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4. advanced constant current automatic charging circuit, extending the battery life

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introducingOur H600 ReddyThe liquid crystal display LCD long-life battery models, a single computer for 20 minutes

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The applicable scope and the standby time:

1, can be used for ordinary desktop computer, the backup time in about 5-15 minutes, depending on the configuration power of desktop computer and decide how long can

2, super regulator function, the voltage instability in the region, can be used in 145V-290V, stable voltage between 200-240,When the mains voltage is below 145V+-5% or above 290V automatically switches to the battery supply, protection of computer equipment

3, can be used for a notebook computer for 1 hours, according to the size of the screen notebook computer set

4, suitable for Internet cafes a common server or a cashier computer, outages 15 minutes checkout

The calculation method of UPS backup power supply delay time:

(X battery voltage battery capacity) / power equipment can prolong the time (hours) =

For example: 500VA UPS 12V 7AH a built-in battery power supply, equipment with 300W

Calculation method: battery capacity 7AHX battery voltage 12V/ power equipment 300W=0.28 hour clock conversion components is about 0.28X60=16 minutes.

This is the theoretical value and the actual value may be too small, probably between 10-15 minutes, according to the actual use of environmental decision

Product description:

1. high and low voltage automatic adjustment function (AVR),145V-290VUltra wide range input

2. using the PWM pulse width modulation technology and advanced MOSFET power devices, more stable operation

3. has a bypass outlet

4. advanced automatic constant charging circuit, extended battery life

5. has the perfect battery under voltage, overload, short circuit protection function

6. built-in high-quality VRLA battery, power supply

Online interactive - 7. efficient circuit topology

8. intelligent CPU control

9. quick conversion function: high precision CPU control, avoid computer restart

1, wide voltage range

2, battery low voltage protection

3, the absorption peak surge

4, overload protection

5, wide range of voltage

6, short circuit protection

7, cold start function

Detailed technical parameters:

Brand name: SVC origin: Guangdong Foshan

Model: V-625

Input voltage range: 145V-290V (beyond this range will start battery powered)

The built-in battery capacity: 12V7AH,

Output power: 360W peak power, average power battery 300W, UPS inverter output power 220W(computer power not to identify power ATX to calculate, for example, common the Great Wall ATX-350, the 350 refers to the power supply can withstand instantaneous power and power consumption. The computer has been not 350W host computer of average power is generally between 120-200W < concrete according to configuration is different, such as independent dual core graphics, such as dual drive power slightly larger, Inter architecture and computer integrated graphics and computer power will be smaller > display power is generally less than 60W, the average total power of most household computer does not exceed 300W

Spare time (battery): 8-15 minutes, according to different computer power consumption may be different

Technical parameters:


Rated power600VA
input voltage145Vac~300Vac
outputVoltage frequency220(1 + 10%) Vac 50Hz + 5%
The form of a battery

Voltage / capacityNumber

Spare time (half)

Charging time


10 minutes

10 hours

Output socket (International)2 international +1 regulator
The conversion time<10ms
Operating environmentThe temperature of 0C ~ 40C, humidity 0%~90%

Appearance size

Weight (net weight)5.6Kg


The manufacturer qualification:

The ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification. This is not a general ISO certification, please note that the "SGS" and "UKAS" certification authority of Peugeot, this is not an ordinary small factory can get the quality assurance!


CE product certification, exported to Europe, as we all know, the meaning of CE certification, only through the CE certification of goods to enter the EU Chinese sales, the biggest exporter in the world, but only a handful can export to europe.