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40 times magnifier with LED lamp handheld high-definition electronic maintenance antique identification high magnification mirror spot

discount 70% in 2018-08-17 to 2018-08-19
price: USD$ 14.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Operation: integrated circuit two tri transistor field effect tube size power tube Schottky silicon controlled ultra fast recovery three / four / five end voltage regulatorResistance capacitance electrolytic capacitor inductor switch sensor module LED light emitting tube infrared emitter infrared receiver photosensitive resistance photoelectricitySwitch light bar connector line board DuPont wire power adapter power switch power switch and so on many goods, can not be uploaded one by one, welcome youAsk for advice online, and shopkeepers are trying to upload them.

 Working hours: 8:00-24:00 due to the company's entity shop at 5:00 pm, 9:00-4:30 in the morning, the order of order, the same day delivery. The rest of the time and (holiday) only receive single delivery, I hope you old and new customers understanding! Thank you

 Buyer's notice: because the update speed of electronic components is fast and the number of brand manufacturers is much, so the picture of the shop's products is for reference only. Generally, it is random delivery. If a special request is given to a friend (tail / brand), please contact the owner before placing the order.

1. due to the electronic product variety complex, large flow, and store synchronization sale, please inquire whether the occasional stock phenomenon in stock at the time of purchase, the two sides to shoot again after confirmation, so no goods to bring you unnecessary trouble.

2., the product uploads are all bulk price. Due to the fast mobility of electronic products, the number and price of the products are different. The price is below 100 yuan, which needs 100 start ups, less than 1 yuan, 10 starts, 1 yuan or more, and 3-5 starts.

3. of our goods have quality questions please in within 7 days after receipt of the goods out, otherwise we will not assume any responsibility on the tin shear pin customer operation failure or other causes of burn and other man-made loss does not return within the scope.

4., electronic components are products with high technology content. We pay great attention to the quality and quality of products. However, due to the different requirements of each customer's technology, the effect will be different to a certain extent. This is not the quality problem!!!

5., our store is only responsible for the sale of goods, and does not provide technical support for goods. So please don't know how to use the customers. Before buying, pay special attention to it. If you need technical support, please put it before purchase, we help you as much as possible, thank you!

6. store default delivery starting bes Huitong, can according to customer requirements change other courier (Shun Feng, in the pass, Shen Tong, tact, and fast delivery)

Evaluation question: we cherish every praise. If you have any dissatisfaction, please communicate with us first, and believe that any reasonable question can be solved quickly. Without any communication, there is a bad comment on the middle, and it can't solve any problem. The critical criticism we accept, our work is sure to have such a mistake, and will be very willing to take responsibility for it. There is a problem, one more calm and honest, please try to change the position to think, believe that any problem will be solved. We welcome such a willing and tolerant customer and believe that we can be good friends. No buyers who are arrogant or respectful of others' work are welcome. There are also some buyers who want to attack their sellers with malicious intent and threaten by bad reviews. We must adhere to the principle of complains. If you are satisfied with our baby, please remember to hit 5 points, as a reward for us.

Receipt instructions: please check with the courier on the face, check the quantity of the products, and whether the goods are damaged, if the quantity is accurate and no damage, you can sign the goods. If the quantity is not found or the merchandise is damaged, you can refuse it on the spot.

BES Huitong: Beijing city 7 yuan, other provinces and cities (except in remote areas of Hainan and Tibet 18 yuan) 10 yuan, 2-4 days to

Shun Feng: 15 yuan in the city of Beijing, 15 yuan in the suburb, 1-2 days from 23 yuan in the province.

Round, Shen Tong and fast 10 yuan

No matter how many quantities you buy, how many varieties, 1 kilograms (EMS 500g) charge a freight, after you take a variety of products (preferably using the shopping cart in the store, convenient and fast), please notify the shopkeeper first, modify the freight and pay again.