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Custom stainless steel basket, bag filter, water treatment equipment, the sanitary equipment

Customized processing, DIY, environmental protection, water treatment, medical, chemical, beverage and water treatment industry!

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Manufacturers customize all kinds of filter baskets and filters, custom made stainless steel products, please call for details: 15861008844 Liu manager
Bag filter basketSummary

Product introduction


Bag type filter basket made of stainless steel 304, 304L, 316, 316L, carbon steel and titanium welding molding.

The finished products have the characteristics of high strength, high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, uniform crevice, good seepage, easy cleaning and reverse cleaning.

Produced by our factoryBag filter basketIt is produced by CNC machine tools, with uniform hole, firm and firm cylinder roundness error of less than 1mm. It is widely used in water treatment industry, and has made great contributions to the environmental protection of sewage treatment in china.


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Bag filter basket Product drawing 





Filter basketSpecifications





Texture of material

No. 1 basket bag




304 or 316

No. 2 basket bag




No. 3 basket bag




No. 4 basket bag




No. 5 basket bag





Bag filter basketapplication
Bag filter basketCan be used in a variety of heat demand industry, as long as the process can meet the requirements, the following is part of the industry can be applied and the role:
IndustryApplication rangebenefit
petrochemical industryFiltration of lubricating oil, aviation coal and other oil products -- Separation of polymers from benzene
Recycle catalyst, filter catalytic slurry, filter raw material after opening barrel
Safety filtration before product filling - intercept carbon ink and filter aid
Protection - filtration resin, acrylic and viscose - emulsion pump
Low operating costs and energy consumption
Reduce the corrosion of pipeline
The removal of oil and solid substances from water can reduce costs and increase benefits
Reduce processing costs substantially
Avoid product quality fluctuation
PaintingElectrophoresis paint filtration ultrafiltration filtration protection
Degreasing process filtration
Phosphating liquid filtration
Degreasing paint of filter paint cleaning fluid
Filter metal paint, varnish and so on
Improve bonding strength
Improve surface treatment effect
Reduce paint shrinkage and re processing
Prolong the service life of electrophoresis paint
Prevent nozzle clogging
Resin paint inkResin and other raw materials filter to clear the fiber and gel in the coating
Filtration solvent - filtration milling fineness not up to standard particles
Remove particulate impurities after mixing reaction
The removal of Colloidal Coating condensartion
Remove the oil in the paint
- filtration solvent recovery - improve gloss resin
Increase the operation efficiency of ball milling
Instead of expensive chemical treatment
Low operating costs and energy consumption
Upgrade product grade
Food beverageIntercept the carbon ink and filter aid in the sugar making polishing of edible oil
Safety filtration before filling
The filtration of various process water, syrup and other raw materials
Remove impurities from the blending process
Filtration of suspended solids and sediments in beverages
Improve the gloss and purity of finished products
Lower cost of investment
Low operating costs
Improve product quality

Filter cooling water remove impurities in copper foil electrolytic stabilization tank
Pre filtration pure water filtration of chemical pulp
Circulating filtration of wafer grinding wastewater
Filter PCB ink
Oil removal in copper foil manufacture -- pre filtration of membrane filter core

Simple operation
Increase work efficiency
Increase the unity of product quality
Help to implement Six Sigma
Reduce filtration costs
PharmacyRecycle active raw materials and catalysts remove activated carbon
Filtration of medicinal syrup - Extraction of plant extracts
Filtration pH adjustment liquid crystal pre filtration
Recycling valuable materials
Improve drug purity
Improve product quality
Water treatment and membrane industryClean up HVAC system to remove scale or calcification in water pipes
The water filter - filter wastewater treatment chemicals
The pre protection of ultrafiltration membrane and RO membrane prevents the floc and colloidal substance
Pure liquid membrane extraction pre filter - intercept ion exchange resin
Improve heat exchange efficiency and save chemical dosage of resistance agent
Reduce waste water treatment cost effective protective membrane system
Extend the recoil time of membrane system extend the service life of membrane
Metal processingLubricating oil filtration
Coolant circulation filtration
Recycling precious metal - filter workpiece phosphating solution and cleaning
Filtration antirust oil
Ultra fine grinding oil filtration
Cutting fluid and cleaning liquid oil removal
Auxiliary maintenance of oil pH value
Extending the service life of oil products
Improve the accuracy level of metal working
Protect metal working tools
Reduce operation cost and improve machining efficiency
Improve the qualified rate of products

Applicable scope

 Bag filter basketWidely used in precision filtration of paint, beer, vegetable oil, medicine, cosmetics, chemicals, petroleum products, chemicals, electroplating, milk, mineral water, hot solvent, emulsion, industrial water, paint and paint, sugar, syrup, resin, printing ink, industrial waste water, juice, edible oil, wax etc..

Environmental protectionproductservice
 1. Freight transportation
2, after-sales service commitment
  • Shun environmental protection strictly implement the ISO9001 international quality management system standards, on the basis of ensuring the quality of equipment, to provide users with quality services.
  • Environmental protection water treatment processor, filter, electric heater, decontamination device and other environmental protection equipment, one year warranty, life-long maintenance.
  • For non-human causes of quality problems of the equipment, can return, replacement (within 30 days from the effective date of the contract).
  • Environmental protection free technical guidance installation, responsible for equipment debugging.
  • Service tracking: on the basis of the completion of the establishment of user files, regular visits, tracking services, life-long maintenance.
  • After the warranty period, all parts of the equipment can be supplied, only the cost is charged, and the technical update support is provided within three years.

3, payment methods
  • Support Alipay secured transactions.
  • Signing contract and paying 30% advance payment.
  • Deliver the 70% balance on the day of delivery, waiting for the goods can be used at home.
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Jingjiang gallop environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd.(LEACHENVIRONMENT) the design and production of all kinds of bag filters and precision filters. We can design them according to the customer's requirements. The filter equipments, such as bag filter, basket filter, safety filter and seawater filter, are widely used in the filtration, heating, cooling, mixing and storage of fluid materials in environmental protection, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, dairy, daily chemical, biological engineering and other fields. We are a professional, high quality advanced manufacturing enterprise, industrial production control technology of various electric heating agitation tanks, industrial water softening products, filters, membrane separation technology.
Environmental protection is committed to the invention and manufacture of advanced technologies to cope with the harsh challenges of macro trends, such as life safety, security and energy. The company has about 100 employees in the country, including more than 20 engineers and technical professionals engaged in technical development positions. We are highly concerned about the quality, delivery, value and technology of products and services.
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