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Genuine vacuum cupping Kang Zhu 24 cans of thickened cupping cupping device for household gas tank type 24 Zhukang

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 Note: before making 1 sets of 24 tanks, 18 needle Oh, [the 2 joint +2 b6+2 B7 tank, no needle, is also used to do the product the factory does not have, not our hair less OH]

A set of 54.9 yuan, with 24 cans of [[22, +2] flat tank joint tank, cupping a gun, 18 needle, a connecting pipe, a Book of instructions, Give a piece of scraping board, point diagram, a bottle of 10ml essential oil


This cupping is a plastic tank, the material is [PVC] Oh, not glass

Tank, please know!

Model: B1*24[product material is PVC, non glass, please note before shooting oh

Vacuum gun: 1 handles

Cupping specification:B1:4, B2:4, B3:4, B4:4, B5:2

A, B6:2, B7: 2, small joint tank 2


Tank tools: 24

(size: B17cm, B26.5cm, B36cm, B45cm, B5

4.5cm, B63.5cm, 2.5cm) 0.2cm small error.

Connector: extension tube 1

Needle: 18

Manual: instruction book.







The correct use of cupping methods such as above, shown in Figure 1, where you want to connect after cupping cupping site, lifting pumping gun, shown in Figure 2, you will see the skin slowly uplift, shown in Figure 3 according to the affordability of personal decision cupping efforts size, if you think tank needle [that] red, blue the top of the pain, you can remove the needle for cupping.
Cupping cupping method: after 10-15 minutes or so, as shown in Figure 4, portable yellow lift valve, as shown in Figure 5, gently lifted, vacuum negative pressure reduction, the tank can be taken down. [attention should be paid to not taking a bath within half an hour after cupping, contact with cold water, or electric fan, air blowing and cupping in the cupping position.


24 cans of Kang ZhuProduct description:

Superior quality! Smooth pot mouth! Thick material! That is the jar and the skin

Touch the mouth of the jar! Don't sting the skin! More care for you! Chinese and English

Directions! Unusual!

Only for personal use, and pay attention to disinfection, keep clean, do not cooperate with others

Use, in order to prevent infection!

Model:B1*24 (simple)

Vacuum gun: 1

Tank tools:24


Number of packages per box:10

Packing size (mm):



Characteristics of cupping apparatus:
Beijing Kang Zhu cupping, won the national patent as early as 1995, absorbs the advantages of traditional tank, the use of high-tech means to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional cupping, cupping Chinese old and young. The main features of cupping is the transparent Kang Zhu, the negative pressure in the pot can be adjusted according to the patient's physical condition and disease, easy to observe the changes of skin in the tank, in order to control the cupping time, cupping, compared to the traditional sense of the consistent effect, but the use of more security, no burns of the good, the operation is simple, easily broken, it can be used in hospital, and more widely applicable to the family.