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Chinese mini portable electronic weighing 50kg portable electronic scale portable express said spring balance

The new promotional price of 19 yuan; the new Chinese /, full display, don't worry about the parents do not see that the standard weights, said the test, only 2 seconds can be weighed, time-saving and labor-saving, accurate strain gauge error control within 10g 30g compact products are also smaller than the general mobile phone, convenient carry, travel, fishing, shopping, shopping and other essential products.

discount 70% in 2018-09-22 to 2018-09-24
price: USD$ 13.30
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Product description:

 1. patented product new double precision design 50kg portable electronic scale specifications: 0 - 10kg:5g; 10kg - 50kg:10g (different weighing range, precision value automatic conversion)

 2., the new portable electronic scale built-in 2 x AAA battery (working current only 9mA, shutdown current 1uA), blister and color box packaging

 3. extra large LCD blue luminous LCD screen (3.3x2 cm)

 4. units:Chinese: kg / g / kg

5. weighing, the value of optional locking and unlocking function; peeling, zero tracking, automatic shutdown, buzzer beep

 6. colors: silver and black 

[product characteristics] 

1, double precision products, 10Kg/5g50Kg/10g;
2, super large LCD blue luminous screen (3.3x2 cm), digital display is more clear and intuitive, more able to protect your eyes; more suitable for night or light dark place to use.
3, according to the Chinese usage of ad hoc "Jin" the weighing units, simple and convenient;
4, the unique energy saving design of this product can effectively reduce the power consumption, 5 seconds no operation, backlight automatic shut down, and only two 7 batteries can achieve the same product 3 batteries effect;
5, this product uses fine steel handle + fine steel hook, durable, weighing 50 kg maximum weight;
6, the product is small and fashionable, more compact than ordinary mobile phones, easy to carry, is out of travel, fishing, shopping, shopping and other essential products.


Product selling point:

1. double precision measurement of the latest technology shows that the steel structure is more durable; the volume is more compact; the appearance is more fashionable and popular. It is suitable for household name, express call and fishing call.

2. fine steel handle + fine steel hook 50 kg large range double precision sensor

3. with double precision range, using imported high-precision sensors, high-speed microcontroller control, fast response, stable performance, the highest accuracy to 10 grams, the range is as high as 50 kg.

Weighing range of 0~10 kg, the accuracy is 5 grams, the error range is positive and negative 0.01KG, the minimum display to the decimal point after the 3 digits, namely 0.005KG, 0.010KG, 0.015KG
Weighing range of 10~50 kg, the accuracy is 10 grams, the error range is positive and negative 0.02KG, the minimum display to the decimal point after the 2 digits, namely 0.01KG, 0.02KG, 0.03KG


[instructions for use]

 1, boot: lift products, pressOn / offKey start. After displaying zero weight, hang the items on the hook and display the weight of the goods. If you press againOn / offThe key is off. If no operation, 120 seconds, the product will automatically shut down;

2, peeling: hanging over the bag or basket, display the value, according toZeroKey, display zero weight and peeling symbolZeroAdd the item to show the weight of the new added item;
3, the above items hanging on the hook, carry handle (Note: you can not hold the balance for weighing body, that will increase the error), keep the portable vertical, smooth, until the red indicator light, weighing over, numerical display is the weight of items; 4, lock: PressZeroThe key is 2 seconds, showing "L_ON" or "L_OF"". The "L_ON" indicates locking function, locks the stable display value and displays the lock symbol "LOCK"". After locking, clickOn / offThe keys can continue weighing. "L_OF" means no lock function, does not lock?


 1、CompanyConvert unit key, loop conversion unit,commonG / kg / kg

 2、On / offThe power button has the functions of starting, shutting down and unlocking;
 3、ZeroThe peeling key has the function of peeling and locking, and the key can make the reading zero.


1, each time the self-test, the electronic scale is in the vertical direction.
2, please carry a hanging ring or additional tools on the rings weighing, please do not hold the shell scale, otherwise it will lead to the error of weighing display value exceeded.
3, please handle gently with this product, in the process of use should try to avoid violent collision and impact.
4, the shell is made of ABS engineering plastic electronic steelyard, please use a soft cloth clean water or detergent wipe, prohibited the use of benzene, nitro solvent, liquid caustic soda and other corrosive substances for cleaning.
5, if the indication of electricity shortage sign (LO), please replace the battery in time, for a long time do not use this product, please remove the battery, so as not to damage the circuit due to battery leakage.
6, weighing, do not shake, keep the scale vertical in the ground, so that weighing more accurate.



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return policy

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