits. So it is widely used in digital programmable device and data processingThe terminal unit of the system and other automatic control systems.

(2)Types of solid state relays According to the load power it controls, the AC solid state relay is distinguished(AC-SSR)Hundred current field relay(DC-SSR
). AC solid state relay can control the switching on and off of AC load power supply, and the output switch device is bidirectional thyristor. The DC solid state relay can control the connection and disconnection of the DC load power supply, and the output switch devices are mostlyHigh power thyristor.

(3)Structure of solid state relay withinThe block diagram of the structure is as follows127As shown. It consists of two parts: the input circuit and the output circuit. The input circuit is an optical corner combiner, which can isolate and control the circuit. The output circuit comprises a trigger circuit and a switch circuit, when the light emitting diode is fused without power, switch output circuit is disconnected when the light emitting diode electroluminescence, lightFused the output signal by amplifying circuit, trigger circuit, the output circuit of the switching element reaches saturation conduction state, thus completing the connection and disconnection of the load circuit

Outline size: 58L×45.0W×28HOutput load voltage: 24-380VAC(Basic type)Output load current: 10A25A40A50A60A80A100AInput control resistor: 470-560kΩ,Vpk: ≤1.5VOff state leakage current: ≤2mABreaking time: ≤10mSDielectric Strength: 2500VACinsulation resistance:1000MΩ/500VDCambient temperature: -30-+75Resettlement mode:Bolt fixing,Explain: 1Load10ARadiators must be installed,40AThe above fan is strongly cooled or cooled.2When using inductive load,Make sure that the output voltage is connected to the varistor,Load voltage1.6-1.9times